Bloom Flower Crown D.I.Y.

Bloom flower Crown 1Hi friends! Today I want to share this quick and easy method for creating a handmade floral crown. Kinsey whipped this crown up in about 10 minutes. They're super cute and perfect for Spring, which can't come soon enough! Enjoy…

Floral crown stepsStep 1: Supplies Needed- plastic faux floral branch bunch with blooms, wire cutters, brown wire.  2. Use wire cutters to clip some pieces of a faux floral "branch". 3. Use small pieces of wire to attach branch pieces together. 4. Use your own head as a size guide to know when to stop adding branches and complete the circle. Super easy! 

Bloom flower Crown 2Here's the finished crown. You can bend it a little bit to fit your head better. I like to weave some pieces of my hair around the crown too! 

Bloom flower Crown 3Have fun creating your own floral crown! We can't wait to wear them all spring… xo. elsie 

  • This is amazing, beautiful and so simple! I love it!

  • This is so beautiful and not too big to not wear it from time to time. I really want to create a flower crown this year, so this DIY is perfect!

  • I was thinking of being a Greek goddess for an upcoming costume party. This could definitely be adapted for it. Niiiice.

  • 🙂 Just noticed that you went red. Looks beautiful on you. I’m considering dying my hair a light auburn at some point in the future.

  • SO awesome and easy to do! I must make one and wear it around all spring! eep! <3

  • Gorgeous! I am stashing this idea away for a special occasion! 🙂

    a cup of subtle tea

  • Super cute! Great for a bride perhaps?


  • This looks great on you. This is such a cute and simple project. Thank you :]

  • I did a flower crown last week but i used bigger flowers. However it looks nice even with small!

    (Pls check my new blog guys: )

  • This is so pretty Helen! I love love love flower crowns – they are of my go-to accessories!


  • oh goodness, so beautiful!! i wanted one of these for my wedding! might just have to make it anyway for future wedding anniversary shoots. perfect!!!
    xo TJ

  • So pretty! Wish I could get away with wearing one of these in the winter!

  • you look absolutely fabulous. and those crowns look like just a cinch to make1 ;]

    {XOXO, Deanna}

  • It looks so great on you! I wish I could carry that off… maybe?

  • This is so lovely! It reminds me of the flower-fairy crowns my friends and I always made when I was younger, but they definitely didn’t look this beautiful!

  • Oh my goodness! Thanks so much for making your DIYs so simple! I LOVE things that can be whipped up in a minute or two!

    I really like the look of a crown or even a headband sort of thing worn OVER the bangs and hair like this, but every time I try it, my hair poofs up over the band into a mushroom shape and looks totally ridiculous!!! What am I doing wrong?!

  • So pretty!
    My blog has a new look, check it out.

  • This is such a great idea! I have been wanting a flower crown for awhile now and this one would match with pretty much anything! Plus it would be a lot cheaper just to make haha Great post as always 🙂

  • Very beautiful and simple. Pretty for summer and spring 🙂

  • Aww!! This is so cute! Using nature for fashion =)

  • i’m totally obsessed with your blog and i’m on here like, oh, every day, so i think it’s time i at least leave a little love lol

    i love this post. so cute! makes me wish i hadnt just chopped off most of my hair on a whim (le sigh…)

    i’ll be back, and will leave notes on posts i love!

    ashley nicole.

  • Lovely idea!! It looks so easy but cute!!

  • Totally cute, makes me want to get married all over again just to have one…. must find another excuse… ♥

  • I’ve been looking into making these for a while now. You’ve made it seem so simple I think I’ll give it a go!


  • That is adorable, not sure I’d carry it off at work but a girl can try, pa ha!!!

    Esther xx

  • So Pretty! Beautiful photography too! And much more practical than the traditional one made of real daisies! Where did you get the flowers?

  • What a nice idea!
    kisses from your follower! ♡

  • so beautiful


  • Very cute. I cannot WAIT until it’s Spring again!! I’m missing it so much right now.

  • oh, i’ve always loved these flower crowns…! Thanks for sharing ur tutorial:) so beautiful…

  • How fun! Would love to be able to pull this off. I think I’d look too much like a crazy person.

    Maria xx

  • Ahhh, I just found your blog today and am in love with it!!! Too cute and a great birthday present too!

  • What an awesome lil tutorial. I will be making these for my daughters’ upcoming spring photoshoot!

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  • i thought this was so cute! so I’m making a lot of these and selling them at our relay for life fundraiser in our town! all the money goes to cancer research and stuff! thank you so much for the idea, i am so greatful!

  • I love your blog, its amazing 🙂 you are absolutely beautiful!love the hair!!!!


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  • If I could find the supplies I would make this o:o. It is so lovely!

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  • – this melted my heart, i love these two. what a life exrepience to have. bri, you help make me understand that love really is the most powerful thing we could ever feel or have through your words. i love all the images, but i really, really love 7.

  • Carole (Bride) – Thanks for the comments!! Chris and I had such a great time with Yaira. She was so much fun and the picutres are amazing!! Thanks so much!!! We can’t wait until the wedding!! Brianna’s story captures us perfectly. It’s beautiful. Thank you.

  • – It is stories like this that make me beilvee so strongly that what you put out to the world comes back ten fold. Beautiful words Brianna. I love that you linked the jewler who was so amazing (the link didn’t work for me!) Gorgeous job Yaira!

  • I made this to wear to a friends’ garden party. It was so simple and my flower crown turned out lovely! Thanks for the tutorial!

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