How to Style Pinned Back Bangs

Pin backed bangs1As the weather heats up we are on the look out for cute hair styles that are heat proof! Today is showing off a great styling solution for gals with bangs. This is a great option in case you've just had a day at the lake and your hair hasn't had the chance to dry all the way, or if you are planning a hiking adventure and want to keep your bangs out of your face.Twisted bangs steps1. Gather a section of hair in the front. 2. Begin back-combing or teasing from behind. This can give your hair more volume but also help keep loose strands in place. 3. Once the section is teased, wrap a small pony tail holder around the hair. 4. Divide into two sections and pull tight. 5. Gently pull or tug at the front of the hair to create more volume and a smooth "bump." 6. Curl the ends of hair towards the face to finish the look.Pin backed bangs3 suggests: Brushing through the curls to give them a smoother/wavier look. Hair spray will help keep this look in place throughout the day. Sweeten this look by adding a small bow or vintage hair clip. xo. elsie and emma

  • LOVE this! This is how I always keep my bangs but to this is a great idea on how to give it a little extra look 🙂

  • My husbands favorite hairstyle of mine is the simple bang-back with long curls. However, I’ve always used bobby pins and by the end of the day, my bangs are half out and crooked. I’ll def be trying this!


  • I love this! I’ve been pinning my bangs back for, what feels like, forever while they’re growing out.

  • Oh I will definitely be doing this! I’ve been wrestling with my bangs because they are growing out and I don’t have time to cut them, I usually just use bobby pins, but this is so much cuter! Thanks!!

  • Can`t wait to grow my hair a bit more, and that I could do this perfect haircut.. Kate is adorable!

  • Lovely post! I have bangs, and planning to pin them up for the summer, so this is definitely very helpful 🙂


  • Cute cute cute. Kinda makes me wish I had my bangs back so I could do this, haha.


  • My bangs are growing out but aren’t Quite long enough to tuck behind my ear or pull back into my ponytail.

    In other words, this is a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

  • Love this idea! i have a black gosgrain bow headband that I’ve had difficulty wearing ever since i cut my hair shoulder length (like Sucre) but I could totally see this!
    Thanks for the idea,
    ▲▲▲ Liana G. ▲▲▲

  • I love Katie’s hair! So adorable, I’m a brunet and some times I wished I had red hair. Absolutely adorable. Love the black bow! <3

  • So cute! Such a great idea. I always feel frumpy when I pin my bangs but this looks lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  • Perfect! Love! My go-to style, when I was finally growing out my bangs, was to side part my hair and then twist the bangs ( a little extra hair) and bobby pin it over to the side. It was perfect and helped hold some volume too!

  • I am definitely saving this link for when I have bangs again.It’s such a struggle to make them look good pinned back!

  • thanks for this. I have bangs right now and SoCal weather is PMSing from hot to cold to hot again so my bangs go crazy. Awesome tip 🙂

  • My bangs are at that tricky stage where they just do what they want and don’t listen to me, but this is the perfect solution for that. I love it

  • Great…just what I needed! I have very curly hair and made the mistake (many times) of getting bangs, only to have to pin them back cause they curl like crazy. I love this unique way of pinning them back and it’ll be easier for me because that curl is already in place with no extra work!

  • What a cute style! This is perfect for me, as I’m growing out my bangs and they’re driving me crazy 🙂

  • It’s one of my favorite styles also. But only for a cool night. I have a ton of thick hair and when its really hot, I have to get my hair off my neck. I’ve been posing lots of braided up do’s lately. Thanks for sharing.

  • Love it,
    I think everything she do in her hair will be great, her hair itself is amazing

  • SO CUTE! Will definettly try! Thanks so much for sharing!

    P.S. You are SO cute Katie!

  • It’s great to have an option for my bangs ! I’m growing them for ages it seems, but in reality only for 5 months !

    I’ve been wearing bangs for all my life and I feel really naked with my forehead exposed.

    I thought about cutting my bangs again but I will give this easy hair do a try.

    I just wanted to say : Thanks Katie 🙂

  • This would be great for me, since I am trying to grow out my dreadful bangs. Thanks! 🙂

  • How funny that I was just pinning my bangs back today and suddenly came across this post now, haha. Well then, I shall be adding some curls to my hair now to make this look… I wish I had some vintage bows though!

  • Truly adorable. It’s funny cause I made the decision to cut my bangs (after I spent so much time trying to grow them out)! Now I always bobby pin them back till they grow again. However, this is a cute, fun alternative to the bobby pins. 🙂

    Love your blog!


  • I love this hairstyle, I am definitely going to try this out very soon!

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