• ouh! nice color!

    hurray for messy pictures! every perspective is interesting!!

  • I’m editing last week’s photoshoot and uploading all over town.

    If it’s a beautiful mess, then yes, we should see it. A messy studio is a productive studio.

    ALSO– watching “Kell on Earth” in the background 🙂

  • yes disaster photos! haha 😉 it’ll make me feel like a normal person when my room is a bit messy 🙂


  • ooo… love the nail polish color! i recognize that Liberty of London wallet. 🙂 I’m currently doing a giveaway for it on my blog.

  • LOVE the nail polish, and i’m currently not writing my 5 page paper due tomorrow to read your lovely blog and fuss over MY messy room! disaster photos are much needed :]

  • I just moved and I have a true disaster on my hands. So, seeing someone else’s normal disaster mess might make me feel better. I say yes to the disaster photos.

  • Mint green has been my color since like… the end of last month. I love it love it love it! Here’s my post from a few weeks ago about Mint Green if you want some pretties!

  • yes please, a messy workspace is a happy workspace . . . i’m working on some easter monkeys, why should bunnies get all the fun?

  • I would love to see disaster photos, they would make me feel better about the mess that is my craft room 🙂

    I just finished catching up on Indie Biz :-/ I was a week behind…booo!

  • i just cleaned up my own disaster…didn’t take photos but will next time if we’re all sharing our creative messes 🙂

  • lots of homework for tomorrow! not done yet! right now i think i can beat your mess! i just see piles of stuff everywhere!

  • When I get messy it always means that I am in the middle of a creative brainstorm. So messy is good!

  • tonight I’m knitting.

    And disaster photos will make us all feel better! Creativity is a messy job! ;o)

  • you got that liberty wallet from target!? ahh. i went and looked at that yesterday–all sold out online. getting a nice tax return, just might have to splurge. and yeah, $14 is a splurge when you’re a single mother (: great choice. i lovelovelove it.

  • actually…disaster photos of someone else’s disaster would actually make me feel better. my place is not so neat right now either.


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  • What beautiful nail polish! and a definite yes for the messy photographs!

  • I love a good disaster studio shot!!! do it! if only to reassure me that its not just me that works in a space where it looks like a family of small tazmanian devils have just swept through! : )

    I love mint green – channels mint green polish with their baby pink is beeeeeeautiful! xx love xx

  • yes please elsie, prove to us you are not perfect and make us all feel better x

  • Messy studio pictures, please!! My craft area (ie bedroom) is always getting trashed, and I’m always torn if I want to put things away before I go to bed, or just save it for later.

    I usually save it for later!

  • hehe I’m wearing Mint Candy Apple right now too!!! I just did a little photobooth fun with it on my blog a post or so ago 🙂





    Panda Girl

  • Monday night is always Gossip Girl night with my daughter. a guilty pleasure. 🙂

  • YES PLEASE! =)
    i love to see a creative mess.

    & can we see more pics of hawaii??

  • LOVE mint green! Im getting married this Friday and my shoes are mint green 🙂

  • Yes please! That makes me feel a bit better. Cuz after a creative night at my place it always looks like there has been an explosion. It’s good to see there are more people with a habbit like that! 🙂

  • do you ever use those fingernail polish pens? oh the possibilities!

  • disaster photos are fun:P
    also, my nails are mint green too right now!! haha.

  • I love this np! It’s been my go to nail polish for the last few weeks.
    (If you are also wearing mint candy apple by essie)

    I’d love to see messy studio pics, too. 🙂

  • Going to a concert tonight!

    and I love mint green too. Now I want some mint chocolate chip ice cream!

  • Definately disaster pics, I live in a disaster zone so it will be nice to know Im not alone hehe!

    Missy x

  • I completely understand. Right now, my studio (at my school, not home) looks like I live there and am otherwise homeless. I just finished shooting a big stop motion/pixilation, so there’s even 9 clocks, a giant bag of stuffing, a coffee can full of keys, some mismatched tea cups, various odds and ends, a large suitcase to help carry it, oh, and an air mattress. Haha. I’ll be posting pictures on my blog tonight or tomorrow 🙂

  • I just bought two things of nail polish but I’m going to have to head back out and find that color!

  • That mint green is very pretty…I’ve been lusting after yellows myself. I would L O V E to see disaster photos! Honestly I can’t ever keep things clean when I’m creating…it would be fun to see hints of all that you’ve been busy working on.

  • *of course* we want to see them!! Please, please, Please, please, Please, please, Please, pleaseeeeeeeeeee…

    Wouldn’t you want to see the messy studio of one of your favorite artists and designers?

  • Mint green nail polish gets the thumbs up. I’ve got a grassy green shade on right now. Good luck with your craft kit! xxx

  • i dare you to show the messy pics of ur studio…

    i do the same thing to my studio when the crafting time is comin, so messy all around the corner,haha…



  • sureee show us … It might be a beautiful mess (:

    That mint green is beautiful to cover nails and toes*

  • Yes, I want to see messes cause I’m right there too.

    I love the mint green.

    The toes’ll be a bright teal by tomorrow.

    I am crocheting a hippo for my nephew and a tic-tac-toe board for fun tonight.

  • I actually just got done painting my nails that color while watching Kell On Earth. 🙂 I sympathize with the craft explosion mess…I have to jump to get inside my craft room right now…haha

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