• Looks like you had a great time. I love the photo of the upside down unbrellas. So cute.

  • Jeremy gets to tag along on girls night? Lucky guy! 😉 Also that crepe looks incredible!

    Kayla ☆

  • It looks like an amazing evening, those upside down umbrellas are magical!

  • Love the umbrellas!! In Vancouver where it rains a ton here we really need some of those to brighten up the mood : )

  • Agreed. And I think I will automatically love any place that hangs Frida Kahlo artwork.

  • Helen, I think it’s wonderful that you answer when a reader asks a question. You get so many comments – it must be difficult to keep up.

    My daughter will be attending college in Springfield next year. I am collecting your restaurant recommendations for when we visit her.

  • Your blog is always so lovely, Helen – I wanted to let you know I check it every day and it’s always a bright, cheerful spot in my routine. Thanks for all the inspiration, beautiful photos, and sweet words.



  • Those umbrellas are so darling! I love how your photos tell such amazing stories…and you are able to take simple things and make them into art!

  • I love the umbrellas on the ceiling! What a cute idea! I adore your red hair, it’s so unique.



  • I’m so astonished. You can post everything and it will be great!! I LOVE this blog (:

  • Yep, I admit, I am also absolutely in love with these beautiful umbrellas! Maybe you should make time for a girls night more often, especially during a time where you work that hard like you do at the moment?!

  • Looks like a great time! Is Jeremy one of the girls? 😉 My hubby thinks that he’s one of the girls, and I personally love it! So there is this YouTube video about to go viral, and I think you would enjoy it!

    You can see it on my blog, or .

  • Oh my goodness… Jeremy did not come to our “girls night” he just came to dinner and then we had the whole night to ourselves.

  • You find so many cute places around Springfield, your posts inspire me to find new awesome places in Philadelphia!

  • gorgeous blog!!!

    I think i’ll be a new follower 😉



  • Looks like you had an awesome day!!



  • I need a ladies night after the last week I’ve had. Uggg. looks like fun.


  • love the idea of those umbrellas hanging from the ceiling like that. looks like such a cute place!


  • Love the umbrellas and I love that girls red hair. I’ve been a redhead since 1997 and have been trying to find the perfect red for me, I’ve been happy with a few of them, but still haven’t been able to find the one. Whenever I go back to the hairdresser I change my mind before my last visit I wanted it lighter, last visit I wanted it darker, I keep going back and forth, but that is a beautiful red.

    These are great pictures.


  • i adore the umbrellas, a nice touch on the interiors. you have such lovely friends!

  • Man Jag älskar din artikel och det var så bra och jag ska spara det. En sak att säga fördjupad analys som du har gjort är mycket remarkable.No man går det där lilla extra i dessa dagar? Bra gjort. Bara en förslag som du canget ett Översättare Ansökan för din globala publik.

  • Jag var mycket glad över att upptäcka denna webbplats på bing.I ville säga tack till er när det gäller denna fantastiska inlägg! Jag surelyenjoyed varje liten bit av det och jag har du bokmärkt att ta en titt på nya saker du postar.

  • I see Frida Kahlo in the background! She’s my favorite hispanic artist. Just wanted to point it out ;D

    Great pictures. Looks like you had great fun.


  • Personligt lykønsker denne kommentar af forfatteren eller skaberen af ​​denne artikel, så interessant er præcis, hvad jeg ville, mange tak for at skrive og udgive. Jeg har læst mange forskellige artikler. Men ligesom hans artikler, og vi håber, at flere og skrive bedre. Jeg råder dem til at læse, tak

  • Hi,
    i’ve got a question.
    Can I post this “umbrella” photo in the post “What i loved in May?” Of course I’ll link it here. 🙂

  • I would really, REALLY love a post about your gorgeous MAKE-UP! You and Didier always looks so fresh and lovely! It’s the first thing I notice about your pretty photos! Your maquillage is flawless! Would you share your secrets?!

  • I need a night of those ; )
    love the umbrellas hanging from the ceiling

  • I just love everything about the mantle arrangement picture! Ooh, and ya’ll should totally steal the umbrella idea next April! “April showers bring May flowers!”

  • Glad you had a great day out.. the umbrella’s look very interesting.

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  • Just ate there to celebrate my birthday and it was heavenly. Beautiful decor and amazing food!!!

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