10 Things I Love: His & Her Edition

I don’t know about you but we are getting pretty excited for Valentine’s Day next month. In the spirit of all things lovey dovey and sweet here is a special His & Her edition of 10 Things I Love. Enjoy!

1 blazersWe adore trendy pieces that can dress up any outfit-love love this cute men’s blazer from J.Crew and this adorable Polka Dot one from Lulu’s.2 oxfordshoesSwoon-we adore these cute lady oxfords from Wanted and these black and white men’s oxfords from TopMan. Pretty pretty!

4 treesLove this couple photo shoot from this blog. Just look at those trees! Makes us want to plan an adventure.5 pursesHere are two very handsome purses, well… we guess we should call one a man purse. Ha! Love this cute leather one from etsy, and this classic Pendelton one from UO.

  • those bags are amazing! and the photo shoot with the trees is absolutely gorgeous!


  • Awwweee!! This is one of the cutest posts you’ve done. I love looking at your blog. It just makes me smile!

  • Too cute! I love the mugs! The couple’s photoshoot with the trees in the background is very beautiful!


  • Oh My! so sweet! what a cute idea for a post. This was a super fun read 🙂 loved the matchy matchy couple looks! I wish my hubby would do that with me x.x but he is fashion challenged so a clean shirt is asking alot 😛 lol



  • I love #4 and #10.

    My journey of going from Flab to Fab

  • the mugs are so cute! if my boyf drank coffee, id get em! 🙂

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  • This is a super cute list, I definitely want one of those retro bow ties!
    But I always feel left out around valentines-day when His & Hers things are featured. I wish there was something like this for gay and lesbian couples, but then you would basically have two of the same things so I guess it doesn’t quite work.

  • Oh man, what an adorable idea! My boyfriend and I often end up dressing up similarly, completely by accident. I never wear black and white (I’m always colorful) but I decided to try it out today…only to find that he decided to wear his black and white shirt today, which he never wears. Too funny.


  • Looove the matching couples. So cliché but when I get a BF i’m totally making him do that with me….:)

  • such a great idea! I’m doing my own etsy mr.&mrs. post– love is in the air~*


  • I love the cute bow tie for ladies, I would wear it way too often I feel. Maybe a new replacement for a collar?

    xoxo, Jjanga

  • LOOOOOVE those coffee mugs!!! So cute, and the thought of drinking coffee with my husband is wonderful (although he doesn’t like it much). 🙂

    Stephanie May*


  • LOVE this post!! enjoy the his/her idea!! really want the wallets and boots!


  • The mugs are definitely a favorite of mine and you can never have to many! I also love hunter wellies. I’ve been saving up to get my first pair (in yellow)

  • I adore!
    More Vday posts- please!
    DIY!? Yes.

  • my thinks it’s silly to dress up a little alike. but i think it’s cute!

    those mugs looks so awesome! however, my cabinet can’t store anymore cups 🙁 🙁

    i want me a pair of hunters!

  • That was such a cute little post! Made me smile, as always! <3
    lots of love, S


  • Ah! I am in love with those mugs! I gave got to get some ASAP!



  • So cute – what a great idea. Love the Oxfords, the bags, the wellies and the mugs the most! I think I’m actually looking forward to Valentine’s Day for the first time in a long time! And this post definitely helps! 🙂

  • Very cute choices. Perfect for Valentine’s Day. I love the polka dot blazer.


  • love the post!! i love the matching of the couples..


  • If I’m ever feeling down, your website is the first place I go for an instant pick-me-up! It is quite literally a burst of sunshine on a cloudy day….thank you!!!

  • This is a great list! I love love some of these guy choices (for myself! that leather bag looks soooo cute!)

  • I want to thanks for sharing such a great and nice information through this post.

  • This is so pretty. 🙂 I especially love the his / her bows and mugs. oh so cute! 🙂



  • I love seeing the his and her features. I’m guessing I’m one of the minority male readers, and I like seeing guy inspired things on here. I have to have that mug 🙂

  • Beautiful things!


  • Love, love, love the mugs and the photo in the forest. Thanks for sharing!

  • That Kate Spade wallet is fabulous! Great picks, quirky yet undeniably cute.

  • Thank you so much for sharing this. Number four is by far my favorite! I got completely lost (in a good way) on Ben Blood’s photography blog. All of the photos are so beautiful! I’ll be following that blog for sure!

  • What a wonderful post! Those his and hers ties are too cute! And thank you so much for featuring my mugs! 😀

    Happy Monday!


  • TOO CUTE! All of these are awesome – and I love the funky play on power suits on cute couples!!

  • Such a cute post! Love that those couples have dressed in ‘his and hers’ outfits! xo

  • It seems I love all the things you love!! 🙂
    Really nice selection!

  • This post is supercute and inspiring!<3

    My girlfriend and I are going to get matching pair-Hoodies soon (We'll get it printed). So you CAN do this pair stuff as well if you're gay or lesbian, you just have to be a bit more creative or persistent with your ideas.

  • Such a sweet post! Enjoyed it immensely! Lust after the men’s bow tie and the cute couple pic!!!

  • Fun post idea and adore the matchy matchy couples, they’re seriously gorge and styled to the max! had to pin em’

  • i very much try to resist buying a new wallet when my current one is in perfectly good condition but oh man, that striped kate spade wallet is calling to me. it so gorgeous. and any man that is willing and or wants to coordinate with his lady is surely a keeper – what stylish couples!

  • Oh my goodness I love those mugs!! Drinking tea out of those with my lovey would be adorable!


  • Wowwww.. that’s Fahrani!! A model from my country: Indonesia 😉

  • Cute idea for a post! You have great taste 🙂 After seeing gals like you who I’ve spent countless hours following each post I finally started a blog of my own!! This is it: http://creativelystylish.wordpress.com/

    Let me know what you think!! 🙂

  • Hah, all of these picks are so cute! Although those matching couples are freaking me out a bit…

    Maria xx

  • Love those mugs! I can think of at least 3 couples who would love those (and me of course!).

  • the ties are so cute! my friend angel designs her own unisex bowties- http://www.malakni.com. they’re really fun!


  • askinosie chocolate sounds devine! Wish I could try them, but I guess they’d be quite expensive to ship to germany. I’ll check the website 🙂

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