• Awe cute. I love the little stuffie! I made some for my boys once based on things they drew for me and it was so much fun (even for a novice sewer like me).

  • I asked for those roxy headphones for Christmas but I didn’t get them! I should splurge next time I’m at the apple store….

  • okay, honestly, sometimes i think “oh, there won’t be another post today” but then i check anyway and there IS and I get really excited. like today. so thank you for posting twice in one day 🙂 it’s super appreciated.

  • It’s all cute (particularly the doggie necklace!) but as I sit here in bed at 2:13 am, fighting insomnia, those McDonald’s fries are calling my name! Mmmm…fries…salty goodness! 🙂

  • It’s surprising that you’re pro-polyvore since they’ve been known to allow their users to plagiarise, and use artist’s work without their permission

  • Nicole,
    I wasn’t aware of that at all! I liked that with my Polyvore set original sources can be found via the link, as opposed to weheartit.com (which i’ve used a lot in the past) where it’s usually impossible to get original sources. 🙁 hmmmm.
    in either case, i don’t support plagiarism at all, of course.

  • I meant to say my darling daughter — I need to reread what i type–sorry its early and i am on my first cup of coffee–:D

  • HYHHB20122793020363 They walked in silence to the stop for the Bray bus. Her suitcase was heavy and it dragged her down; she wore her shoulder bag criss-crossed over her thin chest. She looked the picture of an orphan.#

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