wedded bliss…


hello there. i'm excited to share a few peeks at Dan & Therese's amazingly beautiful wedding. it was so special and sweet, down to the last detail! these photos were taken with my phone, but i hope to feature some of her professional photos at a later date. it was just magical! enjoy….  


the chalkboard seating chart. in love…


the sweet couple. 


a yellow ping-pong table. so unexpected and adorable! 



the lovely bride. ♥


the couple's cute-cute puppy wearing a wreath on his neck. he walked down the aisle and it was sooo cute. 



cucumber lemonade (it's amazing!)



and lovely cayt. you might remember . so much fun! 

thanks for letting me share. i'm so happy for all my pals having cute weddings and adorable babies left and right! we're happy to be back in Missouri tonight! i have lots of catching up to do. so many fun plans this week… i'll share a goal list tomorrow. XOXO. elsie      

  • I’m going to have to try some cucumber lemonade! I’ve never even imagined that combination.

  • I second the hair comment. I love it all blown out like that. The brides dress is so fun! She looks uh-mazing!

  • omg, i need the recipe for the cucumber lemonade!

    and, i’m curious, who are some of your fave photographers that you will consider for your own wedding?

  • Oooh girl… did you really wear white to a wedding?! You’re bold! 🙂

  • Did you wear a white dress?? I thought only the bride wore white? Please let me know if it is OK to be a guest and wear white…I remember when my sis got married and someone wore white~she will never forget it~she can be a little uptight:) what a wonderful time it looks like you had…any new ideas for your wedding? Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi! My dress is tan (looks more white in the photo than in real life) same as the bridesmaids… No worries. Xxoo. E

    Ps. Thanks for the hair compliments! I cut my own bangs that morning.

  • Yellow ping-pong?!:D

    I’m just wondering what kind of camera is it that you use?

  • Oh Helen, I’m glad your dress was tan… being strapless and all… I wouldn’t want a big hubbub over it. You know how people can be.

    Actually, at my wedding one of the guests purposely showed up in what she knew the bridesmaids would be wearing because she’d overheard the chatter at the shower they threw for me. She knew where they got them (off the rack sundresses, so cute) and they each had a different colour shawl. She went to the store, picked up one of the dresses and got a shawl in yet another colour. I thought it very odd… like she really had to get attention or something. I didn’t let it irk me though, but people noticed.

  • Helen! Your hair looks so beautiful. And yum at that cucumber lemonade. Cucumber ice water is delish so I can’t even imagine how tasty it would be to add some zing to the mix!

  • awww yay! if she had music at the wedding and wants to share with the hi-fi readers, i’d love to have it featured on the site 🙂

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