happy saturday. XO.

i got lots of sleep last night & i feel like a new person!

(these glasses aren’t serious… i did wear them out once. but only once… ha!)

funny story: the other day a girl at “anonymous-coffee-chain-place:D” told Jeremy she liked his glasses. but she was sort of laughing when she said it. it was awesome. she was trying to figure out if they were a joke or serious… and then she said “so, what’s with those?”.

too funny.

Photo 366 Photo 365

actually, i don’t know why i’m still so obsessed with big glasses.


anyone in Utah go to the  show last night???

i was so sad not to be there!! i’ve only seen him play once & it was amazing.

ok… all i wanna do this weekend is make stuff with paint, thread, fabric and vintage paper.

3 things that make me smile today: 

Picture 2

Picture 3and this amazing  made with one of my embroidery patterns 

Picture 4

also, as promised…. tattoo talk.

(by the way… best quote from a random person of my week: “i love your tattoos, and i never say that.” ha!)

so, this is how it all started….. i designed a few tattoos and then started to get a zillion e-mails asking for designs. i’m overwhelmed, but also SO flattered. so, i’ve come up with a solution…more below. here’s holly’s tattoo…


i love her tattoo so much. she had a dream last night for a new design. she’s pretty amazing…. but i just wish she lived in my town :(.


and here are some shots of my recent tattoos…

Helen-by-holly Helen-flannigan-polaroid

and one that i designed for 

Picture 5

also here are some tattoos that i did not design, i just think they are insanely beautiful.

(please note: it is NOT ok to use these people’s designs without permission. i am only posting them for their beauty & inspiration.) 



20439027_4651a43e39i’ve always wanted a space kid or a robot. 



Picture 6



Picture 8 Picture 9 Picture 10  are loooovely.


and tattoos are the most beautiful ever.

soo…. i want to make some tattoo designs that people can use. i can’t do them for every individual (unfortunately…sad face) but this is what Holly did… she took several of my paintings, designs in to her artist and had them design her tattoo with those pieces. it is %100 ok with me for people to use any of my art as tattoo designs…it’s a huge honor. i only ask that you send me photos after it’s done because i loveee to see them! so, if you have a design request, post it here in the comments and i’m gonna make a few new designs, words ect, that you can take to your tattoo artist if you please.

it’s an honor… so thank you so much for all of the requests! 🙂

one more note: i am quite aware that tattoos are not for everyone and this post is only intended for people who find them beautiful. if you have a personal aversion to tattoos in general please do not leave a comment on this post.

Hope your weekend is wonderful!!!

Erin & I are adding new ACEO cards to the site all day today. 😀

Loves! Helen

Photo 369


  • I’ve been pondering a tatt for ages, and now I’ve seen your owl designs I think I might have the necessary inspiration for one! You rock Helen xxx

  • I love Love LOVE this post!!! And Latté Land is absolutely my favorite coffee shop in the entire WORLD! Anyone that is in KC that hasn’t been there is leading a very sheltered life!

  • Beautiful! I’ve been thinking seriously about getting one lately…Just trying to decide what would be perfect!

  • yay for a tattoo post!

    i just want to word “beloved” on my wrist.

    Nothing too fancy or large.

    I haven’t been able to find a a font that i like, but i loove your artwork and handwriting.

    I am super excited about the posibilities.



  • Yay! I was waiting for you to get to this! Lol! Could you draw up a set of paw prints and the words “puppy love” in the style you used for your blog header?? That would be so cute!

  • hi elsie!

    i love how colorful all of these examples are!

    you know what there’s a shortage of in tattoo art? pink breast cancer ribbons. i’m trying to find something really special to put on my wrist in honor of my mama who passed away last summer.

  • I love love love your artwork and your tattoos and if I was to get a tattoo it would be Helen art but I’m a great big chicken and afraid to go get one lol!

  • I am absolutely head over heals in love with Holly’s tattoo… I drool over it every time I see a picture of it on your blog…

    Would love to see a Holly inspired tattoo with with short hair 🙂


  • great post! i have been wanting a tattoo on my side that says:

    i will never
    cease to fly
    if held down

    having an Helen twist on it would be awesome!! :]

  • I’ve never had any desire to get a tattoo, but I love looking at other peoples’ tattoos. It’s such a beautiful form of art! Loved this post 🙂

  • My little boy thinks he is a robot and now my daughter is following the lead.
    I have been thinking of getting one and I would love two little robots holding hands.
    What is the pain like Helen when you get one done?

  • Holly’s tattoo is awesome! Could you do one where she’s holding a pair of scissors and paper (yes, I scrapbook!)? One with black hair would be cool.:)

  • Well, I have a few tat’s and I love them love yours. I’m having a very hard time on what to get next. Anywho, the siter tat is cool, but why did she get a BMW sign, instead of a peace sign..OOoopppPPPpssssss,LOL, That always cracks me up, people do it all the time, i’ve seen lots of peace tat’s where the middle line was left out. Oh, I love the big glasses, I wear mine all the time, drives my friends nuts, they don’t know cool…ROFL!

  • hey girl.. i’ve been following your blog & shop for a while and i keep coming back to read and see your creations.. they are awesome! as are your tattoos. i would love for you to design one for me.. i already have two. my next one is going to be a tree with bare branches and some random leaves on it, with the word “HEALER” underneath. i can’t design it myself and i’m having a hard time finding someone who can. i know you’d do an awesome job so if you wanted to draw up a design i would love love love that! i really need to get this tattoo and i would be honored if you’d draw it for me. thanks 🙂

  • Hey Helen…I just wanted to send a quick note and tell you and Jeremy thanks so much for a lovely evening the other day (and for dinner and coffee)…you guys are the best. You know you are totally awesome when people get tattoos of your designs and artwork. Wish you both the best best best.

  • I have really been inspired by your personal tattoos with the polaroid camera and the thread. I have been trying to imagine a tattoo for myself that represents crafting but it’s hard to think of how to represent what I like…….such as scrapbooking, photography, knitting and making crafts from recycled/repurposed objects. But I love looking at other “crafty” tattoos….especially yours. 🙂 –Katy

  • personally, i feel everyone should have a tattoo that says,
    could there be sketches for that?
    lol, you know i’m kidding.

    love seeing all these pictures of you and girl jeans. i know that makes you so happy 🙂


  • I’d never get a tattoo BUT I LOVE to look at them!

    It’s another level of art, in my opinion. ;o)

  • i want a tatto of a photograph camera… do you want design this? *-*

  • I Love tattoos and just have one small one on my foot…but I want to get another–I LOVE your camera & threads–SOO cool and they seem to fit you perfectly (haha, just from what I “know” of you by reading yoru blog religiously!)! 🙂

    Love teh post

    My ‘request’ would be something to do with a treasure map/fairy tale/story book themes (like the peter pan stuff you make–SO awesome)

    Sarah M

  • Wow, an open invite to tattoo your art upon our bodies w/no problems?!?! That is totally sweet! I never even thought of using my hobby as a tatoo. I have been raking my brain for years figuring out what I wanted to do…thank you for this post. Inspiration here I come… I love the words, create. Here are some more that I would want: dream, imagine, art, vision, inspire, live, love…thanks again!
    PS My personal request: I have my son, his name is Austin and I suck at writing pretty (like the create up top in the picture)…that would be a huge honor if you could draft “Austin” for me…don’t have to if you’re busy with others….

  • oooh also, i second sarah m’s suggestion on the treasure map/peter pan theme..

  • If I ever got a tatoo it would be something like these. They are so beautiful, yet I may not have the guts… if I did, it would most certainly be in a place the rest of the world never got to see! Just there to make ME happy, you know… 😉

  • these are all so beautiful. maybe since so many people are requesting your handwriting writing out the whole alphabet would be a good idea?

  • Have always loved your art! I’ve been wanting to get a third tattoo but have been puzzled as what I want. Secretly I have wanted to get a house; my maiden name is House and I want to pay tribute to who I am. But can not think of a cool/neat house design that didn’t look stupid.

  • wow… really cool ideas (love kim’s idea with the pink ribbon for breast cancer)… my one and only tattoo would be a small sun on my wrist (I have yet to find a “sun” design that I like). It’s for my daddy… when I was born, he sang to me ‘You Are My Sunshine’… the nickname stuck. 🙂

  • alis grave nil — nothing is heavy to those who have wings

    alis volat propris — she flies with her own wings

    sic itur ad astra — thus you shall go to the stars

    Smuovere mare e monti — To move heaven and earth.

    or just… ad astra.

    it means to the stars. love it. 🙂

  • oh, p.s. i meant to ask (and don’t even know if this is the place to ask) but in your opinion… is Salvation Mountain a place to take kids (ages 8,9, and 10)? Thx!! 🙂

  • I wish I had the guts to get a tattoo. I’m completely fasinated by them. I could get lost looking at those sewing tattoos. Oi…I saw a super cute one with yarn and knitting needles a few weeks ago. The artistry and color brought them to life in a way that just makes me happy.

    Maybe I need to invest in a good sharpie tattoo artist for a few weeks just to see if I really want one.

    Ok so I obviously want one….but no courage yet. Maybe someday.

  • I am being truthful when I say that I am planning on getting a tattoo. The only problem is that I want a cupcake design but have not found one that I would like to get inked on me. It would be the greatest treat to have a design from you. I absolutely love all of your drawings. And yes all of the tats are beautiful. Thanks!

  • I would love for you to design a great sewing machine in your style for a tattoo, along with matching thread spools. I plan to do them on my shoulder and down my arm. I would also be interested to see your owl tattoo designs. I have words in three places on my arm & would like to have a sleeve of my interests, so i’m totally serious about using your designs, as I love your style. The other design I’m interested in is a swallow tail bird in flight in your style. Thanks so much!!!

  • The huge beautiful sewing machine is A-mazing. I am looking to expand one I don’t REALLY love on my ankle..not ever sure how to embellish. Love your inspiration.

  • i’m in utah, but so far removed now from the provo music scene that i missed chris merritt’s show. i’ve never listened to his music, but i do love me a good live concert and hearing about the music world makes me want to be more a part of it. 🙂

    p.s. if i were a tattoo girl i would DEFINITELY use some of your art & designs. and for shiz something crafty – i loved your thread spools since i saw them!

    p.p.s. love your blog. it brightens my day.

  • elsie, your tats are absolutely beautiful! I would love to see some cute little squirrels, perhaps with a nut? I’ve been dying to get a squirrel tattoo and just can’t get the right squirrel illustration on my own! 😀

  • You are sooo beautiful and soo generous!!..I love Hollys tattoo..and i love love love your teddy bear hat girls…perhaps a long flowing scarf and an owl wearing a camera???hmmm…soo many ideas..thank you Helen!!!Cant wait to see your ideas..in the meantime?? Ill be dreaming up the perfect place to put it!!

  • How about music tattoos. Like a treble clef or an eight note. I’m a musician and I want to get something on my wrist. Just a thought!

  • Helen,

    That is sooo nice of you to encourage us to use your art for tattoo inspiration!

    all of those tattoos are beautiful!

  • eeeeekkk!!!! i love you elsie ~ thank you for designing my tattoo and for sharng it with everybody!!!! loveeeee!!!


  • Stay where you are

    Hold what you love

    (A phrase on each wrist) 🙂 xo

  • this is such a cool post elsie! 🙂

    i´ve also been thinking about a tattoo for a while and i´d love to have buttons on my wrist. so if you´re planning on making sewing machine and threads, maybe you could add some buttons to go as well. 🙂

    thanks for the awesome post!!

  • “please note: it is NOT ok to use these people’s designs without permission. i am only posting them for their beauty & inspiration.”

    I am really not trying to be a pain in the ass to you (trust me, I have had you as a link in my sidebar since I started my blog) but since most are apparently your designs wouldn’t it go without saying that it can’t be used? And if it was then maybe they could totally send a pic to you that shows their undying love to you? I don’t have anything tattoed on my body based on your work, just angryalien.com, which I tell EVERYONE about, and I think it would be totally schweet to do that with you site, especially since I get free and semi-free tats (friends and my appenticeship) and I would totally pimp your site from across the country.

    But it’s cool.

  • Helen! I am too chicken to get tattoos…You totally need to make your tattoo designs into those temporary tattoo rub-ons. I’d buy them(as I am sure many others as well!)

  • super honored that you “designed” my little tattoo…even though it was nothing major, it still means a lot to me and i love it more and more every time i look at it!

    ps…miss you!!!!!


  • Helen, I LOVE your tattoos. You get them done in KC, right? Who does them?


  • I was thinking as I read many of the comments on this post, (and forgive me if you’ve done this already) but since many people want things written, maybe you could do a couple of your handwriting fonts so people could bring the font to the tattoo parlor and show them what it looks like? I know I would love that, and that way you’re not writing a million different things =)


  • i have a very generic but i love it anyway swallow on my wrist and i’d reeeeaaally love some butterflies to go with it but i can’t draw butterflies to save my life, especially as i’d like to keep them all black and white and so no colour to pretty them…HELP???

    alsoalsoalso you’re an amazing artist and fantastically entertaining to read about. thank you 🙂

  • I love all of those. I just got my first Tattoo 3 weeks ago. I put about 10 year of thought into what I wanted and couldnt be happier. I got 3 funky stars on my foot with swirls. The stars are for each of us in our family. They are colored in each of our favorite color. When I saw Holly several months ago…I really want it but it the saying oh snap. I love it.

  • Helen…

    Why not satisfy everyone, yourself artistically, tattoo artists, and make some money to boot by designing some flash?

    Fans or artists could buy flash sets from you, the fans could take them into their artists, and then later, hang them on their walls for art.

  • oh wow!!

    if i were to ever get a chest piece, i would want it to be as gooooorgeous as that sewing machine one. so incredible!!


  • Have you ever thought of doing temporary tattoos? You could sell them in your shop. Just a neat idea for those people like me who have no pain tolerance. HA!

  • the space kid is so much fun! i don’t know if i’d want it permanently on me, but how cute… i think the “fake” monster (from where the wild things grow, right?) would be more my style! still… it’s fun to look at others :O)

    PS those glasses are HIDEOUS! in a fabulous way! hahaha

  • So here is the sad news… next February, I turn 30! OMG! I am totally NOT 30 on the inside…

    But I have promised myself that I will get my tattoo I have wanted since I was 16 before I get any older. The only issue is I CAN NOT find the design I want. Just stars… 3 stars, slightly different sizes and cute. Not nautical or tiny and black… just 3 cute blue stars. If you can help it’s awesome if not you still are 😉 Cheese.

  • Not sure how I stumbled into your lovely blog but ’tis quite lovely…I might stay for awhile 😉

  • Oh boy! Thanks for sharing the awesome tattoos. I heart your art and probably shouldn’t get a third tattoo, but after this blog post I’m craving another one.

  • LOVE the ideas and inspiration. I’m getting a quarter sleeve on my right arm (I already have my left done) next spring…it feels like so long of wait! But on the other hand…that might give me some time to incorporate something beautiful drawn by you into it! Lol. Thanks for this exciting post!

  • LOVE your owl designs. My friends all know that I am an owl freak, so how appropriate would an owl tattoo be? I have 2 tattoos myself, but never even thought to get an owl tattoo until you started talking about your designs being alright to use for that purpose. Now you’ve got me thinking I need to beg hubby to go down with me to get another tattoo! hee hee

  • I found that once you get a tattoo, you wanna keep getting more, and more, and more!

  • I do have piercings but I always thought I’d never have a tattoo – since I saw Holly’s tattoo I really want one as well. Thank you so much for letting people wear your supercute designs on their bodies – it’s making the world way more cute than tribals (which I do like if they are colourful) and horrible faces from some computer games
    I can’t wait to see more Helen-tattoos and one day – I am sure – I’ll also wear one myself. If only it weren’t so hard to decide for one of the lovely girls


  • those tattoo’s are amazing. i am currently searching for the perfect pair of colorful sparrows for my back and haven’t found the right style but the tattoo’s you posted are helping me figure it out. thanks for the inspiration. your art always makes my morning better.

  • i don’t think i’d ever get a tattoo myself, but i think these are all wonderful!

  • i’m a huge fan of tattoo art…especially lettering. I adore all of the ones you posted…unfortunately my brief window for actually getting one closed in my twenties so now I just admire from afar:)

  • Oh man, I’m so in love! Especially because they’re girly enough without being overly much, KWIM? What about something similar to Holly’s but with “courage to create” instead? That’s been my theme my whole live – I have strength, but not always courage. 🙂

  • You are so talented…I love the color used in all these tattos…You are by far my most favorite blog ever….

  • The dainty squid tattoos are amazing! Aren’t they?
    I have also ordered her A-dorable! pouches from Etsy…so cute!
    She is one of my favs, as are you.

  • I really want a new tattoo of a bird to honor my son’s birth (his name is Brady and his initials are BRD… he’s my baby bird). I would love to see what a cute little blue bird design you would come up with. Oh, I’m giddy at the thought of it!

  • Just found your blog through a friend! Feel like I’ve been missing out… EVERYTHING is BEAUTIFUL… especially your tattoos! My best friend and I were just talking about doing little cartoon portraiture’s of ourselves with us peeking out over cups of coffee… as soon as I saw your stuff I knew it’d be perfect! How generous of you to share your talents and as someone who would LOVE to one day make a living off my art you’re completely inspiring! Keep doin’ lady!

  • I’ve been wanting a cute owl tattoo but can’t seem to come up with a design I like.
    Maybe you can help me out!

  • Hi elsie… i love your art.. i already buy to you your tigger lily paint and my next tattoo is going to be our tigger lily image… i will love u design one unique tigger lilly 4 me, i goint to put 4 my dad that always call me that way..

    sorry about my english..

    Zazil from mexico

  • I have been wanting a tattoo for soooo long now! I think it’s about time I finally went for it! {I am 40 afterall!} I want a little bluebird on my shoulder.
    You know like in the song?

    “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah! Zip-a-dee-ay!
    My, oh my, what a wonderful day?

    Plenty of sunshine heading my way.

    Zip-a-dee-doo-dah! Zip-a-dee-ay!

    Oh, Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder.
    It’s the truth, its actual.
    And everything is satisfactual.”

    I Would LOVE to see your take on that design 😀

  • i dont know where i post my last coment…lol..

    i wish a design about tigger lily… i already take the determination to make that becouse my dad callme that way… and i LOVEEEE U ART … i have the tigger lily of the painting that i bought to you but i realy like one of tigger lilly in front..

    zazil from mexico


    ITS AN HONOUR FOR ME…MY MAIL [email protected]

    thanks a kass…


  • Helen,

    I want a hot air balloon tattoo I have been searching for the *perfect* one…I would be honored if you designed it.

  • I would love a tinkerbell inspired design I too am a huge fan of Neverland!!

  • I would love to have your design as a tattoo!!! I have been seriously thinking about getting one lately. I think it’s time 🙂 I have always wanted the words “la vie en rose” or a small peace sign. Would you be interested in designing that? Thanks so much!!! I love the button idea too!!!

  • Hey! I just came across this blog as I’m trying to find ideas to get my first tattoo. I want a cap sleeve and with lots of beautiful color, I was thinking of tree branches with flowers and the words “Coram Deo”, also a cross. I wouldn’t mind it to go further down my back over my shoulder blade. If you are able at all to help that would be so awesome… I would gladly pay as well if you want. 🙂

  • I love the Polaroid tattoo! I’m a photographer myself and I use instant film for my clients, Im polaroid obsessed! It’s pretty much the kind of tat im looking for! But id want something a lil different

  • Thanks for dropping us some love! So glad we could make you laugh! Thanks for the free download of the mustaches.

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  • oeee, I love this post!!

    I just went in the tattooshop yesterday to get myself a design for a bass key.

    I’m not completely happy with it, so I’d love to get some input from you, if you like.


  • oops, i forgot to say: I want the tattoo to be tiny, so I don’t think it can have a lot of details, unfortunately!

    anyway, thanks!

  • I just discovered you page today, and I so love it… I also love the idea of having one of your designs tattoed on me, but where do I find more of them? I like the ones in this post but they aren´t exactly what I would like…

    Love your style!

  • Hi your art is amazing, and I hope I can join one of your online classes someday.
    I might also rpick a design and take a tattoo of it…
    Huge hug Renee

  • I guess I’m a little late seeing this post but better late than never! I love your art, so beautiful. I’ve been trying to find someone to draw up a tattoo for me but I can’t find anyone with the right style, your style. I don’t know if you’re still taking ideas off of here to draw up but I would be honored if you’d be able to draw something up for me based off the idea I have for a tattoo. I want the words “leave it better than you found it” to look as if they were stitched with a needle hanging down and then somehow a Mad Hatter style top hat resting on the top of the L with a “z” on the small white tag where it would normally say 10/6. Possible? Keep up the amazing work and thank you for sharing with all of us!

  • I am absolutely head over heals in love with Holly’s tattoo… I drool over it every time I see a picture of it on your blog…

    Would love to see a Holly inspired tattoo with with short hair 🙂


  • I need a tattoo design of a J and J mirrored back to back for my sister and mother who both passed away…both of their names started with J and they were both born on the the same day in June which makes them a gemini and the two j’s mirrorred almost make a gemini symbol…how cool is that right? if you are ever in the mood to doodle here is my email. [email protected]

    I am a newbie to your site and I am totally in love with you and everything here! xoxoxoxo

  • Hi Helen!!! Ok so this is a REALLY old post and I’m not sure if you do this anymore… ***fingers crossed***

    My husband, myself and our 2 young boys moved to Okinawa, Japan almost one year ago now (Feb 19!). In honor of being here a full year, I want to get a tattoo… I was hoping for something “Japanese” of course, so I would LOVE some cherry blossoms… Can you share if you have any ideas for me?! Thank you soooooo much!!! <3

  • I’m just now happening upon this blog post! Do you have any tattoo designs available? I LOVE the style of those that you have designed, and I would seriously consider getting my first tattoo if it was one of your pieces!

  • So, after a long time of thinking about it…I got one of your tattoo’s last week. I took some of the girls that you have drawn to my artist and told her what i liked about each one and she pulled the things i liked and put them all together and some stuff I came up with to make me a beautiful one. I would love to share it with you but I dont know how to send you a pic…

  • These tattoos are the bomb! I’m not a tattoo-girl, but these designs are great.

  • Hey Helen!
    I stumbled across this tattoo section on your blog, and read that you like to do custom tattoo art. My fiance and I have decided to get tattoos on our honeymoon this summer. I want to add to mine, and he wants to get his first one!
    I know what I want but after searching and searching I still can’t find a good image to reference to. I love your style, and I think you would be the perfect person to design my tattoo. It is going to be a small vintage/retro owl. If you think that you would be interested, you can me at [email protected].
    Thanks, hope to hear from you!

  • I am wanting to get a dreamcatcher I’m just not clear on how I want it to look. I love owls and quotes and wanted to incorporate both into the tattoo. If you can think up anything I would be so happy<3

  • Hi my name is Bree and I love all of these tatts. I really want to get my first but have been very indecisive as to what it should be. I know of one idea that is for certain. My mom has been a seamtress for over 40 years and I wanted to honor her by getting a vintage singer sewing machine on my forearm. I really LOVE your style and was wondering if you were taking any commissions? Thanks so much

  • Hello! DO you think you could design me something with music notes and cute little bows and hearts? Music and fashion are my two loves.

  • First, I am a huge fan of your blog- you are so beautiful and live such a beautiful life! I am commenting in hopes you have SOME idea as to a design for my first tattoo! I have three younger sisters and the 4 of us would love to all have some sort of matching or linking tattoos. Our mom says she would then combine all the designs for her first tattoo too! Our mom is a breast/skin cancer survivor, we are strong in our faith and we are all extremely close. Do you have any ideas?! We would love to see if you could help us!

  • you should make this section bigger, i love cute pretty tattos !

    I’m totally in love with your blog

  • Hi! I was looking through all your old tattoo posts and saw this one where you said people could request certain designs, I was wondering if you could design a simple bow and a feather? Also, if you have already designed some simple tattoos, where could i find those? Thanks!

  • I’ve been thinking about getting a cute lil’ owl tattoo on the interior of my upper arm. If you have any cute owl drawings you’ve done I’d totally get one tattooed on me. Your art is fantastical!

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  • OBBBBsessed with your art. Especially the style of the sweet girl and the banner! I’m really wanting to get a beautiful bird surrounded by a scalloped circle frame on my inner bicep, to symbolize the “flight” that my health journey is taking me on. It’s a huge deal and is life changing, and I was diagnosed over three years ago with a disease that isn’t fully recognized by most doctors, so it’s been a huge challenge. So yah! A bird to symbolize my flight, my journey, my sickness. Would LOVE and be honored if you could send me a design or two!!!

  • Next week my sister & I are getting our Mom tattoo’s, our mom past away 6yrs ago & we are fianlly gettng our mom tats.. My mother was very crafty, & my sister’s & i <3 <3 <3 ur sewing Machine tattoo.. I would really Love to get that tattoo... So is it ok to use that tattoo?

  • ok so it’s Rachael’s red velvet shoulder tatttoo that i was thinking of.. opps i do have a few in mind

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