Just wanted to post a huge THANK YOU for all of the people who have joined this week! We're beyond thrilled! Please send me links to your reviews and any quotes you might have about any of our courses. I plan to post some reviews on here soon! (elsie AT redvelvetart DOT com)

So, today Didier and I are going out to photograph outfits and do some wedding errands. We booked this adorable gelato cart that's a bike with an umbrella for the reception and I can't wait to pick our the flavors! Little details are definitely my favorite part of this whole experience. 

I'll be back soon with an outfit post and a new Makeover Story! xo, elsie 

  • Yay, Helen and Didier! I barely started the Dream Job e-course last night, and I’m already dying with love AND excitement over it. You are such a beautiful and talented person, and I’m so thankful for your willingness to spread that to us dreamers everywhere. You are an INSANELY incredible role model, and I can’t thank you enough for the positive influence you’ve been on me. (And Rachel, too! I’m taking two of her sewing courses and they’ve both changed my life.)


  • you are so adorable! your positivity is contagious <3 you're going to have the most beautiful wedding ever. the gelato cart sounds perfect! have fun planning!


  • hello miss elsie!

    i gave the two newest courses some love right here on my blog:

    : ) check it out! unfortunately i must wait for payday to buy my spots in both of them. its killing me. seriously. i wish i had a money tree right about now.

    love love love,

  • That ice cream truck sounds too good to be true!! 😀 I took one of your BlogLove ecourse and tweeted about it, but I’ll see if I can put a better review together soon! 😉

  • That gelato cart is such a cute idea! I’m so excited for you! :]
    I’m so loving the new e-courses. I’m saving up some monies and then definitely getting both! xx

  • The courses sound amazing, I reeeeally want the Dream Job one! I’m trying to plan my art/jewellery business right now but I could do with some guidance from someone who has actually been there and done that. Sadly, I have no pennies to spare to purchase the course… Will they still be available in the future?

  • So thrilled to take your class! I am a newbie to all this, and jumping into the next phase of life, as an empty nester, cancer survivor and dream job creator! I am always inspired at Spiegeling! Thanks!!

  • Cant wait to see pics of the wedding and these little details, ice cream cart sounds too cute lol.

  • Helen, I bought it right away as soon as your newest e course came out.. u are such a dream and inspiration to so many of us… so far fr what I’ve read.. I’m so blown away! I need this.. just finished Indie Biz 3.0 so this was the perfect next step to keep me going.. xo
    I blogged about you here, u are lovely. I hv dreams just like u to hv my own local business with antiques, vintage and food an art space.. U inspire me in all u do in all u are.. see my blog post here,

  • I am obsessed with this dress! AMAZING on you {everything is but especially this dress}!

  • I love all your e-courses but unfortunately I can’t afford to take one right now, so my question is can I start them at any time I can afford or are they only offered at certain times? Thank you

  • I am digging my way through everything slowly but surely – a review might be a long time coming from me at least as I work through stuff and digest everything.

    What I can say is that your course makes a nice complimentary companion to the class you tutored on last year as there are a number of areas you cover in Dream Job which weren’t on that other class 😉 I am definately getting so much out of your class and trying to remind myself to walk before I can run.

    One question? Any way that students can post questions to sessions to recieve feedback/answers? Or was that not your intention (I totally get you are a *seriously* busy gal!) It just might help the odd query – you could compile a FAQ from those Q&A, maybe?

    Just my thoughts… But otherwise an all round, two thumbs up for Dream Job 🙂

  • That is such a cute outfit, my favorite is the sail boat print on your dress.


  • I can’t wait to buy the new one! Like I really really can’t wait.

    And a gelato cart…I’m jealous. I want to crash your wedding now, just to eat. 😛 I won’t though, so don’t worry.

  • i started mine last night! I’m launching my very first issue of my magazine next week, and i’m thinking that a little bit of business inspiration is exactly what i need. You’re an incredible woman, and I can’t WAIT to learn more from you!

    psst, you can check the zine out at 🙂

  • Helen,

    I’m not sure if you will get to read this but I just wanted to say THANKS for being such an awesome blogger.

    I recently had a situation occur that I posted a question for one of my favorite bloggers to answer.(aside from a blog, she has an advice column that she asks her readers submit questions to)I asked how to be more sociable…to make a long story short she practically humiliated me…I had no idea she was going to be so rude.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you for being kindhearted and positive in everything you blog about.

    your blog is really a breath of fresh air.


  • I love that dress, especially with that color sweater. Really cute! I’m thinking about starting the course, but I guess I’ll check out everyone else’s reviews first…seems positive so far 🙂

  • I have been following you blog for quite some time! I love it! The moment I fund out about your new e-course I got it. Your and your sister’s stories are such an inspiration to me and I bet a lot of other people! I will be going through the chapters soon and will post some feedback too! Thanks for sharing your passion!

  • I am thinking about doing your e-course as soon as payday arrives, yay!! I also have that dress and adore the way you’ve style it, I think I may (blatantly) copy hehe. I have only recently discovered your blog (I am relatively new to blogging myself) and I love it, you are quite an inspiration! <3

  • I love this course! It has a lot of very helpful information for the indie biz noob.

  • the gelato cart sounds absolutely adorable!! – so you!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to plan my wedding, I agree little details are the best!!

    Keep smiling!

  • Q: so my question is can I start them at any time I can afford or are they only offered at certain times? Thank you
    A: hi joy! the e-courses will be continually available for at least the next two years. 🙂 there is no deadline or limit to spaces with these type of courses, it’s more like an e-book!

    Q: One question? Any way that students can post questions to sessions to recieve feedback/answers? Or was that not your intention (I totally get you are a *seriously* busy gal!) It just might help the odd query – you could compile a FAQ from those Q&A, maybe?
    A: hi beka! Thanks so much. These courses are not intended to be interactive. If you have questions while taking the course, please jot them down and e-mail me after you’ve read all the sessions. If i get several people asking the same question I will definitely edit in more information on that subject. I plan to continually edit & update my courses.
    my e-mail is elsie AT redvelvetart DOT com (xo!)

    Q: Would you consider having a giveaway for a spot in your ecourse?!?
    A: sure, maybe later this month? Keep checking. XXo

    Thanks, everyone, for your kindness and support! elsie

  • i have the most adorable picture in my head of the gelato cart. what fun! cant wait to see pictures

  • I just signed up. I also just finished the Indie Biz 3.0 course and so this is perfect timing. 🙂 This is the first e-course I’m taking of yours and I’m super excited!

  • Helen, thanks for offering that option and more of your valuable time. Sounds like a great plan and one I am sure your students will appreciate all the more 🙂 …Maybe you should write a book on the subject *hehe!*

  • I absolutely love your dress Helen! What nail polish are you wearing?

  • I love your dress and cardigan – please check out my blog and follow if you like.

  • I’m in love with your dress! I found a cute sail boat dress over at ModCloth, but not as cute as yours. May I ask were did you get it? Or does anyone else know?

    Thank you

  • I really dig your style, Helen, and love when you post new & innovative ensembles!

    Even though I’m only a bloggy outsider, I cannot wait to see photos closer to your & Jeremy’s wedding day! I know it’s going to be DIY splendid & whimsical! 2945abc45 0421

  • wow!! didnt know bout those courses! look amazing.definetly going to do one in the summer

    Ps. I have been in love with that topshop dress for soo long! xx

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