happy thanksgiving, my dears…

hope you all have a lovely day with family, pie and football (if you’re into that… haha). these photos made me laugh… 

Pumpkin-pie-dogThanksgiving Dog-mustache Here’s my family last year on this day…. I wonder what funny photo we can think of today? 

Picture 4  XOXO… LOVE youuuuu. Helen  

  • Have a great time. And happy Thanksgiving.

    We can’t imagine what these days are to you. These are ‘normal'(who me, normal?) days in the Netherlands.

    But I get a little good feeling by reading all the american blogs ;).

    Sweet greetz, Astrid

  • I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of joy and happiness!!

  • Happy Thanksgiving! I actually just celebrated my first American Thanksgiving!
    Enjoy the feast!

  • You guys look adorable! I love the feathered headbands. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving, Helen!

  • Happy Thanksgiving..and thank you for all the inspiration..You are pretty amazing..

  • We don’t celebrate thanksgiving in Europe but I’m going to wish you a happy and beautiful thanksgiving anyway!

    I love the new blog header 🙂

    And I wanted to know how long the style school submissions will stay up? Because I’m in France at the moment and I can only submit when I’m at home tomorrow 🙂 Hope it stays for a few days 🙂

  • ahahaha dogs and cats are AMAZING. love the pumpkin pie one. and your family look so sweet!

  • Hope you && your family had a very lovely holiday!


    *please check your email as soon as you can!

  • this blog of yours is so truly delightful i can’t get enough! so so glad i came across it.


  • I don’t got your point. But thank you all the same.

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