Studio Saturday

welcome to Studio Saturday… here are a few peeks from my world today! 

Studio_saturday_elsieStudio_polaroid_pin_cushionStudio_saturday_elsie_1Studio_elsiecake_threadStudio_saturday_recordStudio_saturday_yarnStudio_saturday_fabricStudio_saturday_painting_peekback to work for me…… love you, elsie   

  • with spring fast approaching, it looks as though we are obsessing over the same colors of yarn. So yummy!

    Happy Saturday

  • I see three blythe dolls hanging out with you. Are they yours or just visiting? I’m hoping to get my second one soon. Thanks for the peek inside your studio.

  • Seems like you’re surrounded with colourful stuff 🙂 The colours themselves must be a great inspiration, don’t they?

  • That orange yarn in the 3rd to last picture looks just like some I used to knit a scarf. I like it a lot. One of my favorite scarves I’ve knitted. What a lovely world you have there!

  • So inspiring and so pretty! Pretty colors make me so happy, especially on an icy winter day!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • ok. i just posted a comment but i think i deleted it or something because it disappeared.

    i was just wanting to say we have the same polaroid camera! this is me sporting it in ’89-’90? when i was 7. i’ve had it for 20 years! lol.

    this is one of the first pictures i took with it.

    anyways i love your studio pics and your stash of fabrics!

  • I love your studio!! It makes me want to have one of my own!!

    Ps, where do you find film for your polaroid? I just found one thrifting and now I’m in need of film!! HELP!!


  • Looks like a great way to spend a Saturday! Your studio is def creative inspiration! I don’t know how you ever get anything practical done! I’d be wanting to just create all the time. 🙂

  • Ohh sweet.. you have BLYTHE dolls?? they’re like ancient!! and not to mention expensive… i looove your studio.

  • wowzers, you look so cute!! one of the only girls in the world that can make a measuring tape look like such a bad ass accessory 🙂 wish i could spend time in the studio with you 🙂 thanks for the inspiration elsie. really and truly.

  • I love the painting..but I love it 19872463918645 times more because I JUST saw the movie UP tonight. :] SOOOO beautiful!!!

    Have a good weekend!



  • Love it > I have been sewing all weekend as its sunday here right now (craftiness has hit me weekend!)

  • oh i want a studio so bad!!! elsie, i paint too. if you’d ever want to get together and have a creative day that’d be great!! i live in republic – it’s just outside of springfield. here’s some of my work:[email protected]/



  • there are so many pretty and inspiring things in that first photo! I saved it to my inspiration folder… that’s how much I like it. 😉

  • What kind of sewing machine do you have? Im looking around for opinions on sewing machines since my third hand machine is almost dead 🙁

  • Your studio is so colorful, great for inspiration I bet! I love the painting with the girl and the balloons!

  • yummy, yummy fun blog!!! love it. wonderful inspiration, thanks for being you! your photographs are gorgeous

    miss christine

    me blog:

  • I’m so excited to see you sporting more and more crocheted stuff – and I totally snagged your picture of yarn *looks like Lion Brand, my favorite 🙂 for my desktop.

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