How To Add Leather Pockets To A Skirt

How to add leather pockets 1We love the look of leather pockets on a skirt or dress! To get this look simply follow along…  

How to add leather pockets 21. Supplies needed- A skirt that would look cute with leather pockets. We chose a wool pencil skirt. You'll also need scrap leather and scissors. 2. Cut out two identical pockets. Try a traditional shape, or something cute like hearts! 3. Choose placement on your skirt for the pockets and mark with chalk to avoid using pins. 4. Topstitch pockets down and enjoy your adorable new skirt! 
How to add leather pockets 3
How to add leather pockets 4Isn't it cute?! After Didier modeled this skirt for these photos she told me she was keeping it! 🙂 Don't forget you can use vinyl or suede as well. If you missed them here are . Have a great Monday! Helen 

This sewing basics series was created in collaboration with Missy Creed of . Missy is a talented seamstress who sews for Red Velvet!

  • Makes the skirt! I’m not sure if I’m ready to tackle sewing letter but it’s fun seeing the transformation.

  • What a really cool tutorial! I think that the pockets really make this skirt! It just adds a really nice detail!

  • It is not so pretty with the pocket. I would recommend to shorter the skirt (maybe above knee) that would look better.

  • I love your posts on working with leather and thicker fabrics. I tried working with leather a while ago for a jewelry project I was doing but it was just so hard to work with, but you make it look so easy…Maybe I’ll give it another try!

  • Ooh, this makes me think that you should totally do a tutorial on sewing elbow patches onto sweaters or blazers.

  • Love this!Thanks for sharing…just a little detail but makes a huge different!I think the velvet style would look cute too!


  • I just purchased your DIY dress up ecourse & this post makes that more excited to get started;) this is totally my style: keep it simple stupid;) thanks for sharing do many tips!!
    Love, t

  • I really enjoy all the sewing posts, I might have to lug out the good ol’ sewing machine and give myself a refresher course and see up some things. 🙂

  • Lovely, absolutely lovely. And may I suggest using an edge stitch foot to sew on the pockets so that the topstitch is consistent all the way around the pocket?

  • This looks to cute and fun! I always love a pocket on my skirts or dresses! Will try for sure!

    xoxo, Jjanga!

  • I love that Didier decided to keep it after trying it on, haha! It is really really cute! You are doing a REALLY great job inspiring me with sewing ideas lately. Seriously, you’re making me think about going out and getting a sewing machine.

  • Great post and idea.

    For those of you that mentioned struggling with leather in previous comments– try changing the needle on your machine, use stronger thread, and thinner leather.

    I can’t wait to try this!

  • thos pockets are so cute! but it that skirt needs to be hemmed pronto — the length is really really unflattering (see: ugly).

  • So clever. I have a perfect skirt for pockets. Tried to take my first sewing class this weekend but snow kept me in! Soon though!


  • For those having trouble sewing leather, a teflon foot is the best option out there and they only cost about $10. If you’re too antsy for a teflon foot, a light sprinkling of baby powder on the work surface will help the leather glide under the machine foot.
    Also, use a synthetic thread (not cotton) to prevent the thread from breaking while you’re sewing.

  • Love the tips for sewing posts! I’m starting an intro sewing class tonight. Can’t wait to try some of your great ideas!

  • Definitely an interesting little add on to the skirt, it really adds a whole new look to it! Cute!

  • Very cute! I can never find skirts with pockets to wear to work (I work from of house at a concert venue), so this is the perfect solution!

  • @Kristin: she did do a tutorial on elbow patches! and they are cute indeed 🙂 here you are.

    also, where are some good places to find leather scraps? would hobby lobby or michael’shave them? those are pretty much the only craft stores where I live

  • as if that skirt wasn’t amazing enough on it’s own! Woah! This is a beautiful DIY, Helen. Thank you for being so wonderful in so many ways.

    love your friend polly 😀

  • I like this idea!!! The skirt get better with the pockets. I make a note of this idea!!

  • SO beautiful! you’ve tltaoly inspired me- it’s so fun to see your sewing skills progress instead of going to blogs where it seems like the girl has been sewing since the womb. you give us all hope and you make super cute stuff.

  • wow. when i first saw the pics before rinedag the text i thought “geez! I gotta get to anthropologie, they are getting some gorgeous new stuff!”. you’ve got some talent. i’m way jeal.

  • awesome. did you know my mom made all of her own (super cute) clothes until she was 30? you will have to chat about it next time you see her. sad that i have no idea when that will be! : (

  • A truly inspirational book! Well done Daniel & William you and your paetnrs must be very proud.My 6 year old twins love the pictures and the story and we have the photo of the orangutan on our fridge.Keep up the great work.

  • This book (I bought both hard and soft cipeos ) is very inspirational so much so I have forwarded this address to all I know to buy the book/s.Well done boys.Much Love, thought and prayers,Lavinia Pike, Tasmania

  • Very nice idea of add leather pocket in skirt. skirt looks awesome and very cool. thank you for sharing..

  • Great post and idea. For those of you that mentioned struggling with leather in previous comments– try changing the needle on your machine, use stronger thread, and thinner leather. I can’t wait to try this!

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