lately, i've been really wanting to take photos. not just any photos, but concept photos with fun and pretty ideas. i've been sketching them out and getting ready. yay! here are some of my favorite photos from the last few years… 


excited to experiment with some new ideas! what's your just-for-fun hobby? XO. e  

  • cuteness! This sounds like loads of fun! Can’t wait to see your new and upcoming photos.

  • I was just thinking this same thing….it’s so good for our soul to photograph what we love & what inspires us! I LOVE your past concept shoots. Very fun! Maybe you should come play in Nashville….with Allister & I. Just a lovely thought 🙂

  • pretty, pretty. my favorite hobbie is and always will be SHOPPING 🙂 but i adore photography, blogging, eating apple pie, etc!

  • What a nice round-up of pics! Hmmm, my favorite just-for-fun hobby would probably be embroidery, which I’m just learning. I almost said cooking, but I have to eat, so that’s not just recreational! : )

  • I love them all! Especially the one where the dress is the same color as the wall! Great!

  • My new for-fun hobby is photography, but my pictures don’t come close to your awesome pics! Any pointers for a beginner?

  • I love to draw even though I don’t have much time for it right now. Drawing is my first love when it comes to art!

    Your photos are always so stunning…

  • Lovely photos! I adore taking pictures – it’s definitely the first thing that I turn to when I need some creative time.

  • I LOVE TAKING PHOTOS, like with my plastic cameras, i’m itching to get more, i’ve been really pleased with the holga so i think maybe a diana next, lomography is my just for fun hobby, its a different thing than what my art does

  • photography, for sure! I don’t think I could everr go pro, but I love love love snapping away.

  • Some great photos here!

    Photography is also my just for fun hobby (although I did get a paid gig last weekend!)
    I’ve got a photoblog if you’d care to have a look 🙂

  • i really really like that baby picture, and the cello picture! be sure to check out my giveaway over at my blog!

    and my just-for-fun hobby is scrapbooking! i get so lost in it.


  • great imagery. your palettes are interesting too. my fav has to be the wee babe on the hay, so darling.

  • I love your photos. It’s always inspiring to see how others view the world. The baby photo is my favorite. Loverly!

    Here are some of my favs I’ve done in the past:

  • i love the photos, elsie! i get bored easily.. so my just for fun hobby is.. anything that catches my eye! i think that’s why you’re so inspiring 🙂 you do so many things!

  • These really are very cute! I love the colours and feel of some of these images. Great work, Helen!

    One of my just for fun hobbies is spinning yarn! It’s pretty wild having a spinning wheel in my living room… that I use on an almost daily basis!

    I love crafting and creating! It’s so fun to create things out of whatever inspires you!

    Talia Christine

  • What great pics, I really love the leaf on the shoes and the bubble gum one.

  • Ooh… I love them! I’ve been dying to dig out my SLR (film) camera. I haven’t messed around with that thing in years! Your post is very inspiring…

  • Photography is definitely fun…but my vice is to knit. I looove to sit with a new knitting project and watch a piece of yarn turn into something beautiful and functional!

  • My hobbies? Geez, um… reading, writing, photography (not even CLOSE to you!) scrapbooking, crafting, fashion, music, knitting. But my favorite hobby is laughing. 🙂

  • Love your Mom’s work!! So beautiful! Is the one with nine hearts for sale? My Mom has a painting like that one. She’s had it ever since I can remember and it always reminds of home. I’d love to have one like it at my house. 🙂 Thank you so much, Lauren

    [email protected]

  • I do love your photography! I’m quite getting into it myself, I’d say that’s one of my just-for-fun things. I only started (knowing nothing!)to get pics for my shop and blog. I was rubbish at first but I’ve improved so quickly it’s become lots of fun! I’d love to do some concept shoots in future 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your new ones!

  • What awesome pictures! I love taking pictures too. But my just for fun hobby is, well, everything. I will (and do) try everything that I can possibly get my hands on. And I have the best husband in the world who will buy me any contraption that I think I might need for my hobby of the moment. Thanks for asking 🙂

  • Photography and scrapbooking. Toyed with the idea of scrapping for others as a business, but I don’t want to get sick of it, and that’s a rather personal thing for me.

    FYI: Photo number reminds me of Pheobe Kates in Drop Dead Fred. It was a nice little flashback. 🙂

  • Oh, lovely! Your photos make me want to learn how to use my new camera! Yay! 🙂 My just-for-fun hobby is learning how to knit/crochet, lately! Soooo fun!

  • I love taking photos! I’m trying to learn as I go, and am in the search for a new camera but it’s still tons of fun!

    Great photos you have 🙂

  • Painting is my just-for-fun, I love the girl in the white hat, is her dress painted on her or over the picture?

  • These are incredible!

    P.S. I adore your blog 🙂

  • I take photos too but what i do is this… I use my film camera, fuji instax or even my nokia But! I stick a colored piece of plastic to the lens and I end up having fun photos that look like holga or very old film, you get a pretty awesome effect with no photoshop
    I may make a tutorial, if i do so i`ll share my link with you if you want to XD

  • Really wish I had more time to work on my own craft projects, so I am trying to focus on that in my “spare” time. Cannot wait too see what you come up with (as usual!).

  • Goodwill is my favorite hobby 🙂 and Blythe, of course, lol.

  • The picture of your man playing cello melts my heart. I think that is just beautiful.

    Love and Turtledoves,

  • Awwww, my babies on there! That is one of my favorites too! I miss you friend! Photography is also mine! Love you!

  • cute photos. my fave is the one with the bubble gum at the top! my just-for-fun hobby is knitting!

  • You seem to be talented at pretty much everything!

    My just for fun hobby is cooking.. and baking.. and then eating of course!

  • I like to collage 🙂 And if I have the time to be really spiffy, I like to embroider onto it.

  • I love these. The one with the violin is my favorite.


  • girl you are just a bottle of cute :]
    I really want to start painting again. I haven’t done it since high school and I miss it.
    loveeeyou! XO.

  • Mine have always been photography and writting. Them pictures are real nice (:

    Els x

  • Pretty!!!!
    Photo shooting is a great way to catch an other point of view!love photos!!!
    As for A hobby, can’t really tell… There are so many things that time is never enough!!! and cant even choose one!
    good luck! 😉

  • so beautiful photos! And you are så cute. Your blog is great, you inspire me everyday. THANK YOU!// TACK (in swedish)
    Mine is to paint/draw and take photos.
    (sorry about my bad english..)


  • Hi Helen, I’ve just discovered a band and I thought of you. I think you might like them :)I have their video on my blog. Please have a look and tell me what you think! Thanks!xo Sal

    ps my just for fun hobby would be blogging!

  • oooh, your photos are all so lovely – and inspiring. just beautiful.


    oh! my fav hobby is photography, too. but now i get to do it for a living. win-win.

  • I really love the photo of the girl against the foliage, the green really brings out her complexion, just lovely . . . my fave ju-for-fun hobby is book-making, I love the whole process!

  • photography is my just for fun also! i like to play around with my Diana especially. i hope to one day get educated about it so i actually know what i’m doing! 🙂
    i LOVE your photos. they are delicious.

  • Hello, I’m a Swedish girl who reds your blog every day, i just wanted to say thank you for all the inspiration och thank you for being you.
    And i thought of you when i saw this:
    hope you liked it. hugs from Sweden

  • Your pictures are great! I’ve got so many things that interest me…..I try to do photography (unprofessionally, of course), cake decorating, trying to play guitar, crocheting, and trying to craft anything I can!


  • I love the one of (i think it’s Doren’s ex-girlfriend?) That whole photoshoot you did of her is still my favorite set of photos I’ve ever seen!! Honest engine.

    I like to make stuff out of clay just for fun (sculpey type clay).

    Total stress reliever 🙂

  • Thanks for that recommendation; it is really helpful for me to say!

  • i think all i have is ‘just for fun’ hobbies – i cant choose one so i dabble in all sorts of hobbies. sewing, painting, printing, photography, crochet, felting, drawing – variation is the key 🙂 i love your blog – have been reading for a while but just never commented. your a very inspiring gal. keep up the good work <3

  • I love the last photo!! I also love green, so maybe my prior statement is biased. 😉

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