A Special Party…

Chocolate table

Chocolate table 2

Chocolate table 3

Chocolate table 4

Chocolate table 5

Chocolate table 6Last night Didier and I hosted a little goodbye party honoring our BFFs, . It's never easy to say goodbye, but we hope the chocolate overload helped everyone a little. 😉 It was a wonderful night full of love and a memory we will hold on to. Here are a few snapshots of the treats we shared. Have you ever tried chocolate covered potato chips? They're from heaven… xoxo. elsie + emma 

  • I saw some of the photos via last night. What a bittersweet evening you must have had! Love the use of newspaper and black/white motif. Classic and fun!

  • Goodbye parties are always the saddest! It looks like you had lots of sweet treats to take the edge off. ♥

    I’ve never tried chocolate covered potato chips, but I want to now!

  • What a sweet gesture. I love the black and white theme. The news paper back drop is really brilliant. Job well done ladies, though I know your friends will be dearly missed!

  • It is always sad when a friend moves away– though thanks to the internet, we are never really far away from those we love!! Looks like a grand time was had by all {how could it not be grand with such well thought out decorations}

  • *hug* I bet those salty-sweet potato chips summed up the evening, though they do look really delicious 😉 The whole table looks really wonderful and I am sure everyone enjoyed every moment, even if tinged with sadness in parting. Just think of the road trips to come and remember that nothing is forever… xoxo

  • I love how it looks like black and white photos with the chocolate as the color! I think the chocolate covered chips are a must try (especially for the men in our lives)

  • Yum! The spread looks delioys. And chocolate dipped chips! Why have I never thought of this combo! ?

    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic 

  • What a sweet pair of friends you are to host such a lovely party with great eats! I totally will have to try chocolate covered potato chips, they looked awesome. It is so tough with such a great friend is relocating far away…but she is an awesome lady and I know you will find a way to stay close and in each others life. I heart you both and definitely will keep you all in my prayers for a safe move for her….and to reduce sadness for you ladies! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  • omggg gorgeous! u girls should open a catering business!
    im totally craving chocolate now haha!


  • Looks so yummy, I’m dying to eat solids right now. The hospital has me on only liquid diets. 🙁

    xoxo, JJanga

  • you guys did a great job!
    it’s never fun to have one of your best friends move so far away. esther moved last month, so i can definitely relate right now. xoxo

  • YES YES AND YES. The black and white theme is to die for and is there anything better than the salty and sweet combo? Nope. Nothing better!

    Kate 🙂

  • What a sweet party you & your friends threw!
    So sad to say goodbye, but reunions are so sweet to look forward to. 🙂

  • Wow, that certainly is a chocolate overload! Everything looks amazing and I love the sweet and salty paring. I love the way you ladies decorate!

  • awww so sad they’re moving! :'( no, i’ve never tried choc dipped potato chips, but i’ve dipped my french fries in a chocolate milkshake. oreos are my fave cookie.

  • Totally Helen inspired with the black and white! Will try this theme soon!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Check out my blog:

  • oooo Chocolate covered potato chips! We have a family friend who makes them for Christmas parties. yum! Believe it or not Pringles are a good chip to use.

  • Aww, well I’m glad they have such good friends like you to see them off in such a cute way! I’m living in Argentina for a year, but when I come back, my friends and I plan on having a bit of a party as well! I love to read about the ones you throw for inspiration 🙂

  • Hugs to you both. It is never easy to say farewell. Those treats look amazing…especially those chips…I’m giving those a try for sure!

  • Love the way you set up the display! Very creative. And no I have’t tried chocolate covered chips! I might not have enough will power to stop : )

  • Trader Joes just came out with chocolate dipped potato chips, it was pretty good but just a tad heavy. Definitely could only it a couple.

  • We have those choco-coated potato chips here in the Phils, but they’re imported from Japan. Brand is Royce’ and my, they are expensive. Taste won’t disappoint though.

    Love the black/white motif. 🙂


  • It all looks so delicious. Farewell parties are always the hardest to throw but it looks like you guys did a wonderful job and I’m sure they were very touched by the love and effort 🙂

  • That’s so sweet of you! I’m sure Rachel and her family have really appreciated this. It’s so sad that they’re going away but I’m sure your friendship will grow stronger.
    I have tasted chocolate covered potato chips, in fact I used to eat fried potatoes with chocolate ice-cream and potato chips with chocolate syrup. They are DELICIOUS!!! (although many find them disgusting) 🙂

  • I am really intrigued by those chocolate covered crisps! Were they good?! All this looks so yummy! I hope you and your friends had a lovely time 🙂

  • Chocolate is the answer 🙂 Classic :)) I would sure love those cupcakes to be on my coffee table in the living room right now:)

    xo, E.

  • goodbyes are always a little bit badbyes… shame that rachel is leaving, but on the other hand good for her – life wouldn’t be that exciting if there were no changes. oh, the bittersweet taste of all crusial decisions!
    I wish you all luck!

  • Where I’m from, Prince Edward Island (the smallest province in Canada) we have a company called Anne of Green Gables Chocolates. It’s named for a very famous book which brings many tourist to our little province each year to see the land where Anne is from. My point is that they make chocolate covered potato chips as we are also famous for our potatoes. Just thought I’d share the link with you!! Enjoy.

  • the chips look yummy, i have to try it!

    The only similar thing that i eat is chips with sundae! 😀

  • I used to eat chocolate covered potato chips from a local chocolate shop but I haven’t thought about it in years!! SOOO delicious!

  • you are the greatest friends for throwing such a sweet going away party!

    Where did you get the chevron bags the chips are in? love them!

  • oh man, I would not even know how to behave with that many oreos in the room. You two are hired for my next party.

  • I would be a bit scared to try the chocolate and potato chips but everything looks simply scrumptious!

    Eternally yours,

  • Goodbye’s are never fun – chocolate seems to help, though. These treats all look so yummy!

    xo Tori

  • When I was little, my mom and I would eat vanilla icecream with chocolate syrup and potato chips. My daddy and Husband still think we’re crazy, but it remains the best comfort food ever!

  • Oh yea, you guys really know how to throw a fabulous party! I love everything about this dessert table, the chips dipped in chocolate are one of my favorites!!!!!! Awesome job Girls!!!!

  • this is just so pretty who can destroy this piece of love and art and eat it?
    yours annka from

  • Wow, the chocolate covered potato chips sound interesting. Genius actually. Salty and sweet =)

    – Sarah

  • That table full of chocolate looks amazing and so delicious! Hope you all had a wonderful night despite of the fact that it was a goodbye party.

    Love, Sari

  • Chocolate and salt go so well together – I will definitely be trying choc-covered-crisps!! It’s so sad that your bestie is moving away. I live in a different town to my best girl friends and I miss them all the time. Makes it all the more special when you do see them though!

  • BRILLIANT black and white photographs, I love them! Looks delicious, please can you save me a party bag full of treats?! 🙂 xxxxxxxxx

  • I really must commend you on your brilliant-ness. Those b&w party decorations with matching food totally rock! Cheap and simple and so very cool. You never cease to amaze me! Which is why I keep reading…

  • Hi Helen,
    I am here only to say to you how much you give me forces in a special moment of my life. The thing is, i change my country. My husbund is from Belgium, and we resolve to came to live here. But the change was really hard, to left friends, work, family.. all and adapt my self to a new and completly different culture, language and way to live. Sometimes i just opened your blog and start to believe again in my ideas, in me, and the sweet part of life.
    Taday all is really ok, i find ways to be my self here, to smile when europeans are cold ar critical, and to really enjoy a life with the person that i really love.
    Than i read that your best friend is moving: i wish all the forces that you put in your blog, and that made such a difference for me, can came back to confort you when you will miss your girl!
    And a person that already change Brasil for Belgium can really say: friendship continue to be strong even with distance!
    A huge confort for your heart

  • best way to make a farewell sweeter!
    but wow, i’m amazed with the salty + sweet o__o never tried something like that before!!

  • I LOVE the oreo stack, absolutely gorgeous. Have you tried the Oreo Whoopie Pie? I reckon it could look great with these


  • Oh no! It was through Rachel’s blog that I found yours. She seems so lovely, it must be sad to say bye. This food and decor is lovely.

  • I usually dip my crisps (sorry, chips) in to a jar of nutella, I like the nutty taste but mostly it’s because I’m too lazy to do it properly. Looks like a great selection of my kind of party food, I’ll have to remember your ideas, they’re much more fun than the normal selection!

  • I am definitely going to try those chocolate covered potato chips..!!
    Thanks for sharing.. 🙂

  • I first had chocolate covered potato chips from a Rocky Mountain Chocolate outlet (I think that’s what it’s called!) and they are DIVINE. I want to make some myself.

  • Wow love this,love the blog !! makes me happy and brings a smile to my face !! 😀

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  • Buying these where you get your gas probably just gives you dolube the gas. But seriously? Hot dogs are disgusting anything that comes from parts and has to be shoved into a tube of intestine like skin to be eaten is just gross. The fake-artifical-flavor-of something-fake-and-artificially-flavored-in-a-tube-of-death is something I can surely pass on. Even smothering these in chocolate wouldn’t make me want them. Not even if it was Godiva dark chocolate. Maybe if the chocolate coating was thick enough to peel off

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