What I Wore Today : Pink + Olive



Today I wore a pink mini dress (customized for me by Courtney), olive green tights a vintage purse and a cute leather bracelet I found in the store that says Pat in tooled letters (Jeremy's mom's name). These photos were taken by my sister  Didier in Mr. Larson's new studio (above our store). It's not fully set up yet, so I wanted to take some photos before these pretty old mattresses said goodbye.. just in case! ♥


I hope you're having a magical weekend. XO. elsie 

  • i really wish i had someone to alter all my dresses for me! i’m so short i could use that. lovely color combo!

  • So lovely!! That’s a gorgeous color combination, and I love that dress! It must be awesome to have one customized just for you!

  • I love that you wore tights with peep-toes! I’ve been tempted but now I’m all over it.

  • pink and olive is a good combo that i’ve never even thought about!

    pat is my mom’s name too 🙂

  • Love it! There’s something very ‘dance class’ about the dress, but the lace at the top gives it extra elegance.
    Beautiful combo with the tights 🙂

    Aoife x


  • wow, ur so beautiful! ur my idol, really <3

    im opening a new blog soon, a more personal one, and it would be amazing if u'd stop by 🙂

  • Wow! i never thought of them colours together but i love them, very 1930’s/40’s!

  • Love the colours you’ve chosen in this outfit, the green compliments the pink so well. Something I wouldn’t have thought of doing, thank you for the inspiration! x


  • I love your posts about your outfits – so inspiring! And like a cure to me – right now my choice with regards to clothes is not too big since I’m pregnant, but I can’t wait to wear all these pretty dresses again once baby’s here!

  • Pretty dress! I didn’t know your fiancè’s studio was above your new store, hoe cool is that! =) Can’t wait to move to California (I’m from Argentina) and convince David to take me to Texas to visit your store, hehe.



  • I love your blog!!!!!!!!!!

    I love your style!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am 8 mos pregnant and cannot wait to dress cute again!!!!!

    So can you come to Michigan and go shopping with me lol


  • Helen,
    I know this is such an old post, but honestly it’s one of my favorite ensembles on you. I love the colors! So pretty.
    I was wondering, what kind of shoes are those? They are sooo lovely and I just want them like bad! 🙂
    Also, thanks for amazing bow ties (pumpkin and sweet tart) and thanks for a tie (Mr. Stripe) that my hubby can’t stop wearing to every dressy even we go to! I am a very satisfied RV customer and tell the followers that I have all about your shop. A friend already bought some hair bows from y’all. 🙂

  • I just discovered your blog, so this post is old news by now, but I just wanted mention how much I LOVE this outfit. Pink and green are my favorite colors, and I’ve never seen anyone pair them so boldly and beautifully!

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