Sundae Sunday: Mini Banana Splits

Sundae2Welcome to another edition of Sundae Sunday. Today we are talking mini treats, baby sundaes; just a shot of sugar. You know what I mean? This is a fun idea for serving a small dessert-make a sundae in a shot glass!

Sundae3I made mini banana splits by slicing my banana into four matchstick pieces and using a melon baller to create mini scoops of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream. Top sundaes with caramel, chocolate or strawberry syrup and you have the perfect little treat. xo. emma and elsie
  • This is great for when you need something to satisfy that craving but don’t want to go overboard…thanks!!

  • Such a great idea! This way you can have all flavours and not feel sick… 🙂

  • my friend and i were just talking about sundaes! they look so cute and yummy.

  • These look yummy! My dad’s out washing the car right now, so maybe I’ll surprise him with one of these!

  • You just create the cutest and yummiest treats!! I wanna make these immediately 😉

    Minestrone Soup For the Teenage Soul

  • better believe that sh*t was pinned.

    PS: i freakin’ LOVE your blog, girl! can’t wait to show! 🙂

    love, rach.

  • Yum! Perfect to use my shot glasses since I’m now all responsible and not drinking shots…

  • Lovely idea – definitely going to come in use someday! I always enjoy reading your posts.(:
    Sending love, Dalila <3

  • These look so yummy. I’m craving something pretty on this gloomy day. xo, rv

  • This is adorable — but I have to say that I have never heard of the phrase “matchstick pieces” before. I assume you mean… like carrot stick-style pieces?

  • They look so yummy and cute! I really love icecream, hah I think I’ll finish up three cups myself!

    Fang Ting

  • Yum! I love this idea for a party, especially if the rest of the meal has been heavy. The perfect small shot of sweetness.

  • Guilty confession, one of my coworkers and I are mindless “shake shot” eaters at work. We serve ice cream, and if we ever happen to make a little extra of a shake, we put it into tiny cups and drink up. Shake shots!

  • I love it, every time i go to Mc Donalds, sundae cannot be miss. I like taste, the sugar is just nice for me.

  • I’ve been seeing this trend in restaurants lately. It’s like, duh, why not make them at home?! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • omg this is such a sweet idea!
    It’s a fabulous concept!


    Ginger and Lace

  • Yum – I’m not a fan of banana, but this is just the kind of idea I can get behind!

  • I love this idea. Shall do this for my Bday as I would be alone while my husband goes on a business trip 🙂

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