• hey elsie!

    arent they great! my friends son is the drummer! they are from Omaha! they are so great!

    jessi nagy

  • will check them out for sure.

    please please please make little skeletons with pink tutus again this year! please please please… etsy… please!

  • i heard about them in teen vogue about a year ago. i like them because they have a different sound.

  • Love your musis tips. The pics and the look of the band are so great and I love peticoat. Do you wanna see something Punk. Check my blog. Mika

  • Helen,

    They sound great! Music sharing is the best!

    I love Angus and Julia Stone. A brother/sister duo from my country – Australia.

    They are wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL!!!

  • Not sure if you know of April March yet…I just posted a video on my blog of her song “Chick Habit”…lovelovelove this song right about now!

    If you haven’t already, you should check out the new Tarantino flick, “Death Proof”. The token weird guy drives a car with a skull and lightning bolts on the hood…totally [email protected] Love it!

  • Okay…I’ll have to think about this…but I know that one of the singers is a neice of a scrapper from one of my old clubs…maybe Scrappy Giraffe?

    See…everything’s scrap related somehow! It’s like 6 degrees of scrappin’

  • love them too- I’ve been listening to them for a couple of years now. Really dig the tapping.


  • im on my cousins iphone and it made me think of you so i came on your blog lol

    elsie your awesome:)

  • Oh! nice band for those days when you´re in that special mood.

    May I introduce you all to our local heroes (I´m from the Swedish westcoast,a town called Halmstad), these are really one of m favorite acts of all time.

    Terrorpop has been around for ages and they only get better n better, meet them at or earch for them at mySpace.

  • And you should check out the awesome things that Vicki makes and shares on her blog about the Tilly’s!!

  • Totally random, yes, but super fun no doubt.

    I saw a bulletin on myspace about japanese names. Definitely not for real but according to my calculations your name is…


    hahaha…have a good Monday!

    Kinsey (mekito arikufu)

  • Wow! Thank you for putting me on the trail to some really awesome music! I just downloaded 2 songs from them and LOVE them. The tapping really sets my soul on fire…I tapped as a girl and it just rocks my world to hear it like this!

  • I like that saying, thanks!
    Thanks for posting this. Very nice recap of some of the key points in my talk. I hope you and your readers find it useful! Thanks again

  • I am new to this blog, I must admit it ranks up there among one of the most unique blog ideas I have ever seen.

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