A Donut Themed Wedding Shower






















This past month Didier and I hosted a wedding shower for our little brother, Doren, and his beautiful fiancé, Sarah. Our sister-to-be is a donut lover, so we thought it would be fun to create a donut theme for the entire party! We had a wonderful time. It was the perfect way to celebrate with Doren & Sarah. Can't wait till their wedding…. next weekend! 


These are a few photobooth pics. We had SO much fun! Thanks for taking a peek…. Helen

  • Aww, how sweet! I love the way you used a chalkboard as the menu. And that little donut print dress is so cute!

  • This is so cute! The donut holes decorating the drinks is such a neat idea, and I love the photobooth shots at the end. Congrats Doren and Sarah! So happy for you two!

  • SOOO cute! I am on a diet right now, but now I really really want a donut!

    Stephanie May*


  • This looks absolutely amazing Helen, it must have been a fantastic day for Doren and Sarah. I hope their special day is amazing xo

  • So lovely I really like the pink font in the photo-boot it`s my favorite color, it looks gorgeous.Love the donuts`s party so cute idea, your sister to- be is such a lucky girl.

  • You guys are amazing! That looks like such a fun party donit? ..er I mean donut.

    Loulou Downtown

  • How did you set up your photobooth? We’re planning on having one at our wedding but I have no idea how to set it up.

  • oh my gosh that is so cute! I have a sugar headache just thinking about this! It definitely makes for some adorable pictures = )


  • All of your parties and get-togethers all seem so magical. Congratulations to your friends! <3

  • I cannot get enough of your blog, Helen! This is by far the cutest wedding shower I have ever seen! I can’t wait to come up with a unique, adorable one of my own. <3

  • love the chalkboard behind the food table!!! I am so happy that events like this dont cost a fortune anymore! its all about the looove!!!

  • this is the best idea, I love the theme! The donut hole stir sticks are amazing. They’re so cute!! Can’t wait to see photos from the wedding. Wishing them all the best! XO

  • So totally precious. A donut theme? What could be better? I love that chalkboard menu. What a great shower!


  • So cute! They’re adorable. I’m glad they’re finally getting married! xo, rv


  • sheesh, you guys are so creative and cute. what a fun little shower! i bet you’re good at making your friends and family feel loved. 🙂

  • Using the blackboard is such a great idea! Love Sarah’s nail polish, too. Such a pretty color!

  • This has to be the cutest thing ever. Y’all’s friends must love it when you put on a party! They’re always so cute!

  • This is beyond amazing!! What a fun and creative party idea!!! Everyone looks so happy…congrats to your sis & her fiance!


  • This made me so hungry for donuts! Great colour scheme, love all of it! You guys throw the bestest parties 🙂


  • Really, this is so darn sweet! I love the donut theme and how adorable Doren and Sarah are together! Hope you share their wedding! <3

  • I’m not a fan of donuts but this is precious and the couple is adorable!



  • oh my god! i love donuts!! that is such a cute idea!


  • This is a darling idea for the shower, and even better that it was based on the bride-to-be’s love of donuts!

    P.S. I lovelovelove the new design of your blog! I loved the old design, but I think this new one really makes the different features so accessible.

  • Such an adorable party! Who would have thought a donut theme could be so cute! I love the dress you made Penelope too! 😀 (P.S. I spy a record store jumper! Sooooooo sad I missed out on that, its too cute! *sigh*)

  • sorry this is unrelated to your post (which is super cute, btw)…but, i just bought your blog love e-course and couldn’t stop reading! i already look forward to reading it again and taking the time to implement your advice. thanks, elsie!

  • oh wow this sounds like so much fun! such a lovely idea and the doughnuts look yum yum.
    congratulations to your brother and sister to be 🙂

  • sO NICE… Beatuful photos!You guys look like you born for each other!!!I can’t wait for the wedding day!:)


  • Looks so yummy



  • This looks so cute, what a great idea! 🙂


  • OMG this is like a fairytale, and it took a wedding shower to a whole new lever…AMAZING

  • Oh my goodness. Of all the wedding themes I’ve ever heard of (and that’s quite a few), donut has to be the best. Ever. A DONUT theme. Why didn’t I think of that?

  • Great idea, girls! I love donuts too, so this kind of shower sounds right up my alley. Totally craving chocolate milk with a donut hole right now.

  • This looks like so much fun! So many doughnuts, yum!! Such a cute wedding shower, I love it! Gorgeous couple, congratulations to them 😀

  • aww that is so adorable! you guys have the BEST themed parties and wedding stuff – it’s so nicely planned out!

  • Random, but you wouldn’t by chance have any idea where the blonde got the yellow skirt? I want it, need it, got to have it 🙂

  • Love this! The idea of putting all the sweets on the table and having a chulkboard with descrption and arrows is GENIUS!!!!!!




  • I love the chalkboard! such a cute way to display a dessert table! Best wishes to the happy couple!!!

  • you guys have super cute names, i love it!
    congrats to your brother & his wife to be. that is so exciting!
    love the theme party!

  • Lovely party, I love all your traditions in american weddings.

  • Q: Random, but you wouldn’t by chance have any idea where the blonde got the yellow skirt? I want it, need it, got to have it :)’

    A: Hi there, she got it here–> http://www.francescascollections.com/

  • Adorable. As always.
    I also really like your new website format! Its so lovely and organized and easy! Perfection 🙂

  • What a beautiful party! And I love the theme! Congratulations to the happy couple! <3

  • love love love! I can’t wait to host my next shower for basically any engaged friend I have. I love that ya’ll went all out with the decorating.


  • This is the cutest theme EVER! seriously.
    btw I love the blog layout these days. So great.

  • This is so great! Wish I had a sister (or friend, neighbor, you name it) to throw me a wedding shower like this. It all looks so perfect and full of love. Very inspirational and beautiful!

    Under My Umbrella

  • How fun! On a different note, I LOVE that yellow skirt and b&w shirt ensemble. Would love to see a tutorial or ‘I found it’ post for that skirt :D!

  • Very sweet! I especially love those straws.
    Wishing them all the best for a happy life together…
    Doren & Sarah I mean, not the straws! 😉

  • What a fantastic wedding shower idea. I wish I had someone as creative as you around when I got married!

  • What a sweet setup! Love the whole theme and the photo booth pictures are adorbs!

  • I loooooove it! So fun and adorable!

    i want to see more pics!


  • Perfect! I’ll love to have that type of service here in Argentina!!!


  • This turned out great! I love the chalkboard backdrop – how did you guys do that??

  • That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen! And the treats looked really delicious! Now I know why their wedding went really well. =)

  • This is a very sweet idea – and unique! Great photos too.. looks like a magazine spread.

  • What a beautiful party! Love the colors, my two favorites. :-). I’m a first time visitor of your blog and it is gorgeous!

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  • This is the best concept, I really like the theme! The donut opening mix stays are awesome. They’re so cute!! Can’t delay to see images from the marriage. Hoping them all the best!

  • Simple yet beautiful wedding shower. Nice idea. Doesn’t cost much but a lot of fun! Love the pictures too. Colors are vibrant!

  • Thanks for the 5 day smoothie challenge..I can’t wait to try these new recipes..

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