Jeremy + Helen (our wedding portraits)

Helen larson 1

Helen larson 1

Helen larson 1

Helen larson 1

Helen larson 1

Helen larson 1

Helen larson 1

Helen larson 1

Helen larson 1

Helen larson 1

Helen larson 1

Helen larson 1

Helen larson 1

Hello hello. These couple portraits (taken by Arrow & Apple) make me so very happy. It's hard to explain, but we took so many photos that weekend that I almost didn't even remember some of these moments. Now I'll never forget them!elsie

  • they are wonderful portraits. you both look so genuinely happy and in love. it is very inspiring.

  • 🙂 LOVE IT.

    that’s exactly how i felt about my recent wedding photography that I got back!!

    ps – those shoes = darlin’

  • such lovely portraits, elsie! arrow + apple took some fabulous portraits!

  • oh they are so sweet and touching! i love them all! your hair bow is sooo cute!

  • beautiful. i love the trees in the background. really so lovely.


  • the one right above the forever and ever banner is my favorite! the love is just oooozing from it!!! these are phenomenal!

  • You two are beautiful together. I am so happy for you! These photos are so cute and really capture the love you have for each other. xo.

    pea.ess. I featured your wedding today on my blog! :]

  • Helen, I sincerely think you have the sweetest life. Did you make the “Forever and Ever” yourself?

  • great pictures! I especially love the one with the forever and ever sign…

  • I love this photographer’s style so much! She (he?) has a way of capturing your uniqueness that is so lovely.

  • Those are wonderful – I especially love the last one!

  • aww, these are such beautiful wedding portraits, you guys are SO adorable!! And I’m love, loving the added bits of colour in your outfit. Hope your Sunday is a fabulous one. xx veronika

  • I feel like having a good photography to capture those beautiful moments is one of the most important things. You will cherish those forever! Sigh.

  • I love that last shot, and the one with the sun glasses is cute

  • I love them all! You can see the happiness in your eyes. Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Thanks so much!!!!!

    The banner is by Nice on Etsy…

  • so amazing! the sunglasses one looks like you’re in a band together! 🙂

  • Oh Helen – these are perfect. You two couldn’t be more adorable if you tried. <3

  • How did you manage to look so serenely happy inspite of the fact that it was FREEZING COLD that day?? Next time I come all the way to Missouri I would appreciate it if you would order nicer weather. (hehe!)

  • Such beautiful photos! I love the way the turquoise bow in your hair highlights the same colour in Jeremy’s boutonniere. I love the shot of your shoes too!

  • These are the most beautiful wedding photos I have seen! I love the style, you two are so cute together!

  • Just gorgeous pics Helen – theyre so different to the normal posed shots, everythings just so relaxed and happy- they have captured the magic you two share. Congratulations. xoxo.

  • Lady those red shoes and that forever sign are just too cute and so are you two! Congrats!

  • What a Beautiful couple!!
    Thanks for sharing these Amazing photographs from your very special day:):)

  • You both are so wonderfully photogenic and your photographer did an amazing job with everything! These are beautiful! All of the photos you had done are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them with us. 🙂

  • oh-Helen–how much have I enjoyed your wedding plans; your wedding pics. I participated in the second ( and I think last) Red Velvet “retreat”
    where I met you and Rachel and Leanne and pondered how a 46 year old found herself flying from Toronto to St. Louis to Springfield… . You were my first ever “art” retreat and I loved every minute ( even if I didn’t partake in all the evening activities—hey–I was “old and alone 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Anyway, I just want to say that you are a true gem; I have enjoyed your blossoming and will continue to enjoy your ventures/adventures.

    sending you a big grin ( and be happy you don’t need to really wear glasses–I have bifocals now 🙂 🙂 )

    You are a shining star and a ray of sunlight—thanks again to you and the red velvet girls.

  • I think these are some of the greatest wedding portraits. . . PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE look at my blog and leave a comment! ~ hehe! By the way this blog is AMAZING.

  • So beautiful! Love your outfits and that photographer is AMAZING!!! Also, I love the very last picture. I don’t know why. It’s just fantastic!

  • I am so glad you keep providing us with more wedding photographs! You look so beautiful! I love this set of photographs!

    Lost in the Haze

  • These photos are so beautiful. If I ever get married, I want to be as happy and pretty as your wedding day. It’s so so so inspiring! Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Love, Stefanie

  • Hello Helen! i’m doing a mini blog Happiness Project where blogs are sharing one little thing that makes them happy. I thought i’d push the boat out and ask my most favourite daily reads so i’d be really pleased to hear what makes you happy if you’d like to take part?! 🙂
    [email protected]

  • You are so generous sharing all your special wedding moments with us all. These photos are just beautiful 🙂

  • Wonderful pics! Especially the first one, – a really great portrait of both of you! And the background in the last pics- magificient! And the pics with the sunglasses are so cool!

  • Soooo cute! I love that it’s not traditional but it’s still wonderful!

  • CUTE. love your blue bow. i still cant get over how dreamy your dress is!

  • They are perfect. Just perfect!

    What an amazing combination of jealousy & joy I have! Haha 🙂

  • i love these! i love seeing all your wedding details!! keep them coming

  • Oh my gosh they are all so amazing! The third to last is breathtaking and completely my favorite. It’s hard to believe that is a real place, it’s so ethereal. Congrats!!!

  • These are lovely pictures! I love the sunglasses! So cute!

    You two are an adorable couple and I wish you lots of happiness!! Congratulations!!

  • Dear Helen.
    I just loved every detail of your colorful wedding. Especially the “something blue”. Thank you for your generosity in sharing it with us. If you do not mind, I’ll show it, through my blog, here in Brazil.
    And forgive me the cliché, but I wish you and Mr. Larson will be happy forever.
    Karen (from Brazil)

  • I imagine one of Jeremy’s favourites is that one of you alone–my, you look beautiful–so pensive and flawless. As for the rest of them–well, I love them! I really really envy your style.

  • These are so beautiful! We’re getting married in October – I hope our photographer can capture the same type of love-filled moments as yours did in these photos. <3

    bubby & bean

  • Great photos! Thanks for sharing!


  • so beautiful elsie! you too look so blissfully happy! lovely pictures of a lovely couple!

  • these are all wonderful, but i especially love the 3rd from the bottom!

  • Love is bliss. You can tell from these photos just how much he adores you.

    ♥ sécia

  • Arrow & Apple is so talented. I love wedding photos! <3 Here's to many beautiful years you guys.

  • AWWW, so lovely! You two look so in love! XOXO,

  • i just cannot get over the fact that you two are soo cute together! you make an adorable couple!! those photos of you&mr. larson on the wooden thing are my favorite ones! where did you take these pictures? they look so magical 🙂 &the bow&the shoes…ahh! love! i am just bombarding you with compliments aren’t i?

  • such happy memories!! we’re about to celebrate #13.. it goes so fast!

  • Helen,
    These images are beautiful! Congratulations. I am so happy for you guys 🙂

  • how wonderful! congrats- these pictures are lovely and I’m sure they will be treasured forever!

    comment or follow at

  • These are gorgeous – I hope mine turn out even half this wonderful!

  • I LLOOVVEEEE love love your hair ribbon/bow! I am trying to re-create it as we speak… but it is just so not the same… where did you get it from? or did you make it?

  • you two are absolutely perfect for each other! the pops of color and fun props are a fantastic touch!!

  • Hi Helen..i have not visited your blog for so long (busy girl these days…went back to Uni to study art) …..but today I had to pop over and see what you were up to..and then i realised..youd had your wedding!!I MISSED IT!!! OMG…You all looked so beautiful…a dream wedding…perfect..and you and Mr Larson are the most perfectly squishable couple.
    Congratulations on your wedding..your marriage..and , Im sure a perfectly beautiful life together.
    Love to you and your ‘hubby’,
    Deb G xxoo

  • Hey this is really nice information. I believe most peoples will agree with your blog!

  • these are so perfect! The colors all flow! You just look so pretty! 🙂

  • Hi Helen! I am a new reader – found you through Gussy. These wedding photos are so absolutely gorgeous and beautiful and pretty. I am a new blogger/shop owner and I’m so excited to start digging around your archives for tips and advice! 😀

  • I adore the one right after the “forever and ever” picture! It looks like a fairy tale movie.

  • These are all so beautiful. 🙂 I love how the capture cute little moments full of personality, too – so much more fun than the plain ol standard wedding shoot!!

  • Wow! This is quite exciting. I’m sure you gals will do great — your work is always so inspiring. 😀

  • you, your blog, and your wedding are all adorable! new follower!

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