Homemade Apple Lollipops


Hi! I made time this weekend for a just-for-fun project. Homemade lollipops! I used  (with apple flavoring) and molds from . It was so much fun and super easy. I made mustaches, buttons and cute fawns. Next I want to try to make gummy candy. fun fun. XO, elsie   


  • oh my goodness, ADORABLE. how did they taste? i love the buttons! eeeee. 😀


  • Hey! I actually already bought some button molds from Bake it Pretty for my wedding! They’re awesome and we’re using them to make little chocolates! 🙂

    So cute, Els!

  • Awesome! I went on and bought some molds. 🙂

    2 questions before I try:

    Did you use a thermometer for yours like the recipe said or did you just guess the temp?

    And for the mustache mold did you use the plastic one? It’s the only one I could find but it says its for chocolates only.

  • Awesome! I’ve never even thought of making those before. Thanks for the recipe!

  • you inspired me! i just ordered the mustache and owl molds and peach, key lime, and mango flavorings. yummy!

  • Danielle,
    I did use the thermometer! I tried once without it (fail) and bought one the next day for $5. i wouldn’t want to guess. It takes longer than I thought it would.
    About the molds, yes. I used the plastic one. It worked just fine, next time I’ll probably do chocolates instead, though bc they are MUCH less messy and easier.

    Michelle, Nope… not too difficult at all. Just follow the temperature directions perfectly.. that’s my only advise. My first batch didn’t get hard b.c I didn’t wait long enough!

    Thanks for all the kind words! Helen

  • Seriously? This is so cool. I get so amazed every time I come to your site because

    1. Your style is so perfectly what I looove and sort of try to get to

    2. How do you figure out how to do all of this? It gets me really excited to see someone doing what they love and having such a great time with it.

    Keep up the good work!


  • super cute. thank you soo much for the link to those cuuute molds. i make wax molds for the scent that comes out each month. these are too fun.


  • this looks like a ton of fun! I would want to make some in so many different colors! And I seriously think you should try to make custom molds. 🙂 I see underwear lollipops being a huge hit. 😉 I would love them anyways.

  • oh goodness, those look just oh so delicious! I’m going to have to make those soon, and maybe post some of my own pics to my blog (giving credit to you ofcourse :3)

  • Oh! my heart breaks.. 29$ in shipping fee to Sweden..that moustache, love it!

  • Well, you at least drummed up a little business for Bake it Pretty from me! I ordered that very same mustache mold, a mustache cookie cutter, and a spool cookie cutter. It’s on. And it’s about to get messy.

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  • This will be a such a hit to send as a surprise goody box to my best friend across the states. She’s obsessed with mustaches! Thank you for adding a technique (with endless possibilities) to my arsenal!!

    Heather @ Find That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

  • so cute! i think this would be a great party favor for a kids party and maybe wrap the tops in plastic with a bow. love love love

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