• LOVE LOVE the spring birds display! I have even used the little feather birds as hair accessories before.

    Talia Christine

  • Love those cute little birds…I wish I could buy all the cute vintage radios you have up there, all of them look adorable!

  • So pretty. I’ve been designing a brand spankin new design for my blog. It involves sherbet colors, chevron patterns, and my 1984 Westfalia Vanagon. Eep!

  • what a lovely idea. I love that wooden back drop behind emma.

    Wonderful work. very springy!

    my husband started recording his new folk, rock album today, so I was cheering him on in the studio most of the day! It was a delight


  • I love that display. It is awesome. And the birds are so so cute. I really wish I could visit your store. It looks amazing!

  • I love seeing the seasons come and go and the new displays in your shop…always look forward to it! I love Didier’s shirt too!

  • I love them. I had those same bird in my bridesmaid’s bouquets a few months ago. Now I have them on my book shelf!

  • ohh this is so cute! i need to come into the store too bad its about a 24 hr non stop drive…haha some day! 🙂

  • I love the new display!!! If ever I am in Springfield…I am popping in to say Hi!!!

  • Rad! My favorite birds are the ones with the long beautiful tail feathers, I love how they spill over the radios and such! Great touch!
    xo Shannon

  • I took the day off and enjoyed walking around – even in the drizzle. I just loved being outside and not in my office. I am loving the birds – I am obsessed with birds, so much that I got a tattoo. Have a great Easter weekend!
    Much love,

  • Such a cute display idea! 🙂
    I would love those cameras (and those lil birdies!) displayed in my place 😉 x

  • Cute idea. I had a ton of those little birdies floating around my studio a couple years ago. Maybe i should bring them back out. hehe. And i love that first radio! The colors are lovely.

  • I love how you put a shirt under a summer dress that is a really great idea I plan on trying =)

  • Those radios are super cool! I had a very lazy day, but that’s what public holidays are for, right?

  • This birds are really smart! They know where to fly! Here we got some old cameras, radios and vinil players, and they are my little toys. I think i didnt grow so much, i only change the dolls for vintage toys! hahahaha

  • How tweet! I mean..sweet! 😛

    Beautiful display 🙂 This Friday I was sewing up a storm making summer dresses 🙂

  • Oh this is so nostalgic for me! My grandmother had tons of feathered cardinals around her house. I always thought they were so sweet. Looked positively alive and friendly. Of course, we had lots of real ones where she lived too, but when I saw the pictures I was instantly transported.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  • what a lovely display! there is always something so lovely about old radios and all other kinds of old electronics. i have a habit of buying old night table clocks even if they do not work!

  • That’s such a lovely idea! Maybe you could play some birdsong in the shop, too?

  • Fight Club is one of my favorite movies ever! I love that you did this!! Make some for me and send them over! I’ll expect them next week sometime..

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