A Beautiful Giveaway: July Edition (CLOSED)

Group-Giveaway1Super excited for another giveaway from a group of some of our favorite sponsors this month! 1. Jo Totes is giving away a camera bag of the winner’s choosing from their perfect little shop. 2. Ruche is offering up a $50 gift card to their online boutique. 3. Chicwish is giving the lucky winner an $80 gift card to their shop. 4. Barkbox is giving away a 6-month subscription to recieve monthy goodies for your pup. 5. BonLook is giving the winner 3 pairs ($49 each) of sunglasses from their Travelers Collection. 6. Haley’s Heart is giving away a sterling silver initial necklace for you and your best friend. Group-Giveaway27. Red Clover is giving this lucky winner a $50 gift card to their online shop. 8. StickyGram is giving away 4 packs of StickyGram magnets from their Instagram magnet print shop. 9. Walls Need Love is offering up a $75 gift card to their online decor shop. 10. Olivine is giving this lucky winner their Amongst the Waves Eau De Parfum.

One lucky reader will win all of that! To enter, simply visit all the sponsors’ sites above and post your favorite item here in the comments. Giveaway is open until August 6, and the winner will be ed shortly thereafter. Good luck! xoxo. Helen + Didier

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Congrats, Aga! To claim your prize, please e-mail trey AT redvelvetart DOT com

Spiegeling Giveaway Rules

  • I’m planning on getting a dog soon so the Barkbox subscription would be perfect! Fingers crossed.

  • I love the Georgia Herringbone camera bag from Jo Totes!!!

  • I love those Olive Russian Doll sunglasses from BonLook – perfect for enjoying the last of the summer days before Autumn arrives! V x

  • Oh, my! What a great giveaway!! I’ve had a long-term crush on the Gracie Mint camera bag from Jo Totes. I’d love to have one! Thanks for the chance!! XO

  • I absolutely love BonLook’s sunglasses! So chic, and so very pretty!

  • I’m really torn between the BonLook Samba’s in Lemon or the Georgia Nautical bag from JoTotes. Fantastic giveaway!!

  • I love the “Waves of Chic” reusable wallpaper by Walls Need Love! It would be perfect for my bathroom makeover.

  • My Favorites Create a Pastel Purple Look!:


    [email protected]

  • What an awesome giveaway! I love the initial necklace from Haley’s Heart!

  • I love Stickygram! I’ve ordered from them in the past so would love to have more magnets, and they make fab gifts. Love the Holly Lane Colorblocked Dress from Ruche too!

  • My favorite item from all your lovely sponsors is the StickyGram magnets, I’ve lusted after those for a long time! πŸ™‚

  • I love the inital necklace from Haley’s Heart!

  • I have always ALWAYS wanted a bag from Jo Totes! My current favorite is the Missy Mint bag. I also would not say no to a birch tree forest for my hallway from Walls Need Love…you know?

  • Always wanted a pair of BonLook glasses, so I’d love to get the Sangria pair! What a great group once again!

  • I love Waves of Chic wallpaper from Walls Need Love!

  • My Favorites:

    JoTotes-Georgia Nautical
    Ruche-Little Book Of Lettering Typography Book
    ChicWish-Sparks between Aztec Sweater
    Barkbox-A box for my small puppy
    BonLook-Wonderland Espresso
    Haley’s Heart-Those initial necklaces are adorable! and also my favorite πŸ™‚
    RedClover-Pastel dreams dress
    StickyGram-Those magnets are my favorite and would look lovely on display!
    Walls Need Love-Discovered in New Mexico Faux Wooden Panels
    Olivine-Full Regalia Eau de Parfum – because I love vanilla scented stuff πŸ™‚

    I hope I win! I would love this prize pack!

  • I’m loving Ruche’s Jackson Pollock silk dress by Line and Dot or Dreamweaver Printed Maxi Dress By Vince Camuto. Thanks!

  • My dobie would love a bark box subscription! Thanks girls!!

  • Absolutely love the Eternal Light Embroidered Dress By Nick & Mo from Ruche! Reminds me of something a modern Disney princess would wear!

    I love your blog Helen and Didier, it has become my morning ritual to look at it while I drink a nice cuppa tea πŸ™‚

    P.S Can’t wait for the ABeautifulMess app on Android!

  • Oh my goodness! How fantastic! Alright then πŸ™‚
    The georgia nautical bag fro Jo Totes is gorgeous.
    I love the dresses at Ruche; maybe something like the “See You in Lisbon Striped Dress.”
    The “Cross-stitch embroidery white dress” from Chicwish is instant love.
    I sadly don’t have a dog because I’m attending university πŸ™ but my friends who live close by have a dog I adore who would appreciate such a lovely gift :).
    BonLook glass are adorable! I love the Russian Doll ones especially.
    The Initial necklaces would be great for me and my sister, since she lives halfway ’round the world.
    From red clover, I love the little bee earrings, or maybe the “beach day dress.” (so hard to choose a favorite!)
    I’ve been meaning to do a StickyGram for some time now, but I was waiting til i built up my repertoire of Instagram photos.
    Walls Need Love: the birch tree wallpaper is nice. I also quite like their “roller skate buddies” print.
    Olivine looks so glamorous πŸ™‚ I’m sure that scent is amazing.

    this whole giveaway looks amazing! fingers crossed! thanks for doing this for all your readers!

  • I love the Whisper Arrow Bracelet from haley’s heart!

  • I’ve been wanting stickygrams for ages..thanks for doing this!

  • Ahh this is amazing. I love that Bark Box is a sponsor! Definitely on my list of things to try!

  • Ruche is my favorite store! I love the Monique dress!

  • I absolutely adore the initial necklace from Haley’s Heart. The tandem bicycle pillow that they sell is so unique and fun as well!

  • My favorite item is this Peachy dress from Red Clover — so unique and old-fashioned, with a hint of modernity!


    The Shades of Crystal wall tile makes me feel like I’m at my favorite indie watering hole, so that’s a close second!


  • This Chicwish dress – Floral Embellishment Mint Green Tulle Dress….so pretty!

  • My favorite is Be A Darling Polka Dot Skinny Jeans from rouche. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • I love the Russian Doll sunnies from BonLook. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • So much good stuff! I’m still in love with the Georgia Nautical Bag from JoTotes and I love the Russian Doll Sunglasses in Flame. Those initials necklaces are also super sweet!


  • I would love a camera bag from Jo Totes!!!! πŸ˜€

  • Oh my gosh I’m giddy looking at some of these in particular! I have been dying for a pair of initial necklaces as well as a set of sticky grams! I also love the Missy Mint bag from JoTotes πŸ™‚

  • I would so love a jo totes bag. It’s so hard to decide between the millie marigold and the betsy chocolate! They are both lovely. The prize packs just keep getting better. What a great giveaway. Thanks ladies!

  • I love all the camera bags from Jos Totes. I’ve actually been looking at them for a while!

  • I really really like the russion doll turtle sunglasses from BonLook :-), so pretty!

  • Ahhh I was going to say the stickygram magnets to help decorate my windowless office, but the removeable wallpaper would be such a great way to brighten up my bedroom in my rented apartment. I love the waves of chic pattern!

  • I’ve been dying to get the Abby Mint Jo Tote! Perfection!

  • I need these on my walls in my new house!! http://www.wallsneedlove.com/split-logs/#.UffS_BY1b8s

  • I’ve always wanted to try StickyGram!
    Sincerely, Sara

  • I LOVE all the Mint camera bags from Jo Totes (Missy, Allison and Gracie)! That color is my favorite lately πŸ™‚

  • What a fabulous prize! All of these shops have SUCH great items and I could spend hours browsing the sites! The pieces that caught my eye the most (at least today) are the Danish Royalty Patterned Dress from Ruche or the Happy Meadow To from Red Clover. I am loving bright colors today!

  • From Jo Totes, I’m so torn between the Gracie bag in butterscotch and the Rose bag in moss. So pretty.

  • I’m always very excited about your giveaways! My favourite items are the Georgia Nautical (JoTotes), Daydream Often Printed Dress By Lavand (Shopruche) and the Russian Doll Turtle sunglasses or the Samba Electric sunglasses (Bonlook).

  • All of these sponsors have lovely things, here are my favorites!

    1. The Allison Mint camera bag looks like the perfect size for my gear, but it’s also quite manageable. http://www.jototes.com/collections/all/products/allison-mint

    2. I’m obsessed with the Lavand Abstraction Printed Skirt. I’m a painter and the colours and geometric elements are absolutely charming! http://shopruche.com/abstraction-printed-skirt-by-lavand.html

    3. I’ve been looking for a parka like the Armygreen Military Style Hooded Parka Coat from Chicwish!

    4. I have a little cockapoo who would really like a BarkBox. He would probably have a lot of kisses for me and everyone else in the house if one came in the mail!

    5. I’m torn between the Russian Doll sunnies in Olive and Turtle! They’re both so great.

    6. Believe it or not, my best friend Rachel and I have been searching for the perfect simplistic friendship necklaces for a while now! We’ll be celebrating our 4-year friend-iversary on August 26th!

    7. I love love LOVE the colors and embroidery in the Diving Sparrow dress. http://www.shopredclover.com/products-page/dresses/diving-sparrow-dress/

    8. Who doesn’t love Instagram? This is my profile: http://.com/iloseallmysweaters

    9. The giant prints featured on Walls Need Love is something I’m definitely interested in. My snapshots already live on my walls but I’d love to enlarge the really special ones.

    10. I’ve been looking for a pretty scent to change things up and I love the beachy vibes from the description of the Amongst the Waves scent.

    Happy Tuesday!

  • I have always wanted a Stickygram magnet for my fridge!

  • My favorites are the Stickygrams! I can’t get enough of them, they’re just so cute πŸ™‚

  • Thanks fro bringing this giveaway πŸ™‚

    Here’s my list of Favs:

    JoTotes: Betsy Teal
    Ruche: Creative Spirit Printed Dress
    ChicWish: Candy Color Crystal Quartz Watch
    Barkbox: A gift for my friends 9month old pug πŸ™‚
    BonLook: Russian Doll in Turtle
    Haley’s Heart: Mini Wishbone Necklace and earrings
    RedClover: dinner date top
    StickyGram: Personalized pic gifts for family
    Wall Need Love: World Map Decal
    Olivine: Oxley Eau de Parfum (Love Jasmine)


  • I really like this ivory coast dress from Red Clover. http://www.shopredclover.com/products-page/dresses/ivory-coast-dress/

  • I need sunglasses in a major way, and summer is not over yet – thank goodness! I love Samba Sangria, and to have three pairs would be dreamy!

  • Love the initial necklace. I wish I won, so that I could give it to my best friend who lives far away…

  • What an awesome giveaway! All the staffs, they offering is lucrative.

  • I’m loving the Russian Doll sunglasses from BonLook.

  • What a FANTASTIC giveaway!
    Jo Totes – http://www.jototes.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/missy-chocolate
    Ruche – http://shopruche.com/hydrangea-gray-dress.html
    chicwish – http://www.chicwish.com/christmas-tulle-sleevelss-pleated-dress-in-red.html
    barkbox – yay! that’s awesome
    bonlook – http://www.bonlook.com/product/russian-doll-flame
    haley’s heart – http://www.haleysheart.com/collections/women/products/initial-necklace
    red clover – http://www.shopredclover.com/products-page/accessories/coral-vine-necklace/
    stickygram – this would be awesome!
    walls need love – http://www.wallsneedlove.com/waves-of-chic/
    olivine – looks lovely!

  • I’m getting a dog next weekend to BarkBox would be amazing!!

  • I want the Georgia Herringbone bag from Jo Totes. Or a wall paper from Walls need love, I would love the Waves of Chic wallpaper for our bedroom.

  • i like the spring fashion pendant necklace from red clover

  • I just moved into a new (rental) apartment, so wall decals would be AMAZING. OMG. Especially the birch trees.

  • The Jo Totes Missy Chocolate bag is absolutely beautiful!

  • I’m renting my place and really like removable wallpapers and wall stickers… I’m happy to discover Walls Need Love (I totally agree!); there are so many fun prints, that it’s hard to pick only one… The Robot wallpaper will go perfectly in my living room, on the closest door (and DH will agree I’m sure!).

  • I adore the Ohm wall decal from Walls Need Love! The initial necklace from Haley’s Heart is to die for as well. My bff would love one πŸ™‚

  • My fridge is a little lonely… the stickygram magnets would be a pretty nice addition! :]

  • The “Visionary Embroidered Lace Dress” from Ruche is gorgeous!

  • I would be so happy to get Ruche’s Hudson Colorblock Bag!!! It would be the perfect birthday gift!

  • I have really wanted some sticky gram magnets so I’d love to get those!!

  • The reusable wallpaper from Walls Need Love would be a great way for me to make a headboard in my rental!

  • Paisley Bird and Branches from Walls Need Love! Helping my sister design a nursery for her first baby, and found lots of ideas there, but these birds might be flying into my own nest. πŸ˜‰

  • I love letters! So tr Haley’s Heart necklace is my favorite. Thanks for a chance to win.

  • JoTotes: Love the Missy Mint bag!
    Ruche: Fauna Butterfly Bracelet
    Chicwish: “Green Pleated dress with belt” WOW!
    Barkbox: Do they make a “Hogbox” for my hedgehog? πŸ˜‰
    BonLook: The Samba Lemon!
    My BFF Melissa and I would loooove a necklace!
    RedClover: EEP I was there last July!! Cool! That arrow hairpin is so cute.
    Can never have too many Stickygram magnets!
    Walls Need Love: Don’t judge. I love the Crazy Kittens wallpaper tiles.
    Olivine: The scent looks divine. Love the name “She Belongs There”

  • I love the Georgia Nautical camera bag! Anything from Ruche always makes me swoon! Oh and the Wonderland Espresso Sunglasses from Bon Look! Red Clover has some really cute skirts & shorts too! Love the giveaway selection!

  • the White Crochet Open Back Skater Dress is my favorite piece… mainly because of the great execution they had, I mean that the feminine silhouette is just done really well.


  • mr fox indie necklace from ruche! (and probably any of their dresses)

  • I absolutely do love ruche and i’d be SO happy to buy me this dress: http://shopruche.com/pastel-dreams-marbleized-dress.html

    also, the rest of the prizes is amazing, even if i’d have to give the bark box to my brother and his little puppy. You’d make him very happy, too πŸ˜‰

  • Yay! I’ve been in love with the Georgia Herringbone bag from JoTotes since forever β™₯

    Thanks for the monthly opportunity, girls! πŸ™‚

  • What an incredible giveaway! I think I would pick Bonlook’s Sambia Sangria sunglasses!

  • I love the sticky gram and camera bag but my pup would LOVE THE BARKBOX!!! Not sure if we had to go to each sponsors site to enter… I went to all of them though:) So glad to have found business like chicwish, jototes, walls need love and redclover! Had no idea they existed!!


  • I have always wanted a BarkBox for my dog, Jedi ! I also love the inspired petroglyphs dress from Red Clover!

  • The Barkbox is the cutest idea ever! My pooch would love it πŸ™‚

  • stickygram magnets!!! I have wanted to try those for so long!

  • The initial necklace is amazing!


  • WOW! what a prize! The Georgia Nautical Jo Totes bag has been on my wishlist forever and there are so many pretty things on ruche I wouldnt even know where to start! great giveaway!!

  • Im obsessed with the Twlight Pretzel and Pup romper from Ruche! So adorable!!


  • I love the Night In Venice print from Walls Need Love! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  • favorite are the rococo sunglasses in Carmine, a really fun shape. The amongst the waves packaging is beautiful, I hope it smells just as simple and beautiful!

  • the zinnia dress from red clover (those are planted all over my yard!) and the butterfly whole crochet shift dress from chicwish!

  • i love the initial necklaces from haley’s heart!!

  • I love the Georgia Nautical camera bag from JoTotes! I’ve been wanting a good camera bag for a while now that will hold everything I need so I can stop lugging around two bags all the time so this would be perfect! Thank you so much for another amazing giveaway!

  • i still need to restock my wardrobe after losing weight, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the Blue Danube Embroidered Dress from Ruche. Also, i’d love to shower my boyfriend’s dog Domino w gifts from Barkbox each month. Please and thank you!

  • I love these posts because we get to learn about new shops and we get reminded of the old ones that we’ve forgotten about (I’ve finally learned to just bookmark Ruche, already!).

    I love the Peachy Perfection dress on Red Clover: http://www.shopredclover.com/products-page/dresses/peachy-perfection-dress/
    But I really love the Wishbone necklace at Haley’s Heart, too. http://www.haleysheart.com/collections/jewelry/products/wishbone-necklace

  • I love all of the decals from Walls need Love, especially Pattern birds on a wire…

  • I really like the initial necklace. I live far away from my best friend, so it’d be nice to have necklaces.

  • I adore Ruche’s fit and flare dresses! The enlightened path paisley dress is definitely one of my favorites.

  • I love the Bark Box. We have two pups that are our sweet little fur babies and this would be such a treat!

  • I like the Mint Confection Pleat Detail Dress from Ruche! :]

  • oh my god, i love everything!
    especially that Amongst the Waves perfume, i love anything beach-y.
    and those sunglasses, Russian Doll in Turtle is my fave, so cute.
    and i could really use a new camera bag. πŸ˜‰ who doesn’t love Jo Totes?

  • A couple of my personal favorites are:

    -ChicWish’s Floucing Chiffon Maxi
    -BonLook’s Russian Doll in olive

    I’m also a huge fan of StickyGram! I ordered some for my fiance while he’s away for work training. I also really think my sweet pooch, Gram, would adore the Barkbox!

  • I love everything at chicwish – I can’t decide between the neon fishnet tops and the open back skater dress!

  • Oh, the Gracie Teal would be SO perfect for all my photography stuff here!!!
    All the prizes are cool, actually πŸ™‚

  • i really LOVE the roaming dress from red clover! thanks for sharing.

  • Chicwish has so many cute dresses, but I especially love the Rosebrown Tulle Dress with Belt. I also love JoTotes Allison in Teal. So bright and fun, but also functional. Everything in this giveaway looks amazing! Thanks!

  • Oh the Georgia Nautical camera bag from JoTotes is just to perfect…some day I’ll have a grown up bag for my grown up camera (have to pay the camera off first haha)!! Actually this whole give away is perfect, what an amazing list of talented designers/business folks all wrapped up into one. Thanks for a chance to win such a lineup.

    -a advid obsesser of all things beautiful and messy.

  • The lemon colored Samba sunglasses from BonLook are fabulous! (and would be perfect for my upcoming trip to Cali. πŸ˜‰ ) Thanks for yet another great giveaway…crossing my fingers this time will be my lucky one πŸ™‚

  • I’ve wanted a new pair of Bonlook frames for ages, 2manycupcakes in teal are my current favorites!

  • Oh my God, so much beautiful things to choose πŸ™‚
    To start, I looooove the Betsy Teal Tote from Jo Totes, I want one because its beautiful and practical.
    And, this little Mr. Fox Indie Necklace from Ruche.
    I think this is SO GORGEOUS…!!!!! I really want to have a romantic dinner or something just to use it: http://www.chicwish.com/black-cage-chiffon-top.html
    (Maybe I can wear it with this… http://www.haleysheart.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/aisha-lace-headband) Uh, I have all the look!
    Just need the shoes, and here they are… http://www.shopredclover.com/products-page/shoes/midnight-crochet-wedge/.

    Oh, I need all this things!!

    And the sexy touch… http://www.shopolivine.com/collections/perfume/products/sexy-vanilla-perfume (yeah, I love vanilla)..

    Ok, now I have all the things for my date… now I want them with me πŸ˜‰

  • Jo’s Totes is always my favorite! My current favorite is the Allison Mint.

  • I love the Betsy Black bag from Jo Totes! I’m in love with the Momentary Bliss Lace Detail Midi Dress from Ruche! I need the Wine Red Asymmetric Waterfall Skirt from ChicWish! My min pin love would be ever so grateful for a Barkbox subscription!! I adore the Samba, Wonderland and Russian Doll sunglasses from BonLook! Love those initial necklaces from Haley’s Heart! I adore the down to earth top from Red Clover! Love StickyGram magnets!! Need!!! The Abstract Painting from Walls Need Love is beautiful! That perfume looks amazing, love the bottle!

    This is a super awesome giveaway! πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  • 1) The Georgia Nautical. How perfect of a bag!
    2) I love everything on Ruche. It’s one of my favorite online boutiques to shop at.
    3) The beads embellished pleats dolly dress… in any color. It’s so adorable- and I’ve always wanted a embellished top like that.
    4)I have a sheltie, and she’s such a spoiled little princess. She would absolutely love a Barkbox!
    5) Russian Doll Turtle, Samba Sangria, Russian Doll Olive
    6) My best friend and I are both As. What a great gift Idea!
    7) The Paisley Tunic.
    8) My Instagram certainly is a ‘hot mess’ (haha) but this could inspire me to break out the camera more often!
    9)And of the wall decals in blue.. or the Anchor. It would look so perfect in my bedroom.
    10) I lovee the beach. I could spend hours on the beach. A scent to remind me of it would be nothing short of wonderful.

  • I love:
    Georgia Nautical from JoTotes, the darling dachshund printed dress from Ruche, the seafoam floral pleated dress from chicwish, the russian doll turtle, the samba electric and lemon sunglasses from bonlook, the whisper arrow bracelet from haleys heart and the simple with stripes dress from red clover!
    Really want all of them!

  • After visiting all of the sponsors’ sites i have to decide that my favorite is chicwish shop, i fell in love with their indie designs. This is a truly beautiful giveaway thank you!

  • Love the Gracie Mustard at Jo Totes! Wouldn’t cry at winning any of the other colours though, they’re amaze!

    Sarah Xx

  • Jo Totes- Georgia Nautical (the only bag that looked like my husband might not mind holding it for a moment…)
    Ruche- Night Owl Bookends (great for the dresser and all the random books)
    ChicWish- Lace Crochet with Chiffon Back
    Barkbox- Medium box for my dog (or would be great to donate the remaining boxes to the rescue down the road where I got my doggie, as he’s low maintenance)
    Bonlook- Wonderland Carmine
    Haley’s Heart- Benedictine Blessing Bracelet
    Red Clover- Back in the Day Top (this shop was awesome!)
    StickyGram- Love the magnets
    Walls Need Love- That Fleur de Leaf wallpaper is great!
    Olivine- The sample box because I can’t smell online.


  • I love that the Betsy has room for my MacBook!

  • Y’all are fantastic! It’s amazing the opportunities that you guys offer your readers. Too freaking fun! Out of all of the amazing things from the contributing businesses, a few of my favorites are the:

    Gracie camera bag in Butterscotch from Jo Totes
    Beige Army Jacket from Chicwish
    Russian Doll in Turtle from BonLook
    Bali Wide Leg Pants from Red Clover

    My absolute favorite, though, has to be the Scenic Route Paisley Dress from Ruche. TOO precious.


  • ‘A Dream Remembered Lace Detail Dress’ from Ruche will do the trick to bring further glow to my boyfriend’s upcoming graduation.

  • I would love anything from JoTotes, Georgia is good.
    And Walls Need Love I need more stars on my ceiling!

  • I’ve had my eye on the Jo Totes Millie in Teal for a while…!

  • Favorites:
    JoTotes – Missy Mint (this would be perfect for carrying my DSLR!)
    Ruche – Momentary Bliss Lace Detail Midi Dress
    Chicwish – Pink maxi skirt
    Barkbox – my yorkie, Einstein, would love this!
    BonLook – Samba Electric
    Haley’s Heart – love
    Red Clover – Fancy and Frills dress
    Stickygram – How cool!
    Walls Need Love – I NEED those grey and white diagonal stripes for the laundry room
    Olivine – this would actually be perfect as a gift for my sister

    It’d be so great to fill my new house with these items and clothes!!

  • My sister just got a puppy, so I’d have to say my favorite item would be the bark box, because Katie the boarder collie puppy would really love it! πŸ™‚

  • I absolutely love this dress!


    I also would love the Barkbox for my puppies!

    Love the blog ladies πŸ™‚

  • Love the Betsy Teal camera bag from Jo Totes!

  • Between the Birds Print Asymmetric Waterfall Skirt from Chicwish,the Russian Doll in Flame from BonLook and the Luba Heels In Navy By Chelsea Crew from Ruche, I’m in a dilemma!

  • I’m a renter, and I love the removeable wallpaper from Walls Need Love. Such a great idea!

  • Chicwish is such an adorable site!!! So hard to pick my favorite! The Retro Whole Crochet Floral Shift Dress is stunning!!!

  • Great collection of prizes. Thanks for offering them!
    I see JoTotes has some new designs. The Georgia Nautical is lovely as is the Abby.

  • I am in love with the Georgia Nautical from JoTotes. Perfect camera bag for my Canon! The Beach Retreat Platform Wedges from Ruche are so cute. The Galaxy Collar Black Skater Dress is so edgy, i love it. would go perfect with my neutral wedges. My dog deserves a little pick me up from BarkBox! I seriously want all of the Russian Doll sunglasses from BonLook. So my style! I love anything with initials, and E for me and and S for my mother, my best friend. The City Dress from Red Clover would look so good with red converse. I love mixing softer looks with a bit of edge. StickyGram is just awesome. The Tanning With My Monkey from Walls Need Love print would look so cool in my dorm room. The Amongst the Waves perfume just sounds like it smells like summer. So relaxing.

    Thanks for the chance!

  • I just got my first dSLR and would LOVE a JoTotes camera bag…the bag my camera came with is…bulky to say the least. I love the Gracie bag in Butterscotch or the Allison bag in black! Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Love the Georgia Plaid and Millie Teal bags from Jo Totes, and the Olivine perfume sounds awesome too!

  • I’m in love with the photograph prints from Walls Need Love! As a college student who is moving into her first apartment in a couple of weeks, I need all the pretty decor I can get!

  • I LOVE the peachy perfection dress from Red Clover. Also, the sky rockets in flight print from Walls Need Love is the cutest!

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  • i absolutely love the Georgia Nautical camera bag!

  • I want some StickyGram magnets so bad! My girls would to hang up their artwork with a picture of their own face πŸ™‚

  • I love the initial necklace, so cute πŸ™‚

  • i love ALL of ruche’s dresses and blouses, especially the savile row embellished lace blouse! and also the gracie JO tote!

  • I love Ruche and how they carry size clothing. My current favorite of theirs is the Sedona Curvy Plus Printed Blouse.

  • Amazing prize pack! I love the Russian Doll sunglasses in Olive! I have been looking for super cute frames all summer and these would be just perfect!

  • The Russian doll glasses in flame paired with the denim top asymmetric dress with black skirt from chicwish and the Georgia nautical camera bag from jototes would make a lovely outfit for an afternoon snapping photos and hanging out with friends!

  • I absolutely adore the Balance Pumps By Chinese Laundry from Ruche online boutique! They are a must have shoe for my wardrobe!

  • Too hard to just pick 1! The initial necklace paired with House of Windsor Lace Detailed blouse from Ruche would top my list!

  • The Samba Lemon sunnies from the BonLook Travelers Collection are to die for! Thanks for the opportunity πŸ™‚

  • Wonderful!

    JoTotes – Missy in Mint Green

    Ruche – It’s out of stock, but I must have the Avenue Of The Arts Chevron Button-up!!! I’ve been looking for one of those shirts for MONTHS!

    Chicwish – Black Cage Chiffon Top!

    BarkBox – I’ve been eyeing this for my 1 year old Pug and 3 month old Weiner Dog/Pug mix!!

    Bonlook – Russian Doll Olive

    Haley’s Heart – Beautiful intial necklaces!!! And silver is my fave!

    RedClover – Floral Charm Dress!

    Stickygram – Finally give me a reason to sign up for Instagram, I’ve been putting it off πŸ™

    Walls Need Love – Polka Dot decals, I really want to use these in my doorway to my kitchen, like you ladies did with the wasabi tape.

    Olivine – She Belongs There – love jasmine!

    Thanks for another great giveaway! You ladies are awesome!

  • I love the Abby bag from Jo Totes. Fingers super duper crossed!!!

  • ooh this is tough, but i’d have to say i really want a stickygram . . . or 500!

  • Oh my gosh, what an awesome giveaway!
    Bonlook’s Russian Doll sunglasses
    Chicwish – Got a Mint Date Dress
    Red Clover- Marble top
    WallsNeedLove – Hot air balloon print
    Ruche – March Heels
    JoTotes – Missy Miiiiiint
    And everything thing else in the shops. Seriously, beautiful stuff.

  • I love the StickyGram magnets! Such a fun and easy decor idea!

  • 1. I love the Missy Chocolate from JoTotes.
    2. The Caramel Cider Cardigan from Ruche.
    3. I like the Classic Cable Knit Puff Sleeve Sweater in Navy from ChicWish.
    4. My dog would love a Barkbox.
    5. The ROCOCO LICORICE glasses from BonLook.
    6. My friend and I would love an itial necklace from Haley’s Heart.
    7. I like the emerald top from RedClover.
    8.StickyGram magnets are awesome.
    9. The Bedrock Wall Decals from Walls Need Love.
    10. She Belongs There Eau de Parfum from Olivine.

  • Out of all of those wonderful things, it’s a toss up to what is my favourite. I would say either the Jo Totes camera bag in Gracie Black or the Haley’s Heart initial necklace (in an S). Also oggling over all the dresses at Ruche and the shirts at chicwish. I’m the worst at choosing!

  • So impossible to pick just one!!
    My favorites are the camera bag from number 1 and the awesome magnets from number 8.
    I’ll probably order some stickygrams either way!


  • Thank you for such a great giveaway! They are always so great. I don’t have a dog but my new roommate’s boyfriend just got a puppy so barkbox would be perfect for him. I also love the Grace Colorblocked tote from Ruche. And from ChicWish I love the Floral Embroidery High Waist Bud Skirt. And I absolutely love the Expansive West print from Walls Need Love.
    Thank you again! πŸ™‚

  • I can’t decide whether I love all the wonderful wall art from Walls Need Love or the initial necklace more. So hard to decide!

  • I am in love with the Samba sunglasses in Sangria from Bon Look. Such an unexpected pop of color!

  • My Favorite:


    Helen& Didier, Love ‘ABeautifulMess’ !! Thank you for the inspiration πŸ™‚


  • This was my first time to hear of Red Clover. So glad I have now! I’m seeing a lot of cute dresses here… particularly the Sunny Sails dress.

    (I do wish they would mention the length though.)

  • My dog Yoshi NEEDS Barkbox in his life! So great that this exists! Thanks for the giveaway ladies!

    hana.r.ozaki [at] gmail [dot] com

  • I have been dreaming of ordering the china birds on a wire from Walls Need Love for months. I love them! And I have a thing for birds πŸ™‚

  • I love the Samba glasses in electric. And oh my goodness, my walls really do need love and I would like the chalkboard calendar decal for my office. Thanks ladies!

  • I love the BonLook sunglasses – but I’d pick Wonderland in Expresso!

  • Oh my gosh. StickyGram! I could make a million of those magnets. And I can’t believe I am just now hearing about Walls Need Love! I love all of the decals, especially the birch trees. What an awesome giveaway, as usual!

  • my favorite is definitely the barkbox! Would be great for my little furry babies!

  • I would love to try the perfume sampler from Olivine!

  • Ok.
    JoTotes- Georgia Nautical
    Ruche- Farrah Strappy Heels
    ChicWish- Chicwish Camel Knit backpack
    Barkbox- A box for my sisters Lab
    BonLook- Rococo Carmine
    Haley’s Hear- Pig & salt pepper shakers- loveeee
    RedClover- Gold lead necklace
    Stickygram- magnets for my fridge
    Walls need love- Microphone Collage
    Olivine- Monkey lip gloss- LOVE THE COLOR

    * This prize pack is amazing— need that book-bag for my mission trip to Haiti in December and the camera bag so I can take pictures while I’m there!!!!!!!

  • Another amazing giveaway, ladies!!! I’m simply in love with the Retro Whole Crochet Floral Shift Dress from Chic Wish, the Rococo Espresso frames from BonLook, and would finally take the plunge on wallpapering the living room with the Mesh Curves paper from Walls Need Love.

  • I love the Russian Doll sunglasses in Flame from BonLook.
    What a fun giveaway, fingers crossed!

  • so many choices! i love:

    jototes: georgia nautical

    ruche: maxi skirts

    chicwish: the accessories, but especially the car ear ring

    barkbox: i have 2 pups, so this would be great!

    bonlook: wonderland and rococo espresso

    haley’s heart: m for me, a for my sister!

    redclover: bone weave sandals

    stickygram: i’ve wanted to try these for a while!

    walls need love: i love the stl but i’d also love to create my own

    olivine: the description made me wish for the beach!

  • I like the Dreamweaver Crossbody from Red Clover!!


  • It’s quite dangerous living in our city so a camera bag that doesn’t look like it holds a camera is great! Loving the Gracie Black in Jo Totes!

  • been dying to order some stickygrams so those are def my fave! and would love a J initial necklace from Haley’s Heart

  • Walls Need Love has an amazing Antigue Map decal that I may need to have regardless of this giveaway!

  • I will be brooke soon with all that shopping!

    JoTotes-Georgia Nautical satchel
    Ruche- Gota Date enbroided loafers
    ChicWish- White Floral bloomy maxi dress
    Barkbox- the box! what a great idea!
    BonLook- La MArquise Kitten Pink
    Haley’s Heart- Benedictine Blessing Bracelet
    RedClover- hourglass necklace
    StickyGram- I with I could have my fridge cover with magnets!
    Walls Need Love- Watercolor birds on a wire (WOW!)
    Olivine- olivine Fragrance…!

    I wish… I wish…I want to win!!!

  • oh, man. it’s hard to pick just one fave — they are all so lovely.
    i have been wanting a new bag lately, and i love the besty bag in chocolate.
    thanks for the chance to win!

  • Oooh! those Samba BonLook sunglasses in Sangria are soo cute. <3

  • I love that one: Ihttp://www.chicwish.com/ruffled-crochet-neckline-chiffon-playsuit.html

  • I love the Oh Deer! Wallpaper tiles from Walls Need Love, so great and I can’t even decide which color option is my fave (maybe option 2?). So cool!


    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I would love the nautical infinity necklace from Haley’s Heart and the Georgia Nautical bag from Jo Totes! Of course I’d love some Stickygrams too! πŸ™‚

  • I’m in loveeeee with the necklace, it’s so perfect!

  • http://shopruche.com/avenue-of-the-arts-chevron-button-up.html
    i love this chevron top from Ruche

  • Fisrt I have to say how lovely it is of you all for facilitating this amazing giveaway bundle !

    *The Jo tote that stole my heart is the Betsy Chocolate,it’s the perfect color and style. .http://www.jototes.com/collections/all/products/betsy-chocolate

    *Ruche makes it’s difficult to narrow my choice to one,with all their classic styles but if I must,it will be the ”See You in Lisbon Striped Dress”. http://shopruche.com/see-you-in-lisbon-striped-dress.html

    *Chicwish. Definitely the Red Rose Print Skater Dress. It’s beyond unique and adorable. http://www.chicwish.com/red-rose-print-skater-dress.html

    *Barkbox, is such a good idea, I would give it away as a gift to a friend who cherishes her pup. The best value $19/6 months deal seems the best.

    *My favorite at Bonlook is the Rococo Licorice.It exudes old Hollywood glamour. http://www.bonlook.com/product/rococo-licorice.

    *Haley’s Heart’s initial necklaces are very chic. I like the subtle elegance of them. My choices would be an ”A” for my friend Alexandra and a ”Y” for myself.

    *Red Clover’s ‘Ivory Coast dress’ is superb, classic and well cut. http://www.shopredclover.com/products-page/dresses/ivory-coast-dress/

    *SticyGram will definitely come in handy for myself and friends to decorate our refrigerators with our summer snaps.

    *Walls need love. I can’t explain how thrilled I am at discovering this site. The ‘custom prints from any photo’ section will be the first place I make use of. https://www.wallsneedlove.com/custom-printed-canvas-wall-decals/

    *Olivine’s choice of Amongst the waves sounds like the perfect theme for summer. The description of the scents combined, together with the beautiful bottle is thoroughly enticing.

    Thank you for introducing me to these lovely sites ! xx

  • Ooh, I’d love the Gracie in teal from Jo totes. Everything looks so great, thanks for the giveaway!

  • I can never have enough pairs of sunglasses since I never can find them when I need a pair.

  • My favorite is definitely the Missy Mint Jo Totes bag, although the clock decals at Walls Need Love are pretty awesome too.

  • love the “RUSSIAN DOLL OLIVE” sunnies from BonLook!

  • I love the Russian Doll Turtle sunglasses! and the StickyGram magnets.. I’ve been wanting to order from them for so long. I’ve never heard of Barkbox, but I know my pup would love it.

  • I’m in love with the Russian Doll sunglasses in olive!

  • I love the Russian Doll sunglasses in turtle! It’s been so hard to honeymoon shop while planning a wedding and those are perfect!

  • Jo Totes – Gracie mint bag. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Lovely giveaway!! I love the simple with stripes dress from Red Clover!

  • I cant stop looking at the Aurora Borealis Circle from Walls Need Love!!! I β™₯ everything you share lads!!

  • My favorite item would be the Birth Tree Wall Decals from Walls Need Love. They are just so cool and would look great on the walls of my rented apartment!


  • this giveaway is a dog-lover’s dream!

    i can’t get over this kitsch fm ruche, as i grew up w/ dachshunds. http://shopruche.com/darling-dachshund-printed-dress.html

    and my bulldog wld just go nuts for the barkbox subscription! check him out on @LelandStanford3– i’d love to put his photos on stickygram magnets!

    maybe with a mint camera bag from jototes, bonlook shades, that floral crochet dress on chicwish, i wouldn’t mind getting in more of leland’s IG pics myself πŸ™‚

  • That Abby lilac tote bag from Jo Totes has been on my wishlist for awhile!! Also I like the easy stripes from Wall Need Love – they’ve got some great ideas!

    Thanks for the chance!


  • 1. Jo Totes: Love the Georgia Nautical tote!
    2. Ruche: Hollywood Beach Lace Dress
    3. Chicwish: Floral Embroidery High Waist Bud Skirt
    4. BarkBox: A box for a small dog!
    5. BonLook: Love the Charlie Glasses in Brown!
    6. Haley’s Heart: Chelsea Morning Wrap Bracelet
    7. Red Clover: native embroidered top
    8. StickyGram: Love the magnets!
    9. Walls Need Love: Decal of the world!
    10. Olivine: I’ll take any of the lip glosses! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  • Okay, so… wow, this is a lot of sites to visit. I’m excited!

    1. The Millie Marigold is my favorite. I am looking into buying a larger camera than my little point-and-shoot, and the Millie would house it as well as act as a super-cute perfect-for-fall purse!

    2. http://shopruche.com/creative-spirit-printed-dress.html This dress is kind of a work of art.

    3. http://www.chicwish.com/full-floral-crochet-long-sleeves-crop-top.html I love the idea of an open-weave crochet sweater over a lighter layer for fall and winter! Works better in SC than a big heavy sweater.

    4. Okay, so there’s no real way to pick a favorite anything for this, but I had no idea this existed? And now I am going to figure out if we can fit this into our budget, because this is awesome.

    5. http://www.bonlook.com/product/samba-sangria Love it. The open spaces almost look like lace!

    6. K for me, S for my bestie πŸ™‚

    7. http://www.shopredclover.com/products-page/bottoms/bali-wide-leg-pants/ I am lovign these super comfortable looking wide leg pants that are in style now!

    8. Stickygram seems like a neat idea!

    9. I like the Birch Forest! I would love that in our extra guest room that we’ll be turning into the studio.

    10. Notes of coconut? Sounds like the best perfume that has ever existed. I might need that in my life.

  • that is a super awesome giveaway indeed! well done you all! Have to admit it’s really pretty hard to choose the favourite..but here you go – I would go for Chicwish.. one of their adorable dresses (can’t pick one yet!) :))
    but all the other bits are absolutely adorable!

  • My best friend and I are celebrating our 10 years of being roommates, best friends, and, really, friendship soul mates – in September. The Hayley’s Heart would be a perfect present for the two of us… I think they are beautiful. Definitely my favourite.

    I love these giveaways!!

  • Ooh! I have no idea where I’d put it (maybe my office? that’s my default option when I fall in love with things that don’t really fit in with the other things in my apartment) but I LOVE the rose wallpaper at Walls Need Love.


  • Love the Picking Daisies Embellished Blouse from Ruche!

  • Obsessed with stickygrams!! How cute would it be to use these for save the dates. Holy adorable guacamole.

  • I love Red Clover’s online shop, especially the california stripes dress.

  • So many favourites- had my eye on the JoTotes Georgia Nautical for a while; but my ultimate favourite is antique wall maps: http://www.wallsneedlove.com/antique-maps-wall-decals/ from WallsNeedLove it would love fabulous on the wall next to my red book shelf.

  • i would LOVE the Rouche $%0 give card please πŸ™‚ It totally scream HAUL for a new blog post & youtube video !!

  • the initial necklace is so dainty! i love it!

  • I love love the Russian Doll sunglasses in Turltle!

  • I love this giveaway!
    My favourite item is from the Jo Totes shop, the classic Georgia Nautical satchel! (: I Have quite many camera’s (5) and I’m planning to buy many more! I want to collect many authentic, Vintage and classy cameras! Of course I want to travel with those camera’s so that’s why this Georgia Nautical bag is my favourite!

    Good luck to everyone <3 May the odds be ever in your favour πŸ˜‰

  • I love the samba lemon glasses from bonlook! So cute πŸ™‚

  • What a great giveaway! All kinds of great stuff. I would still LOVE <3 <3 the Gracie Mint camera bag from Jo Totes!!

  • My favorite item is the

    happy meadow top at Red Clover!

  • I am lusting after this clutch for my wedding day.


  • My favorite thing is these rococo licorice sun glasses. Love it so much. :}


  • I can’t decide between the Georgia bag in Herringbone or the Missy bag in Chocolate from Jo Totes. I think I’ll just need to add both to my wardrobe at some point!


  • BonLook Russian Doll Turtle – wow a must have! Great giveaway girls!

  • the black cage chiffon top from chicwish is so cute!

  • Oh my, so many lovely things! How do I choose?!
    My Loves would have to be:
    Jotots: Gracie Black
    Rouche: Like Heaven Indie Ring In Amazonite
    Chicwish: Butterfly Full Crochet Shift Dress
    Barkbox:Big dog box
    BonLook:Samba Electric
    Haley”s Heart: M&K
    Red Clover: Dinner Date Top
    Walls need love: World Map
    This is so exciting, I love these give aways!! <3

  • I love the Georgia Nautical camera bag from Jo Totes initial necklace from Haley’s Heart!

  • jo totes gracie in butterscotch is beautiful and i LOOOVE the initial necklace from haleys heart.. so delicate and pretty.

    thank you for the opportunity


  • The removable wallpaper would be perfect for my dorm room.

  • The barkbox subscription would be perfect for my two puppies! I also love the Haley’s Heart initial necklaces, so simple yet so pretty!

  • I love the Chicwish pleated tulle skirt in navy and the Rouche Scarborough Floral Print Top!

  • I am in love with the initial necklace. My sister is moving back to Texas after being in Alaska for the past two years, and that would be a PERFECT welcome home gift for her and me to share!!

  • I LOVE the mustache wallpaper decal at Walls Need Love. I’m a renter, and a mustache lover, so this would be amazing!!!!

  • Wow! The Betsy in brown from Jo Totes is DEFINITELY my favorite.

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Missy Mint camera bag from Jo Totes!

    Love the blog with or without giveaways! =)


  • I love when you guys have these awesome giveaways! As much as I love everything, a favorite of mine would be the Garden Party pleated dress from Ruche. Fingers crossed!!

  • My favorite item is the Eternal Light Embroidered Dress By Nick & Mo from Ruche, its so pretty! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Love the giveaway from Chicwish! The White Polka Dots Chiffon Dress is so beautiful!

  • I love the Missy bag in chocolate from JoTotes, but was also just thinking about getting some stickygrams, so that would be awesome too!

  • I love Ruche’s Lunch Hour skirt and BonLook’s Russian Doll shades in Turtle πŸ™‚

  • Loving the Gracie Mint Tote from all I could see at this point. Tried Ruche, but the website was acting up, but definitely try back later, because I love to see more from them!! πŸ™‚

  • From Ruche I’m really loving the Wildflower Freedom Booties In Stone. Plus I ADORE the initial necklace- such a simple and beautiful design! And I’ve so wanted to try a new perfume scent, so I am really intrigued by the Amongst the Waves perfume from Olivine- the description of this scent was poetry! πŸ™‚

  • dreamy prize pack!

    jototes: gracie butterscotch
    ruche: hidden coves necklace
    chicwhich: off white whole crochet shift dress
    barkbox: my sweet beagle/doxie charlie would love this!
    bonlook: le marquise tortoise
    haley’s heart: my bestie pip and i can add them to our growing collection of bestie necklaces
    redclover: bali wide leg pants
    stickygram: my fridge is looking a little empty
    wall needs love:new york word collage
    olivine: the bottle is so pretty and sweet

    i would love to win this collection of sweet things!

  • I love the Russian Doll sunglasses in tortoise from Bon Look!

  • I really adore Bon Look’s Ombre style Sunglasses, I need them! And as ever I am in love with the Gracie Mint Bag from Jo Totes, I’ve got my eye on you! What a great giveaway once again! xxx

  • I know someone who would love a gift from Barkbox!

  • The bark box and the idea of getting my instaframs in a magnet alone have me crossing my fingers!!

  • Love the “adorable dots dress” from RedClover.

    Thanks Ladies!

  • I like the Honeybadger sunglasses in Chocolate tortoise from Bonlook!!

  • Oooh! i love the peachy perfection dress from Red Clover. And I LOVE all the Barkbox stuff!!

  • I love the camera bag, Gracie Black, from Jo Totes!

  • It’s so hard to choose – there are so many great items! I really love the Adorable Dots Dress from Red Clover.

  • It was really difficult to pick only one, but my favorite was the Victorian lace top from Red Clover. Such a beautiful peplum!
    (And if I had some extra money laying around I would totally buy the Millie Marigold camera bag in yellow, from Jo Totes.)

  • I love the russian doll and wonderland sunglasses from Bonlook!

  • My little pug would loooove the subscription to BarkBox! <3

  • I have an Instagram addiction and StickyGrams was a great gift for the families I sometimes babysit for. The kids loved giving them to their parents and I was shocked at how great the quality is seeing that its hard to get a quality print.

  • Oh! I’ve been wanting to try out BarkBox for my pooch! I also love that Walls Need Love sells (removable) wallpaper! I have a small accent wall that I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with! I’m afraid I’ll wallpaper it and then hate it so this would be great!
    Thank you!

  • So many wonderful items this month and so many things I have been waiting to get.

    Jo Totes – Black Gracie Bag, I’ve been waiting this for a long time now.

    Ruche – So many wonderful things its hard to pick just one! I think I’d grab the Grow-with-me Bubble Dress In Purple Owl for my daughter.

    Chicwish – I could use a new little black dress and the Twisted Knot Back Dress in Black is perfect!

    Barkbox – I’ve been wanting to get this for our Bella. She’s a large puppy.

    BonLook – Russian Doll (Olive), Rococo (Licorice) & Samba (Electric)

    Haley’s Heart – Love the initial necklaces. My favorite.

    Red Clover – California Stripes Dress

    SitckyGram – I’ve been waiting to get a pack of these!

    Walls Need Love – Chalkboard Calendar Decal

    Olivine – I love coconut and tropical scents so amongst the waves gets my vote.

    This is such an amazing give way, I could use some things for myself.

  • How fun and thoughtful is this giveaway?? Thank you ladies so much for putting this all together!!

    Jo Totes-Georgia Nautical
    Ruche-Roxy Pointed Heels
    ChicWish-Beige Army Jkt with Pulled Waist
    BarkBox-My small-medium Rat Terrier would feel like King!
    BonLook-Russian Doll Shades-Flame or Turtle
    Haley’s Heart-S Initials
    Red Clover-Chevron Tuxedo Dress
    Sticky Gram-any would be great
    Walls Need Love-Scripture Numbers 6:24-26
    Olivine-Amongst the Waves-sounds so lovely

    Thanks and good luck to everyone!!

  • Right so I should probably dig through and find something unique, but I just want those magnets so much I’m going to be honest and say they’re my favorite.

  • positively crazy about the beloved summer maxi chiffon dress from ChicWish!

  • Love the Ruche fleetwood mint lace dress! So summery!

  • So much cool stuff πŸ™‚
    I love the Morocco Dreaming Ikat Maxi Dress from Ruche, as well as the Purple Pleated Maxi Skirt from Chicwish.

  • Ahh! I’ve been looking for something like the Shades of Blue dress from Red Clover forever!!! Thank you so much! πŸ˜€

  • I absolutely adore the beach retreat platform wedges from Ruche !

  • Love the Russian Doll Turtle Sunglasses from BonLook!

  • Peach Perfection Tulle Dress from Ruche reminds me of a dress I used to like on one of my barbie dolls growing up. Its gorgeous!!

  • Because I love so many things and all the shops are wonderful, I have chosen from each:

    Jo Totes – I can’t get enough of lical, so Gracie Lilac
    Ruche – Simone Floral Print Dress, love the structure and femininity
    Chicwish – Birds Print Asymmetric Waterfall Skirt
    Barkbox – a box for my 2 rambunctious terrier mixes
    Bonlook – Russian Doll Turtle
    Haley’s Heart – Blling Arrow Bracelet
    Red Clover – Pathways Dress
    Walls Need Love – Billie Jean Decal
    Stickygram – I would enjoy insta pics around the house.
    Olivine – the classic Olivine scent

    Thank you for the opportunity, ladies!

  • Jo Totes // Georgia Nautical
    Ruche // Jane Doe Dress – or really anything in the “Retro Ruchette” section.
    Chicwish // Retro Flower Top
    Barkbox // A box for my golden retriever
    Bonlook // Russian Doll in Turtle
    Haley’s Heart // Wishbone Necklace
    Red Clover // Simple with Stripes – really into nautical things lately.
    StickyGram // My grandparents have a fridge covered with magnets, and are always telling us how they love our Instagram pictures (they’re hip grandparents). I would love to be able to share magnets with them.
    Walls Need Love // Waves of Chic
    Olivine // Amongst the Waves Eau de Parfum sounds lovely – and I collect perfume bottles, naturally I would love it. πŸ™‚

    Thanks, Spiegeling. πŸ™‚ Have a lovely day!

  • SO MANY beautiful things! Love the Gracie Mint and Betsy Teal bags so much, StickyGram is just wonderful, and the initial necklace is very cute. Awesome new BonLook frames too – the Russian Doll flame ones are pretty badass! I’d be thrilled to win! x

  • I have everything I need in life, but the Barkbox for my two little rat terriers would make them so happy! By far my fave giveaway item!!!!

  • Love love love the Georgia Nautical tote from Jo Totes! <3

  • The Classic Buddha from Walls Need Love would be perfect in my new yoga room! This is the best giveaway you ladies have done in a while <3

  • Love the Garden Escape Peplum Top from Ruche boutique!

  • I love the Russian Doll Turtle Sunglasses from BonLook!!

  • I love all the dresses on Chicwish!! So beautiful!!

  • I really love:
    Native Embroidered Top (Red Clover)
    Hearts Aflutter Printed Dress (Ruche)
    Russian Doll Sunglasses in Turtle (Bonlook)

  • Ah! I love the Missy Black bag from Jo Totes. Definitely on my wish list!

  • I love the sunnies from Bonlook. and I’d love the off shoulder ruffle dress from chicwish.
    The French Riviera dress from ruche is to die for!

    Such a great giveaway!!

  • I love the Black Cage Chiffon Top from Chicwish- so cute!

  • Love this bag! – classic


  • Love the forest and bird decals from Walls Need Love. Thanks for the chance!

  • I love the antique ornamental removable wallpaper from Walls Need Love. Removable wallpaper is a renter’s dream!

  • The Georgia Nautical Camera bag is perfection!!! πŸ™‚

  • I love the Georgia Herringbone camera bag from Jo Totes, I am in desperate need of a new camera bag this would be perfect!

  • I like the Georgia Herringbone camera bag from Jo Totes. you have a lovely blog

  • I love the Mesh Peak Collar Skater Dress in Black from Chicwish. I’ve been needing a new little black dress!

  • This is such a great giveaway!!! So many cute things to choose from but I have been dying to try the Bark box for my lil pup. She deserves a sweet gift monthly!!

  • Just moved into a new apt and would love to decorate with the Bamboo Garden Decal from Walls Need Love!

  • The Seattle Map from Walls Need Love is my absolute favourite! Having just moved to Seattle less than 2 years ago, I’m looking into finding artwork to put on my walls to make this new city feel more like home: http://www.wallsneedlove.com/seattle-map/#.UffoEo2fjp4

  • It’s a toss up between the Georgia in houndstooth and the Missy in black from Jo Totes!

  • The Hayleys Heart necklaces are soooo adorable. I’d be the best friend ever if I won and handed one over to Becky!

  • Ruche has the lovliest dresses. My favorite is the Avignon Pleated Detail Dress!

  • I love the bali wide leg pants from red clover, so cute!

  • The Re-Usable wallpaper from Walls Need Love is so cool!

  • Oh my! I love the Starry Twisted Black Dress from ChicWish! http://www.chicwish.com/starry-twisted-back-dress.html

  • I love them all!! But I love love the BarkBox!! My Chewie would think she’s a princess…or it would just confirm she’s a princess!

    Fingers are now crossed!! πŸ™‚

  • I have wanted a camera bag from JoTotes for a while now!

  • Oooooh. I love the initial necklace! So simple and chic. Also love the inspired petroglyphs dress.

  • Oh god I love love love the Ganesh Wall Decal from Walls Need Love!!

  • Love this military parka from chicwash!! http://www.chicwish.com/amygreen-military-style-hooded-parka-coat.html

  • The initial necklaces are just so delicate and beautiful. Favorite, for sure.

  • I don’t want to be selfish here… Obviously I want allllll of the cool stuff! But the thing I’m most excited for is that little BarkBox.
    My puppy deserves something special too right!??
    Please make my puppy love you more than he loves me by choosing me to win!

  • I think I NEED WallsNeedLove’s Giraffe mount! I want Giraffes in my house!!

  • I love the Fleur de Leaf removable wallpaper from Walls Need Love! Must have!

  • I’d so love to try Barkbox and the California Stripes dress from Red Clover and any of their accessories and I adore the initial necklaces from Haley’s Heart.

  • It is very difficult to choose a favorite! I can narrow it down to three sites, though…Ruche, Bon Look, and Olivine.

  • The Russian Doll BonLook sunglasses in Flame are super sassy! And my family is hoping to adopt a dog soon so the Barkbox subscription would be perfect!

  • Ooh I was thinking about doing some wall decals in my nursery – love the birch forest ones from Walls Need Love. And those BonLook glasses are so great – would love to try out the Russian Doll style.

  • I’ve got a pup, so the barkbox would be great for him!
    My email address is nicole at knitnicoleknit dot com
    Knit, Nicole, Knit!

  • Hi this is my first time joining The Beautiful Giveaway! I’m a self-taught beginner photographer and I will really like to have the Gracie TEAL camera bag from JoTotes.com! Thank you and good luck everyone! πŸ™‚

  • I can’t just pick one thing. This is a great giveaway!!

    The Missy Mint from JoTotes, See You In Lisbon Striped Dress from Ruche, the Russian Doll sunnies in Tortoise, and the white chiffon blazer with cutout sleeves from Chicwish are allllll making me realize I need some retail therapy!

  • I love it ALL!! But if I had to pick, the Georgia Nautical Bag from Jo Totes πŸ™‚

  • ah, tough one! I have a few favorites, but I’m thinking Electric by BonLook are the perfect summer sunglasses! of course my puppy, Didier would love Barkbox though πŸ˜‰ thanks for the giveaway!

  • Barkbox! How perfect! I’d love to get in on that for my two puppy girls.

  • My absolute favorite item is the betsy chocolate bag from Jo Tote. I got my Canon back indecember and still havent gotten a camera bag for it, I usually just put in my regular purse but this would be so much better!

  • I would love that silver initial necklace! So dainty.

  • So many great giveaways! We have a big dog with a big appetite, so barkbox would be great. I really need a new camera bag and love the Georgia Nautical from Jototes. I love the whole mountain line at Ruche, specifically the Hidden Road Lace-up Boots. ChicWish wouldn’t open in my browser… sadness. Love the Wonderland in espresso from bonlook! My bff and I have the same initial, so matching necklaces would be so fun! Loving the golden glam clutch from Red Clover. So cute! I’m always looking for new ways to display photos, so StickyGram would be great! For that same reason, I would love to do a custom print on Walls Need Love. And finally, I love scents that aren’t floral – so the Olivine perfume sounds lovely!
    Please pick me!

  • I love the Georgia nautical satchel by Jo totes!

  • I love love love the idea of the BarkBox!!! I’ve seen lots of idea like that with jewellery or makeup but never dog stuff!! I love it!

  • the Retro Whole Crochet Floral Shift Dress from chic wish is really amazing, I can rock that in a heartbeat!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  • I love the decals from Walls Need Love. I’m living in a rented space next year and that would be the perfect way to add some personality without putting holes, painting, etc.
    (I especially love the world map ones and think the chalkboard ones would be fun!)

  • I’m OBSESSED with the Russian Doll sunnies in Turtle by BonLook, oh my goodness! Orrrrr, the Sweeter Days striped dress on Ruche! Fingers crossed!

  • I love the rococo sunglasses in espresso from bonlook

  • I’ve been lusting after JoTotes “Gracie” in teal for awhile now! It’s the bomb dot com!

  • I love the Fascination Embellished Heels from Ruche. They would be perfect for my wedding!!

  • Hello beautiful girls!
    I have been following your blog since 1 year and think you are amazingly creative: can’t help checking AMB daily and I also like getting to know your super creative friends like Laura form The Band Wife πŸ™‚

    Here is my selection….fingers crossed !!
    JoTotes- Gracie Mint
    BonLook-La Marquise Crystal sand eye glasses
    Haley’s Heart-Mom necklace
    Walls Need Love-Custom wall text
    Olivine-Amongst the waves Eau de Parfum –

    have a wonderful day πŸ™‚

  • Getting a initial necklace for me and my best friend would be a dream. I love those! Haley’s Heart has some awesome stuff!

  • I really love the magnet sets from StickyGram! So cute!!! <3

  • Ooh! Loving BonLook’s Russian Doll in Olive and Red Clover’s “The Bees Knees” dress. Super cute stuff here!

  • Those initial necklaces are gorgeous! And I’ve been dying for some sticky gram magnets!!

  • I heart Waves of Chic wallpaper from Walls Need Love πŸ™‚

  • These giveaways are always ridiculously awesome. I think one of my favorite things I’ve found on chicwish is the the swing white dress with lace top!

  • Oh, don’t say that. I feel like I’ve barely lived at all this summer.

    I love the heart cut out pleated dress in red at Chicwish.

  • Great sponsors!
    Favorite items:
    Jo Toes- Abby Lilac
    Ruche- Always There Woven Sandals By: Poetic Licence
    Chicwish- Color Block Pleated Dress w/ Belt In Rose Red

  • I really like all of chicwish leggings and the origami kids wall decals. They are super fun.

  • I have been looking for a dress like Chicwish’s Bohemian white maxi dress FOREVER!

  • I love everything from Ruche and also the Georgia Nautical tote from Jo Totes!

  • On Jo Totes, I love the Betsy bag in mustard–my favorite non-neutral neutral!

  • I am in love with the Georgia Nautical from Jo Totes. I just recently got a new camera and can’t wait to start getting more into photography! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • Oooh, I’m obsessed with Ruche’s clothes! Can I just have all of their dresses please? πŸ™‚

    xo Madie

  • Waves Wall decalls from Walls Need Love.


  • Great selection! Jo Totes is just amazing – I love the Georgia Plaid camera bag! It’s just so simple it will go with anything!

    BTW – I seem to be having a problem with the link for Stickygram … just mentioned it so that you know πŸ™‚


  • I love the initial necklace! I’ve been wanting one ever since my son was born.

  • I love the compass decal at Walls Need Love! http://www.wallsneedlove.com/compass/#.UffvKDljoyE

  • I love Red Clover’s “Dinner Date Top” — such fun colors! I love the Giveaway posts because it exposes me to new and different boutiques. I’ve gotten a lot of great clothes and accessories through them! But it would be lovely to win a giveaway sometime… πŸ™‚

  • I love the floral collar chiffon black top from Chicwish!

  • I L O V E JoTotes! I would get the Georgia Nautical bag πŸ™‚

  • I love the Russian Doll (Turtle) sunnies from Bon Look! I think my dog would also love BarkBox! What a cute idea πŸ™‚

  • I love the Psalm 46:10 Wall Decal from Walls Need Love and the Georgia Neon Camera Bag from Jo Totes. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • All these are great!

    Favorites so far: http://www.wallsneedlove.com/luckystar-the-horse-adhesive-wall-print/#.UffvTVfnaUk
    Bark box is a wonderful idea as well

  • The sterling silver initial necklace is so sweet

  • The Aurora Borealis Circle print from Walls Need Love would be perfect for our house. My husband grew up in Alaska and always talks about lying in the snow and watching the Northern Lights.

  • i’ve been coveting the La Marquise glasses in Crystal Sand from BonLook for weeks!

  • I’m 16 weeks pregnant and since my clothes aren’t fitting right, I’m big on accessories and shoes. I actually loved the Corner House T-strap shoes on Ruche so much, I went ahead and bought them. We want an ocean theme for our baby’s room so I love the Big Whales wall decals from Walls Need Love.
    I’ve been reading your blog(s) for a very long time but haven’t commented, even though I enjoy them very much. Thanks for years of inspiration!
    (My fur child is a 10 year old little doxie named Maxx!, aren’t wiener dogs the best ever?)

  • Those Haley’s Heart necklaces are adorable. I need to get one in C for my daughter.

  • JoTotes-LOVE the Georgia Nautical purse!
    Ruche- Julia T-strap flats
    ChicWish-modern art mint necklace
    Barkbox-Box for my sister in-law’s labradoodle
    Bonlook-La Marquise tortoise
    Haley’s heart-Cute Necklaces! Very Lovely
    RedClover-Canyon blues top and the rose tribal flats
    Stickygram-LOVE these! I have so many photos I would love to display!
    Walls Need Love-The Bike lane adhesive wall print.
    Olivine-Love new perfumes! would be very excited to try it!

    would LOVE to win this giveaway!

  • It’s hard to choose, but I love the initial necklaces from Haley’s Heart! And I know just who I’d give mine to – my sister, of course!

  • I really love Jo Totes. I have been eyeing the Rose Bag in Coral for some time!

  • I would love a bark box for my Boston. She is 14 lbs. but thinks she is big (and she’s tougher on toys and treats than most 80 pound dogs I know), so I would place her in the “just right” category.

  • I hope I win! πŸ˜€

    My favourites are;

    Jo Totes = Georgia Nautical
    Ruche = Jane Doe Dress By Queen Of Heartz
    Chic Wish = Detachable Fur Hood Military Parka Coat
    Bark Box = A box of treats for my miniature schnauzer!
    Bon Look = Russian Doll Turtle
    Haley’s Heart = Cereal Killer Spoon, love the pun!
    Red Clover = Countryside Polka Dot Top
    StickyGram = The magnets are so cute!
    Walls Need Love = Oh Deer Wallpaper tiles
    Olivine = Amongst The Waves Eau de Parfum

    Thank you for giving me(and everyone else) this oportunity to share our favourite picks with you πŸ™‚

  • My favorites –

    1) Jo Totes – Allison Mint
    2) Ruche – Sweet Tangerine Cropped Sweater
    3) Chicwish – White Floral Blooming Maxi Dress
    4) Barkbox – arf!
    5) BonLook – Samba Sangria
    6) Haley’s Heart – initial necklace in the M!
    7) RedClover – Crossover Wedge!
    8) StickyGram – magnets! so cute for the fridge!
    9) Walls Need Love – Split Logs! Would be cool for a “headboard” in a bedroom
    10) Olivine – Amongst the

  • As much as I need a camera bag for our new DSLR, I’ve got to admit that my favorite item in the giveaway is the pair of Russian Doll glasses in Tortoise. Fully obsessed with them. <3 Thanks for such a great giveaway!!

  • Of all the prize pack giveaways you ladies have put together, this is my all time fav! Love everything but the ones I’m dying for..

    JoTotes- Georgia Nautical
    Ruche-Rue Vaneau Embellished Lace Dress (so pretty!)
    ChicWish-White Floral Blooming Maxi Dress
    Barkbox- My baby pug is already spoiled but of course I can’t stop!
    BonLook- I love the Russian ones!
    Haley’s Heart- Love the initial necklace!
    RedClover- Gold leaf earrings
    StickyGram- Any way to display pics has my heart!
    Walls Need Love- Tangled Poppies wallpaper
    Olivine- Amongst The Waves

    Thanks Helen+ Didier!

  • The Red Clover Charcoal Gray Stone necklace would be so great with a white tee and black pencil skirt. Minimalistic with a hint of funkyness!


  • I love EVERYTHING, but my favorite would have to be one of the ADORABLE dresses from Chicwish.com… I can’t choose one! So many are perfect for going back to school (I’m going to be a freshman at college, and need more clothes, coming from a uniform-only high school!)!! I’ve been struggling to find super cute clothes for a good price, and I have officially fallen in love with Chiclook!

  • I love the Gracie Mint bag from JoTote πŸ™‚

  • My favorite items;

    1. Jo Totes – Georgia Herringbone Bag
    2. Ruche – City By The Sea Collared Bow Blouse
    3. Chicwish – Heart Shaped Sequins Embellished Dress in Black
    4. Barkbox – Just Right size for my Beagle πŸ™‚
    5. BonLook – Barracuda Onyx Sunglasses
    6. Haley’s Heart – Rebel Stud Earrings
    7. Red Clover – Eggshell Cross Over Wedge
    8. StickyGram – Sheet of 9 Magnets (would look great on our blank fridge)
    9. Walls Need Love – Birch Tree Wall Decal
    10. Olivine – She Belongs There

    All of these shops have great products and are really adorable. Fingers crossed!

  • I love everything from red clover! What a great giveaway!

  • I have been admiring the Modern Doll Embroidered Dress from Ruche forever and it’s $49.99. Perfect for the gift card!

  • I love the roaming dress and bali wide-leg pants from red clover and the Mariette Printed Maxi Dress In Chevron from ruche! Such a great giveaway!

  • I love the Russian Doll sunglasses from BonLook! What a great giveaway, there’s so much good stuff!

  • On Ruche, I am head over heels for the Olivia Dress By Queen Of Heartz, or really almost any of their dresses.

  • I love the georgia nautical camera bag from Jo Totes!

  • So much great stuff! I think the Missy Tote is my favorite from JoTotes!

  • I love chicwish’s Double Breasted Hooded Coat!

  • Can’t decide which bag from JoTotes I love more, the Georgia Herringbone or the Gracie Black!

  • I love love love me some Jo Totes! they are so beautiful. I love the Georgia Neon. It makes me want to wear high socks ans saddle shoes on my next photo adventure!

    Love you Ladies!


  • Love the JoTotes Georgia Nautical! So useful and cute!

  • I am interested in trying Olivine’s Amongst the Waves Eau De Parfum.

  • I loved the Geoge Nautical camera bag from Jo Totes

  • 1. Jo Totes – I adore their Abby Lilac bag! So many separators and dividers to make storage easy.

    2. Ruche – I love their scarf collection. Hopes and Dreams circle scarf is my favorite.

    3. Chicwish – Their lace crochet cardigan is beautiful; I especially love it in coral!

    4. Barkbox – Love all the goodies they have available for my pooch! My morkie would love these treats.

    5. Bonlook – Adore the Wonderland Aqua glasses… how unique!

    6. Haley’s Heart – The Must Love Dogs necklace (dog tag) is so perfect for petlovers.

    7. Red Clover – The bird cage earrings have to be the cutest I have ever seen! Putting this on my ‘to buy’ list.

    8. Stickygram – I hadn’t heard of them before, but I love the idea of turning my pictures in magnets and more!

    9. Walls Need Love – They have such a nice collection of wall quotes. Especially love “do what you love; love what you do” wall quote.

    10. Olivine – Would love to try their Darling Heart lip gloss!

  • Loving the stickygrams. Such a fun idea for your .

  • Walls Need Love’s polka dot decals would be perfect for perking up my daughter’s nursery.

  • Hooray for giveaways!! I am super torn between the Jo Totes ‘Missy Black Bag’ and the gorgeous ‘Got a Date Mint Lace Dress’ from ChicWish. I’ve never heard of ChicWish, but am now obsessed with that shop! πŸ™‚

    P.S. Olivine perfumes are gorgeous and high quality. I highly recommend them. I found this company last year and have loved every scent I’ve sampled. I also own a few and they last and last!

  • Jo Totes – I love the Georgia Nautical bag and the Betsey Chocolate bag
    Ruche – I love dresses! Especially the Dream Remembered Lace Detail dress
    Chicwish – The Sparks between Aztec sweater is super cute
    Barkbox – I miss my puppy! Such a cute idea
    BonLook – Love the simple Honeybadgers in black
    Haley’s Heart – The initial necklaces are super cute. I would get two K’s…for Kait and Kate!
    Red Clover – My eyes was immediately drawn to the Dream Weaver Cross body bag! Adorbs!
    StickyGram – i’ve always wanted to do this!
    Walls Need Love – Gotta love anything with maps, birds, or trees!
    Olivine – Would love a new scent

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I love the Gracie Butterscotch from Jo Totes. The pink Flight of the Hummingbird Ruche skirt is adorable too!

  • What an amazing giveaway! I would love to get the Hollywood Beach Lace Dress from Ruche.

  • I love the Georgia Nautical Bag from JoTotes and the Simple with stripes dress from RedClover! Thank you!

  • Love the Sunglasses from BonLook – I’m going to California for the first time in September so they would look fabulous debuted there!

  • I LOVE the Barkbox! This would give me one more excuse to spoil my pooch ;). The initial necklaces are super darling too.

  • I love the mint earrings and city dress at red clover!

  • i love the gracie bag in butterscotch from jo totes!! xo

  • The initial necklace is pretty! I’d love to get one for me and another for my sister. πŸ™‚

  • The Gracie Mustard from JoTotes is perfection! I love pops of color, and the fact that it’s functional? Love.

    Can we also take a moment to envy the Rococo Carmine glasses from Bonlook? My heart (and wallet) are breaking!

    Thanks for the giveaway chance, ladies!

  • Love the initial necklaces and the Russian Doll glasses from Bonlook in Turtle! So many lovely things…fingers crossed! <3

  • I have been wanting to subscribe to BarkBox since I very first heard about it but can’t fit it into the budget! My Fathead is always chewing threw toys…

  • The Georgia Nautical tote from Jo Totes is by far my favorite thing. Hope I win! Fingers & toes crossed!!

  • I shall be needing some Russian Doll sunglasses to hide my tears when I do not win these wondrous prizes. πŸ˜‰ xo

  • Oh my goodness, I think I’m in love with the Besty Teal camera bag from Jo Totes! I’m such an avid photographer and I love taking pictures of anything and anyone but me! πŸ™‚ All the other stuff from Ruche, ChicWish, Barkbox, BonLook, Haley’s Heart, RedClover, StickyGram are awesome too. I had a hard time choosing πŸ™

  • I have always wanted a pair of BonLook sunglasses!

    the initial necklace.

    S&M: for me, Sofia, and my best friend Mercedes.

  • Loving the camera bag and the sticky grams! I’ve been wanting BOTH so bad!

  • I’d love to win the Bon Look glasses, as I wear sunglasses everyday of my life, but I’m also excited for the Walls Need Love gift because I’m moving soon, and am really looking forward to decorating.

  • I’m madly in love with this incredible chicwish dress! It’s so delicate… I would love to make it edgy with a leather jacket and stompy boots.



  • I like Walls Need Love’s World of Colour Wall Map!

  • Oh my gosh, the Georgia Nautical bag is perfect! I just got a DSLR and I’ve been looking for a cute camera bag. I’ve been really obsessed with the nautical stripes look recently. All of the items in this giveaway are full of awesome though and it’s pretty hard to pick an overall favorite!

  • I’m dying to make my own StickyGram!And that perfume looks delightful.

  • I would love the Georgia Nautical bag from JoTotes–super fab! Thanks for the giveaway chance!!!

  • I have wanted a JoTotes camera bag for ages (Georgia Nautical) I also love the birch forest from Walls need Love!

  • I love all of these sponsors!! My favorite item is the Russian Doll sunglasses from Bon Look- they are fabulous! I also love stickygram magnets!!

  • I just left the corporate world, so I am looking for some casual looks to add to my wardrobe. So glad to be introduced to Chicwish!

  • 1. Georgia Plaid is so cute!
    2. Hidden Road Lace Up Boots-I don’t have any boots!!
    3. Pleated Tulle Skirt
    4. awesome idea!
    5. Wasabi Sunglasses
    6. Initial Necklace
    7. Two Tone Sandal
    8. love stickygrams!
    9.Removable Wallpaper-Underground Transit (so hard to choose!)
    10. Lip Gloss Samples

  • honestly i cannot choose, but i love it all. Just moved to Philly and really need some new style:)

  • My baby Bernese Mountain Dog would love a subscription to Barkbox! Great giveaway πŸ˜‰

  • I love Bonlook’s Russian Doll glasses in Olive! All of their sunglasses are adorable.

  • The stickygram magnets are the best!! my favourite product of all the sponsors definitely, such a great giveaway πŸ˜€ x

  • Love the retro White and Nude Collection at Chicwish, so many favorites, especially the Golden Floral Embroidery Crochet Top!

  • I love BonLook’s Russian Doll in Olive sunglasses!!

  • The Port of Barcelona Tiered Maxi Dress from Ruche has stolen my heart! It would be the perfect addition to my maxi collection!

  • What a great giveaway! I am in desperate need of a camera bag, and the Jo Totes ones look gorgeous. I think my favourite would have to be the Betsy Mustard πŸ™‚

  • 1.Jo Totesβ€”Georgia Nautical bag! (I just got a Holga, and along with my Canon, this is desperately needed)
    2.Ruche – Peplum everything ! And I can wear all of it to work.
    3.Chicwish – the Retro Mesh Peak Collar Skater Dress is absolutely Grace Kelly, and therefore ideal!
    4.Barkbox – My hubby and I are looking to get a Bernese Mountain Dog this autumn… πŸ™‚
    5.Bonlook – everything is simply badass. Those tortoiseshell rims, oh my.
    6.Haley’s Heart- my bestie is English, I’m American, and we only see each other once a year, could desperately use some best friend necklaces!
    7.Red Cloverβ€”I have never heard of them before, definitely need to order some embroidered shorts before summer dwindles away!
    8.The Stickygram link didn’t work..? but I’ve seen yours posts on them before and want to try my hand at the wall of photos! Lord knows I have enough Instagrams to do so…
    9.Walls Need Love- we just moved into our first home and it is still in the desolate stage…the Victory Kiss and Coin View of Empire State Building would add some character.
    10.Olivine is another brand I am new to, but I read up on this fragrance and it sounds right up my alley!

    Thank you for the giveawayβ€”it is generous of you! And certainly helps me stay up to date with these neat new companies. I am also LOVING your photo app!!

  • Red Clover has the BeST dress designs! I love the Petroglyphs dress!

  • LOVE the Haley’s Heart initial necklace…maybe because my name is Haleigh and i’ve been searching for the perfect initial necklace!

  • love this feature!
    faves are below:

    1) abby lilac
    2) blossoming creativity printed dress in blue
    3) pleated tulle skirt in tender green
    4) um obviously a box for my pup!
    5) these would be amazing for my upcoming trip to the cinque terre…i like the russian doll in all three colors!
    6) a “M” and a “B” necklace for me and my BFF
    7) love the ivory coast dress
    8) stickygrams yay!
    9) would definitely get one of the wall maps
    10) i love olivine lotion and would definitely want to try their perfume

  • The Georgia Nautical camera bag & the Adhesive Taxidermy are a couple of my favorites! Thank you so much for bringing these cute shops and products to my attention!

  • I am obsessed with Stickygram, I would love to win!

  • My favorite by far is the Jo Totes! Everything is super cute but I could really use a fantastic (and stylish) camera bag.

    This prize pack would be amazing.

  • So much! It’s hard to choose just one thing I love the most, but I think that if I won, the BARK BOX would come in handy. My boyfriend’s dog would love me.(even more than he already does, if that’s possible!)

  • Oh my gosh, I’d LOVE the Barkbox subscription. I love spoiling my pup–who is almost 2 πŸ™‚

  • So many things I love from Ruche by their city of angels embellished blouse is a super feminine find!

  • The “She Belongs There” perfume from Olivine sounds incredible! Their products are gorgeous!

  • Whoah! Would love to have a unicorn in our brand new livingroom in Amsterdam! Our wallsneedlove.com!

  • Me encantan todos los nuevos Γ­tems de cada una de las tiendas!.. wow! este regalito estΓ‘ muy lindo.. espero ser la afortunada..
    Good luck for me!!

  • Lovely things! Think my fav is the Alkison black bag from Jo Tote, beautiful and functional!

  • I am loving Jo Totes Abby in Lilac! Thank you for the chance!

  • My favorites:
    JoTotes: Georgia Nautical
    Ruche: Mr. Fox Indie Necklace
    ChicWish: Classic Cable Knit Puff Sleeve Sweater in Navy
    Barkbox: A box for my small dog
    BonLook: Samba Sangria
    Haley’s Heart: Whisper Arrow Bracelet
    RedClover: Countryside Polka Dot Top
    StickyGram: The Instagram Magnets are so cute c:
    Walls Need Love: Empty Stage
    Olivine: Oxley Eau de Parfum

  • I desperately need that Mint Chevron Maxi Dress from Ruche. Adorbs.

  • Russian doll in olive from bonlook and that initial necklace is too cute!

  • I LOVE this dress: http://shopruche.com/state-park-striped-dress.html

    And every tote that Jo makes… and well, just about everything from all the sponsors. So cute!

  • Love the mesh white skater dress (http://www.chicwish.com/mesh-peak-collar-skater-dress-in-white.html) from Chicwish πŸ™‚

    oh.seriously.goose (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Loving the new line at Ruche, especially the Garden Party Pleated Dress!

  • Oooh, I love the Mustard Skirt from Red Clover!

  • My favorite is he initial necklace from Haley’s heart i’ve been coveting dainty gold chains like this for ages

  • favorites:
    JoTotes-Georgia Nautical
    Ruche- alexandria bridal dress
    ChicWish- http://www.chicwish.com/open-back-long-maxi-dress-in-black.html
    Haley’s Heart- http://www.haleysheart.com/collections/home-gifts/products/petite-monogrammed-dishes
    RedClover – http://www.shopredclover.com/products-page/dresses/adorable-dots-dress/
    Walls Need Love- wall quotes!

  • I love the Russian Doll sunglasses in flame from BonLook!

  • I loved the Face The Music Pumps By Seychelles at shopruche.com. I have been reading your blog for years but itΒ΄s my first time at a giveaway as IΒ΄m from South America πŸ™‚

  • My favorites:

    JoTotes- The Georgia Nautical camera tote
    Ruche- Show Jumping Horse Print Dress
    ChicWish- White whole Crochet Floral Shift Dress
    Barkbox- A box for my dad’s small dog (bc I don’t have one yet)
    Haley’s Heart- Love the initial necklaces and would love to be able to give one to my best friend!
    Red Clover- Simple with Stripes Dress
    StickyGram-I’d never heard of them! Would love to have some of my pics of my kids on my fridge!
    Walls Need Love- The Big Ben wall decal for my daughter’s Paris and London themed room
    Olivine- The Wave eau de Parfum sounds like it would smell amazing!
    Thank for the chance πŸ™‚

  • I am in love with the Russian Doll Flame sunglasses! Great for any season and SO CUTE!

  • I like the White Whole Crochet Floral Shift Dress from Chicwish.

  • I would love to get the Haley’s heart necklaces for a friend and I!

  • I’d love another bag from JoTotes! What a great giveaway πŸ™‚


  • Jo Totes: Gracie Mustard, can you say POP of color?!?!
    Ruche: Lusitano Bookends, very unique & classy touch.
    Chicwish: White Whole Crochet Floral Shift Dress, soo purrty.
    BarkBox: Umm hello brownie points w/ the pooches!
    BonLook: J’adore them so much I would want them in black & tortoise
    Haley’s Heart: Filigree Monogram Necklace because my love of all things beautiful & chic has grown and this would be the cherry on top!
    Red Clover: Blue Skies Shorts <3 them..
    StickyGram: Oh holy InstaGram.. I would select all of my words of wisdom to be maganetized.
    Walls Need Love: I would LOVE to do something custom!
    Olivine: Amongst the Waves, because thats where I would love to be..

  • Okay, so this was a very difficult choice. But I have loved Jo Totes’ Georgia Nautical Camera Bag ever since the first giveaway I saw of yours a month or two ago.

  • The “Watercolour Birds and Branches” wall decal from Walls Need Love would be so so perfect for my dorm room πŸ™‚

  • Great giveaway! I absolutely love the Georgia Nautical camera bag from Jo totes!

  • Helen and Didier, this is a fantastic giveaway! I am absolutely in love with the Ivory Coast dress from Red Clover.

  • Oh my, awesome pack! I love so many things from these sponsors, but I would say my favorite is the BarkBox! I’ve been eyeing these for a while now and I think my pup would love to get different treats every month.

  • Can’t decide between Jo Totes Gracie bag or the Walls Need Love tree decals!

  • The camera bag is my favorite and the Betsy bag would allow me to carry my fancy camera (finally!) and all the other stuff I seem to need as a mom.

    I’ve also been going through my clothing and re-evaluating my closet, so some great new items to fill in the gap would be huge!

  • Lov the Mount Tyree pocket blouse from Ruche! I love that you could dress it up or down πŸ™‚

  • I think I’m one of the biggest lover of vintage dresses so I’m gonna go with the second one, the Ruche boutique.
    Actually I never heard about this boutique (shame on me) but now I just love it. I think it will be one of my favourite boutique ahah
    very good giveaway, by the way πŸ™‚

  • Wow, what a great giveaway!
    I love the dresses at Red Clover, especially fancy and frills dress.

  • I would love to win this giveaway I love the missy tote for a camera bag!

  • Loving the Caribbean Boats Adhesive Wall Art from Walls Need Love! I think it would complement our new red couch as we’re decorating our living room!

  • I love the Eyelash Lace Sleeveless Dress In Ivory from Chicwish! So pretty. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • I just moved into a new place and I would love to dress it up with some wall decals from Walls Need Love! I especially like the world map and the Eiffel tower πŸ™‚

  • The Georgia Herringbone Satchel by JoTotes is amazing! I just got a new camera and I need a new home for it so I can take it EVERYWHERE with me <3

  • i’m gonna need the barkbox for my pups (: thanks for hosting the giveaway

  • My favorite is definitely the Rose bag from JoTotes! Amazing giveaway packet!

  • I’ve been looking for an initial necklace exactly like the one at Haley’s Heart!

  • I love the Georgia Herringbone camera bag from Jo Totes!!!

  • The 6 month BarkBox subscription! My dog would LOVE it πŸ™‚

  • I think the Dragonflies wall decal from Walls Need Love would be so wonderful for my little gir’s room!

  • I just spent an hour on StickyGrams website – so I suppose those are my favorites!!

  • I love/need to get my hands on the antique chalkboard wall decals from wallsneedlove. So lovely.

  • I’m really in love with BonLook’s Russian Doll Turtle shades and the Crossover Wedges from redclover!!

  • I have never heard of BarkBox before, but I love the idea and I think it would be a lot of fun to open a package made just for my pup! πŸ™‚

    p.s. I’m also in love with Bonlook’s Traveler collection (especially the Samba in lemon!).

  • I love my Toms sunglasses but want something more fun, like Samba Electric sunglasses from BonLook

  • I love the Betsy chocolate jo totes camera bag! definitely swoon worthy! <3

  • Gosh…how does one choose. I guess since I have to I will say the Walls Need Love. If I was 20 pounds thinner I would be going nuts over the clothing stores. I love that they all have a vintage and girly vibe. So many awesome gives.

  • I’m addicted to sunglasses and the Russian Doll and Sangria glasses are just too fun!

  • stickygrams are the coolest stuff ever, i neeeeeed this!

  • I’m totally in love with the Cross Back Skater Dress in Pink from Chicwish and to mix with, the russian doll turtle sunglasses from Bonlook and the rose tribal flats from Redclover <3

  • We just got a new puppy, so the Barkbox subscription would be awesome to welcome him to the household!

  • Favorites:
    JoTotes: Georgia, in herringbone
    Ruche: East Hartford Floral Blouse
    ChicWish: White Crochet Open Back Skater Dress
    BarkBox: Boxes for my (medium sized) doggie
    BonLook: Russian Doll, in turtle
    Haley’s Heart: ‘P’ of course
    RedClover: The Bee’s Knees Dress
    StickyGram: my fridge needs these.
    Walls Need Love: Fabu Leopard Print
    Olivine: Amongst the Waves is how I prefer to smell!

    Thanks for the browsing fun! Hoping to win because these are all such fun!!

  • The Waves of Chic wallpaper from wallsneedlove.com is so pretty!!


  • My daughter is starting medical school and is decorating her first apartment on a budget. I know she’s been looking for decals for her bedroom. I would love to be able to give her the gift card to Walls Need Love. I personally like the tree and branch decals. They would look great above her bed.
    Thank you for the giveaway!!

  • I really like the “Betsy” chocolate camera bag from Jo Totes.

  • I’ve been wanting bark box for a while, all seven of my dogs would love it!

  • I love the East Strait Island Chevron Dress from Ruche!

  • I love the Hollywood Beach Lace Dress from Ruche. What a big giveaway!

  • How cool would and M look on a Haley’s heart necklace!
    Wonderful giveaway (:

  • I love the Russian Doll in Turtle sunglasses from BonLook and the Chevron Tuxedo dress from Red Clover! So wonderful!

  • I absolutely adore these!

    1. Millie Marigold
    2. Pop of Pink Eco-Friendly Watch by Sprout Watches (I also love the Sweet Mint Eco-Friendly Watch by Sprout Watches, mint is one of my favorites!)
    3. Aztec Open Knit Cardigan
    4. A box for my cousin’s adorable MaltiPoo πŸ™‚
    5. Russian Doll Turtle
    6. I love how Haley’s Heart initial necklaces are very simple yet classy
    7. Arrow Hair Pin
    8. I will definitely put those unique magnets to good use
    9. Vintage Colors Faux Wooden Panels
    10. She Belongs There Fau de Parfum

  • My two pups Penny & Notch would love the Barkbox, and I’m making eyes at that Ruche gift card to give me an excuse to go for Enlightened Path Paisley Dress!
    Love & tail wags from St. Louis!

  • oooooh those StickyGram magnets are IDEAL. Perfect idea. And i LOVE the inital necklaces too by Haley’s Heart.

  • I love everything around this shops!!

    My faves’d be

    Jo totes – the georgia herringbone tote

    Chicwish – Open Back Long Maxi Dress in Black (OMG SO PRETTY!!)

    i can totally choose anything from this sponsors of yours πŸ™‚

  • I’m quite certain that my pup, Bella would love that Barkbox subscription. Although she’s probably spoiled enough already! What a lovely giveaway!

  • I ADORE this dress: http://www.shopredclover.com/products-page/dresses/between-the-lines-dress/

  • I love the Gracie Mint bag from JoTotes! But everything in this prize pack looks fantastic!

  • Since my sunglasses just broke, I would love the BonLook glasses (5).They are absolutely fab! I like the Wonderland Carmine, Samba Sangria and Rococo Licorice especially much.

  • Bohemian Handmade Acrossbody Bag from Chicwish in red is a lot of fun.

  • The Turtle Russian Dolls sunglasses are lovely! And I think the adhesive taxidermy wall designs are amazing! (I hope my dad doesn’t see this he is a taxisermist.. haha)

  • Everything is great! I’ve always wanted to get something from Ruch because they have beautiful clothing!

  • Such a lovely giveaway! πŸ˜€

    These are my favorites:


    Love, Malin

  • I love your giveaways and am keeping my fingers crossed for this one.
    My Favs:
    Jo Totes-Gracie Mint bag for my Canon 7D
    Ruche-west London dress for back to work/school
    Chicwish-beads embellished Dolly dress in black for hubby date night
    Barkbox-for my Wheaten Terrier Lucy
    Red Clover-coastal top
    Bonlook-samba electric sunnies
    Haley’s Heart-K initials for my VBF and me
    Stickygram-magnets with summer Maui trip on them
    Walls Need Love- the chalkboard phrases and cute owl decal in brown for my school library where I’m the librarian-dress up a reading nook!
    Olivine-I love to try new scents and would love to try their parfum

    Hoping to win these goodies!

  • The beautiful butterscotch bag… What a giveaway!

  • That’s tough!

    I love the Betsy Teal from Jo’s Totes, but I also love the Rococo glasses in Licorice from BonLook.

  • The Adorable Dots Dress from Red Clover is just my style πŸ™‚ Also, have had my eye on the Georgia Nautical Jo Totes bag for some time now…

  • I adore all of this!! My favorites are:
    JoTotes~ Georgia Nautical
    ChicWish- Flower Blue Chiffon Top
    Ruche~ New Path Chevron Dress
    BonLook~ Samba Lemon
    RedClover~ Eggshell Cross over Wedge
    Haley’s Heart~ Natural Infinity Necklace
    Walls Need Love~ Be yourself;Everyone Else is already Taken wall quote
    Olivine~ Regalia Eau de Parfum
    StickyGram~ the link was broken! πŸ™
    BarkBox~ I’ve never tried it! I’m sure my Beagle would love it! πŸ™‚
    Awesome giveaway! Hope I win! πŸ˜›

  • I love BonLook’s Russian Doll in turtle! πŸ™‚

  • http://www.jototes.com/collections/all/products/georgia-plaid-1

  • It was so hard to pick a favorite, but the Amongst the Waves perfume from Olivine sounds like it would smell amazing! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  • Bonlook’s Russian doll frame in large! and Ruche’s Going Up Dress By Knitted Dove- they have so many beautiful ones.

  • I love the Betsy bag in black from JoTotes !!
    Great giveaway as Always !

  • I love the initial necklace! Since my initials are the same, it would be perfect for me!

  • the Jo Totes Georgia Nautical camera bag is so dreamy! and so is the Rainbow Color Cross Back Playsuit from ChicWish πŸ™‚ thanks for the chance to win!!

  • Love Bon Look’s Bonnie & Clyde sunglasses!

  • i would love this cute camera bag for my photography gear!


  • I’d like the Olivine perfume Amongst the Waves. I’ll think of the beach all winter long!

  • I am drooling over all the fit-and-flare dresses from Red Clover! If I had to pick one it would be the Fleetwood Belted Lace Dress In Mint. So adorable!


  • I can never choose a favorite for these giveaways! Jo Totes has always been a favorite, but now that I’m a pup mom, the Bark Box is calling my name.



  • I like Olivine’s She Belongs There Perfume Oil. Jasmine is a lovely scent!

  • Oh man, we’d love a Barkbox subscription in our house! Toby would be ecstatic!

  • I love the Gracie Butterscotch bag from Jo Totes! It seems so practical and cute!

  • I’d love to win the Barkbox subscription for my dog! It’d be fantastic!

  • So much good stuff, but I’d say the Gracie camera bag in butterscotch from Jo Totes would be at the top of my list.

    I’ve had my DSLR for going on two years now with no bag for it.

  • I would be super excited about the bark box. I love my dog and I always feel bad that I don’t purchase anything for her. It would be a nice treat

  • Ruche’s Last Dance Polka Dot dress is oh, so cute and oh, so out of stock. I guess I can console myself with the rest of their adorable, adorable dresses!

  • I NEED that initial necklace in my life! also the wonderland sunglasses are <3

  • I love love love the Expansive West Wall Decal from Walls Need Love! I just got done visiting my friend in Oregon for a week and miss it very much! It would be lovely to have a piece of art like that here back in Chicago


  • My absolute favorites were:
    Olivine-Full Regalia Eau de Parfum
    Walls Need Love-Watercolor Birds and Branches (have a bird themed room)
    StickyGram-The magnets are not only cute, but they allow you to see favorite memories constantly
    RedClover-The rose tribal flats (love shoes)
    Haley’s Heart-The initial necklaces(such a cute detail)
    BonLook- La Marquise Kitten Pink
    Barkbox-My Tali loves snacks
    Chicwish-Vine Floral Shift Dress(FLOWER PRINT!)
    Ruche-Accona Desert Lace-up Wedges(gorgeous!)
    Jo Totes- Georgia Nautical

  • I LOVE Jo Tote’s Allison mint camera bag, from chicwish the Double breasted hooded coat in tan or the asymmetrical Waterfall skirt in Ivory, From Ruche the merideth polka dot tunic dress in bone, From Bonlook the russian doll sunglasses in tortoise are my favorite, from walls need love the American bison mount, and from red clover the navajo maxi skirt.
    What a fun giveaway!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  • I love the Private Dock Sash Belt Maxi Dress by Ruche and the Wizard of Oz Skirt from Chicwish πŸ™‚

  • Wow what an amazing giveaway! So many nice things I can hardly choose one. I love the Sweet Caroline dress from ruche for me and I can’t resist the Birdie sunglasses in Marigold for my little.
    Thanks for the great blog, always inspiring!

  • I would say the glasses from BonLook. I already have a pair and I love them so much! Thanks for the giveaway ladies!

  • StickGram- I’ve been thinking lately that I really need to print out my photos and those would be a great way to do it!

  • Ruche’s Monteverde Necklace is just what I’ve been looking for!

  • Georgia Nautical from Jo Totes….
    I have entered EVERY time you have the camera bag giveaway. One of these times…..
    thanks so much for always being so generous with your giveaways! You are amazing sisters and your blog is my #1 fave!

  • I would love to get the bark box for my little pug! I have almost signed up for a subscription so many times.

  • LOVE the Ivory Coast dress from Red Clover and the Bird Print Skater dress from Chicwish. And how cool that Walls Need Love does such inexpensive custom prints from your own photos!

  • LOVE the Dutch Antique World Map from Walls Need Love.

  • I LOVE JoTotes camera bags! I’ve been DYING to own one since my current camera bag is a clunky hiker-esque camera bag that is SO not me. Please oh please pick me!

    [email protected]

  • I love the simplicity of the initial necklack. Love!

  • I love the adorable dots dress from Red Clover.

  • My favorites:
    JoTotes: Love the Gracie in mint!
    Ruche: So hard to pick just one! I love the Sunday Morning Embroidered Blouse in white
    ChicWish: Delicacy White Lace Crochet Cut Out Dress
    BarkBox: A box for my small pup
    BonLook: Barracuda
    Haley’s Heart: Filigree Monogram Necklace
    RedClover: Olde Town Lace Dress
    StickyGram: Love the magnets!
    Walls Need Love: Mappemond Part II
    Olivine: Full Regalia Eau de Parfum

  • I love the gracy butterscotch from jo totes πŸ™‚ !

  • I love the initial necklace. Also, haley’s art has a natural infinity necklace that is so nice I might buy it in a few minutes.

  • Bonlooks Russian Doll glasses…tres chic πŸ™‚

  • And i really love the russian doll sunglasses πŸ™‚ they are very pretty !!

  • Ooooh, love these monthly giveaways!

    1. Jo Totes: The Georgia Nautical satchel
    2. Ruche: These taupe booties
    3. Chicwish: This boxed lace clutch
    4. Barkbox: N/A
    5. Bonlook: The Hooverville eyeglasses in brown
    6. Haley’s Heart: This wishbone necklace
    7. Red Clover: The Sunshine straw clutch
    8. StickyGram: N/A
    9: Walls Need Love: This adhesive wall map
    10. Olivine: The Gardena Vanilla perfume

  • Haley’s Heart- Wishbone Necklace! So adorable!

  • I love the San Francisco photo collage from Walls Need Love! Perfect for my new apartment!

  • “She Belongs There” from Olivine sounds like the most amazing scent – all of the things I love, in one!

  • The Wonderland sunglasses from Bonlook just look absolutely wonderful! πŸ™‚

  • Red Clover is a beautiful shop. I’m also very intrigued by the ‘amongst the waves’ eau de parfum byt Olivine. Love the blog xxx

  • I always am in love with Jo Totes…but I really love this dress from Red Clover http://www.shopredclover.com/products-page/dresses/peachy-keen-dress/

  • Love JoTotes! The Gracie Greige is fantastic!

  • i LOVE every bag from Jo Totes!!!

  • I love the Be my guest toothbrush set. So cute!

  • Aww this initial necklaces are perfect for best friends!

  • I love the Maryland Park Lace Detial dress on Ruche- so cute!!!


    Thank you!

  • duh! so cool! http://www.shopolivine.com/products/pikake
    xoxo nik

  • In love with all the beautiful dresses from chicwish!! Especially the Crochet Organza Bow Dress.
    This is such a perfect giveaway!

  • I’m so in love with everything at BonLook! I’m also really loving the “Mint Earrings” over at Red Clover!

  • The birch tree wall pattern from Walls Need Love is so cool!

  • I love the Gracie Butterscotch bag from Jo Totes!

  • That Chicwish Off-white Whole Crochet Shift Dress is gorgeous. So many great things – would love the Barkbox treats as well for my little pup. <3

  • My Favorites:

    JoTotes – Abby Mint
    Ruche – Garden Escape Peplum Top
    ChicWish – Green Tulle Sequin Dress
    BonLook – Russian Doll Turtle
    RedClover – Happy Meadows Shirt
    Walls Nee Love – Distance is Just a Test to See How Far Love Can Travel
    Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  • I LOVE the Georgia Nautical camera bag from Jo Totes! I’ve had my eye on it for a very long time, and I honestly need a camera bag for my DSLR. I would be so honored to win!

    [email protected]

  • So many cutes! My furry, corgi love and the wonderful charity aspect gives my heart to the Barkbox!

  • I love shopping for myself, but I have to say my favorite item would have to be the subscription to Bark Box. It is such a neat idea, and my little children could use some pampering. They’ve gotten very bored inside with the rainy summer we’ve had.

  • Love the birch tree decals from Walls Need Love!

  • my husband and i recently added a second furbaby to our family, so the barkbox would be awesome for both our new and “current” (i don’t want to call her old!) pup! walls need love would also be awesome because our home is definitely in need of a decor revamping. thank you so much for these awesome giveaways!

  • These giveaways are the best! I would LOVE to have the “Through the forest” decal from walls need love for our boys’ room- the theme is all woodland, and I want them to always be up for adventures!

  • oh, what beautiful things! i must must must go with the Bali Wide Leg Pant from Red Clover… my wardrobe needs these! I instantly fell in love with the Tangled Poppies wallpaper from Walls Need Love, and the Georgia Nautical Tote from JoTotes. Amazing… this giveaway.

    You guys rock.

    ps. I’ve so been enjoying your blog since I found it about a month ago. Thanks.

  • I like…Russian Doll Turtle sunglasses from Bonlook, Stephanie Striped Drop Waist Dress from Ruche, Mint Green High Waist Scrolled Dress from Chicwish, Two Tone sandals from Red Clover. πŸ™‚ Have a lovely week everyone.

  • My favorite is the Stacey Striped Blouse in Mint.
    It would be super cute for fall πŸ˜€


    I am an avid follower! Love you ladies, you inspire me!!!!

  • Loveing the White Floral Blooming Maxi Dress from Chicwish… not so much loving the fact that every dress I clicked and loved was only available in S & M… where’s all the L’s?

  • LOVE the Joe Totes camera bags!! This is such a lovely giveaway <3

  • I love the Old Town Lace Dress from Red Clover!

  • I really love the Georgia Nautical Bag from JoTotes!

  • Best. Giveaway. Ever! Umm I love the Haley’s initial necklace, and that has been on my radar for a few weeks now. Bonlook has the cutest nerdiest sunglasses. I would love any of them

    Great giveaway, thanks ladies.

  • I love the owls from walls need love! and the honey bee earrings from red clover are beautiful! there so so many amazing prizes here – fingers crossed!

  • choosing just one favorite is nigh impossible! but… Haley’s Heart necklaces are adorbable, and the Red Clover California Stripes dress would be a great transition piece for fall. Thanks for the chance!

  • I’m inlove with Samba Electric pair on BonLook!

  • What a great giveaway!!

    I love the inspired petroglyphs dress from Red Clover!!

  • Chicwish is pretty amazing. Fell in love with thier Floral Blocks Organza Skater Skirt!! So great:)

  • So much great stuff! I would LOVE Ruche’s Hidden Road Lace-up Boots. And pretty much everything from their Mountain Getaway Essentials page: http://shopruche.com/getaway-guide/mountain.html.

  • I love the rapid wall stripes from walls need love! I have a guest room whose walls need love!

  • the darling dachshund dress from ruche is the most precious thing i’ve ever seen (besides actual dachshunds, of course!)

  • I really love the Russian Doll sunglasses! It would be hard to chose a color!

  • World of Color wall map from Walls need love, has to be my fav!!! Fell in love with this website, and regardless, that map is going on my wall!!!! πŸ™‚

  • I’m in love with this bag: http://www.jototes.com/collections/all/products/georgia-plaid
    Thank you for the giveaway, girls!
    Fingers crossed!

  • Oooh LOVE Jo Totes! I’d take any of their bags in a heartbeat.

  • I’ve had my eye on Bonlook for AGES! I love their Samba sunglasses in Sangria, and Russian Doll in… who am I kidding, all the colors! What an awesome giveaway!

  • Gotta love Ruche and this Enlightened Path Paisley Dress: http://shopruche.com/enlightened-path-paisley-dress.html

  • I love the initialed necklace from Haley’s Heart! πŸ™‚

  • Oh my goodness – everything on here is amazing, but I have been really wanting a Barkbox subscription for my Lou.

  • I love the reusable wallpaper from Walls Need Love, especially as a renter! I can’t stand that we aren’t allowed to paint!

  • Wow this is great! My favorite is probably the Georgia Nautical JoTotes bag!

  • Oops, I gave the wrong email above! My favorite thing is probably the Georgia Nautical JoTotes bag!

  • The Missy Chocolate camera bag from JoTotes is SO CUTE. But this was a really tough group to choose one favorite…I am just a complete bag addict :]

  • I love the Wildflower Freedom Booties from Ruche!

  • This is a fabulous prize pack! I would love the Georgia Nautical tote from Jo Totes and I would also like to try the Amongst the Waves perfume.
    xx Abby http://www.ageektragedy.net

  • I have a pair of bonlook glasses and would love to win the sunnies.
    And I know my chocolate lab Charlie brown would love the bark box subscription πŸ™‚

    this is a great giveaway!

  • I absolutely love the landscape wall print http://www.wallsneedlove.com/aurora-borealis-circle/#.Ufgc7Y2-2uI it’s so gorgeous!

  • Definitely the StickyGrams! So fun for us SpG app lovers!

  • I love Jo Totes’s bags… I’m falling for Betsy Teal !

  • I couldn’t pass by Russian doll sunglasses πŸ˜‰ Name is funny and frame so cute!

  • Will be closing on our first home next month so the ‘Walls Need Love’ certificate would be awesome! I am really loving the Crazy Kitten and Fleur de Leaf Wallpapers!!

  • I’m in love with the Allison bag from Jo Totes: been eyeing it for a while, it’d be the perfect bag for my honeymoon this Sept!
    Thanks for such a fun giveaway!

  • The Abby Mint camera bag from Jo Totes is amazing and in such a cute color, how can I not love it?!

  • loving this: http://www.jototes.com/collections/all/products/georgia-herringbone


  • My Favourites πŸ™‚

    Georgia Herringbone from Jo Totes
    Mount Tyree Pocket Blouse from Ruche
    Starry Twisted Back Dress from Chic Wish
    I don’t have a dog ):
    Russian Doll Turtle from BonLook
    R Necklace from Haley’s Heart (super cute)
    The Bees Knees from Red Clover
    Super cute magnets!
    Too many too choose from, I have about 5 already! from Walls Need Love
    Perfume sounds beautiful!

    These all sounds amazing, would love to win these beauties!

  • I love the Chicwish Drape Jacket in Camel. So cute! My sister has a drape jacket similar to this one, but I just moved to college so now I can’t borrow it whenever she lets me! haha!
    The Maven Lace Bell Sleeve Dress from Ruche is adorable! I love the sleeves.
    The fancy and frills dress in sage green from Red Clover is cute too, also because mint is my favorite color!

  • Sooo….I am coveting many items, since I never get to shop for myself πŸ™‚
    love: Betsy Teal camera bag, also the Missy Mint and Gracie Teal
    love: Roaming dress from red clover
    love: Through the Forest print from Walls Need Love
    and many more…

  • I’m about to start my new high school teaching job and want to buy the wall quote from walls need love. Plus the accessaries and clothing below would help me feel confident in the new job.

    Love it all!







    Plus I have a black lab puppy that destorys ALL of her toys so a monthly gift would be heavensent.

  • I love the goodies that are giving in the barkbox. I also love the stickygram magnets. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway.

  • I would love love love the following item:

    JoTotes-Gracie magneta

    I’ve been needing a camera bag oh so bad!

  • I love the Russian Doll Turtle Sunglasses from BonLook
    And the lace skirt from Ruche!

    I really love all of the shops in this giveaway!

    [email protected]

  • Bark Box for my fur-babies and Im totally loving Hayle’s Heart initial necklace with the letter A!

  • I’m in love with the Enlightened Path Paisley Dress from Ruche! <3

  • Love the Hidden Road Lace-up Boots from ruche! & the Electric Samba’s from BonLook. Also, the initial necklace from Haley’s Heart is super awesome – I’d get “M”… would love to have the Waves of Chic from Walls Need Love!!

  • Lovelovelove the Betsy Chocolate bag!! I’d be amazing to have such a beautiful storage for my camera πŸ™‚ Also love the Enlightened Path Paisley Dress from Ruche, so simple and cute.

    Thank you for this beautiful blog <3

  • I love those Samba sunglasses in Lemon from BonLook! And now of course I’m obsessed with the Bonsia Panel from Walls Need Love!

    Another great giveaway!

  • the Georgia Nautical bag from JoTotes is adorable!

  • I love love love the black and white zig zag city dress by Red Clover, wow!



  • I love the jewelry from Haley’s Heart and the StickGram magnets!

  • Loving the Gracie Butterscotch camera bag at Jo Totes!

  • I love Ruche. And love the Darling Dachshund Printed Dress. And would love to win πŸ™‚

  • Oh my goodness! As always there are too many cute items!

    Here are my favorites from the sites:

    Jo Totes- Abby Lilac
    Ruche- Magnificence Lace Dress by Tulle
    Chicwish- I love the Floral Embellishment Mint Green Tulle Dress!
    Barkbox- My little dachshund would love this stuff!
    BonLook – Samba- electric
    Haley’s Heart- I love those initial necklaces!!
    Red Clover- The fancy and frills dress is amazing! I could dress it up or down!
    StickyGram – The magnets would be perfect for my office!
    Walls Need Love – I love the winter forest trees!
    Olivine – Amongst the waves sounds amazing!

    Thank you for this opportunity! Have a wonderful day!!

  • I would love to get a subscription to Barkbox! I’m a bit of a crazy dog lady. Is the sweet little frenchie included? πŸ˜‰

  • AGGG I would SO happy cry if I won all these goodies!

    Jo Totes: Miss Georgia Nautical Bag!! LOVE it so)
    Chic Wish: pink bow tie dress
    Haley’s Heart: initial necklace (of my babies initials)
    Sticky gram magnets: ARE RAD!

  • Ohhh, the russian doll in turtle glasses from BonLook are great.

  • I absolutely love soft mint color of this JoTote

  • Thanks for the intro to Wallsneed love. I love their Comic Drama prints, both of them!


  • Oh, that’s such an awesome Giveaway! I would especially love the camera bag “Rose Black” from Jo Totes as I’m getting a DLSR for my birthday, so this would just be perfect!

  • My Favorites:

    JoTotes-Betsey in brown
    Ruche-Delighted By You Curvy Plus Blouse AND Our Song Curvy Plus Belted Dress In Navy
    ChicWish-White Floral Blooming Maxi Dress
    Barkbox- I don’t own a puppy… but my friend does!
    BonLook-All the Sambas!
    Haley’s Heart- Heart necklace
    RedClover-White Floral Blooming Maxi Dress
    StickyGram- Magnets, of course!
    Walls Need Love-Mesh curves wallpaper
    Olivine-No idea: I have to sniff to like a perfume πŸ˜‰

  • The Amongst the Waves perfume is my favorite. It sounds absolutely amazing. I love things that smell like the beach, and tiger lilies are one of my favorite flowers, and the bottle is to-die-for gorgeous. Love.

  • Barkbox!! We’re bringing home our sweet Corgi girl soon… and the Barkbox just seems too perfect.

  • i love Abundant Faith Wrap Bracelet from Haley’s Heart

  • These are fabulous! I am loving the spring song birds from walls need love for my kids’ bedroom and the pinstripe camera bag from JoTotes. Thank you!

  • i love the birch forest wall decals from walls need love!

  • I am love, love, loving (!) the Cat Face Embroidery Ballet Flat Shoes in Black from Chicwish! Hello, adorable!
    I am also seriously digging the StickyGrams. So cute and I could use some magnets and some color on the white fridge in my new apartment.

    …Ok I could use a lot of things in my new apartment. Oh moving. πŸ˜‰

  • The Waves of Chic reusable wallpaper by Walls Need Love is a brilliant idea and that would have to be my favourite! Especially given the current conditions of my bathroom walls…!

  • wow! such awesome things! I would love the initial necklace & the stickygrams.

  • I love the braided sky high swedish hasbeens clogs from Ruche!

  • I visited all of the sites and they give me total fashion envy! Here are my picks –

    Jo Totes : Georgia Nautical

    Ruche: Model Citizen Ankle Strap Flats by Seychelles

    Chicwish: Scenic Painting Silky Bud Skirt

    Barkbox: Monthly Barkbox for a tiny but cute doggy.

    Bonlook: J’adore Sky

    Haleysheart: Must Love Dogs Necklace

    Red Clover: Shades of Blue Dress

    StickyGrams: Yay, InstaMagnets!

    Walls Need Love: I love the chalkboard and dry erase decals

    Olivine: Amongst The Waves

    Good luck to everyone! What a fun giveaway!

  • i really, really love the russian doll sunglasses from bonlook!

  • I love this


  • I love the Cross-stitch Embroidery White Dress from ChicWish it’s absolutely gorgeous.

  • I love love love the Blue Steel frames from BonLook. I would love to have them for regular glasses and sunnies!

  • Here’s my favorites:

    JoTotes-Georgia Neon
    Ruche-Strawberry Sorbet Maxi Skirt
    ChicWish-Navy Floral Blooming Maxi Dress(it’s a tie between this skirt and the wall decal for my absolute favorites)
    Barkbox-A box for my “just right” pups
    BonLook-Samba Electric
    Haley’s Heart-These initial necklaces are too cute,a “K” & a “G” would be the perfect thing!
    RedClover-Lovely birds dress
    StickyGram-I’d love to sort through all my photos and pick out a new bunch for my fridge
    Walls Need Love-Owls Say Hoot ( my bedroom could always use more owls, this decal and the floral maxi dress are my favorites)
    Olivine-She belongs There,I’m intrigued by the description & the reviews!
    P.S. Thanks Helen & Didier for a good excuse to spend so much time window-shopping πŸ™‚

  • I absolutely love the Russian doll sunglasses from Bonlook
    And the bark box box of treats for dogs would be perfect for my greedy but gorgeous
    Border collie star!
    The clothing from Ruche, Chic wish and red clover are lovely and to win gift cards to these shops would be a dream as I often browse American sites and love the clothing yet cannot order them due to shipping and living in the UK,

  • My life would be made if i won this! I saw so many lovely things i just have to have!
    1. I adore the Abby Lilac bag! it’s perfect
    2. The Blue Danube Dress is gorgeous
    3. I would totally buy the Blue Danube Dress.
    4. Don’t have a dog, probably would give my subscription to a friend
    5. I would totally wear the Samba Sangria
    6. The mom necklace would be loved by my mom:)
    7. The happy meadow top is the cutest thing ever
    8. All of them- all the same right?
    9. Water color birds and branches- SO CUTE
    10. I can’t smell through a website, so any of them i guess!!!

    This is like a dream come true!

  • BonLook’s Russian Doll Sunglasses in Flam from their Travelers Collection for those hot august days at the beach!

  • The Barkbox!! If I win I’m taking it as a sign that it’s finally time to get a dog! I have puppy fever.

  • I’m loving the Betsy Teal tote from Jo Totes. I could use it with my camera and hopefully new fun photo project book from abeautifulmess.

  • LOVE the Aztec Open Knit Cardi from Chic Wish!

  • The giveaways on your blog are incredible!!
    Thank you so much for all the inspiration!!

  • The Tan Cross Over Wedges from Red Clover are adorable! I’m moving to Anaheim in a few weeks and am desperately saving money, so winning this would be such a DREAM!

  • The Black Cage Chiffon Top from Chicwish is beautiful!
    This is such an amazing giveaway!

  • I am torn between the Georgia Natuical and the Betsy Teal from Jo Totes!!

  • Ruche’s ‘Expedition Floral Blazer’ is absolutely gorgeous and so are the ‘June Blossom Cropped Pants.’

  • I’ve been wanting to get a barkbox for my puppy, but haven’t had the budget for it. There are so many great things in this giveaway!

  • I really would love a pretty camera bag – the Georgia Nautical is perfection!!

    thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  • I’ve been lusting over the Jo Totes camera bags every since buying my first DSLR a few months ago. I love the Grace bag.

  • My friend and I have been searching for initial necklaces here in the Netherlands, these from Haley’s Heart are perfect! I love the Abby bag in Lilac from Jo’s Totes and the Birch Tree Wall Decal from Walls need love.
    Great giveaway!
    Love, Lonneke

  • OBSESSED with the georgia nautical bag from jo totes! Love this giveaway.

  • I love everything, but man, that gift card from Ruche would sure be helpful now that I get to buy work clothes for my new job!

  • My favorite items are the turquoise Jo Tote and the Barkbox for my little Frenchie that looks almost exactly like the Frenchie in the picture. My little guy could use some presents!

    -Brittany Ruth

  • Love the JoTotes bag. The bags are always utilitarian and feminine.

  • I’m really loving the Parsons Chevron Circle Scarf from Ruche.
    Great giveaway, as always!

  • I’d adore this Twiggy Striped Shift Dress from Shop Ruche! http://shopruche.com/twiggy-striped-shift-dress-in-black.html

  • Love the coral breeze top from red clover and all of their dresses are so cute!!

  • I love the Wavy Off-shoulder Lace White Dress from Chicwish!

  • The items at Red Clover are beautiful!! I especially love the peachy perfection dress! <3

  • I love pastel colors and the Abby Lilac bag from Jo Totes is really nice!

    Really sweet giveaway!:)


  • This retro floral print dress is to die for!
    But I mainly want to win so that my dog, Samson, can be spoiled by Barkbox, is that weird? NO!

  • Hard to choose and though it’s little, I love it! http://www.shopredclover.com/products-page/accessories/arrow-hair-pin/
    The arrow hair pin from Red Clover would be a great accent.

  • Sticky gram is awesome! Some magnets from them would be rad.
    I’d love a barkbox too for my future puppy.

  • Antique Oval Chalkboard Frame on Walls Need Love. I’ve been wanting something like that ever since I moved out of home!

  • Lovin the initial necklace from haley’s heart!

  • I would love a pair of the Russian Housedoll Turtle sunglasses from BonLook!

  • Love the Hollywood Beach Lace Dress from Ruche! I’m getting married soon and am in need of a few new dresses for all the random events coming up!

  • I think I need a Georgia bag in nautical from Jo Totes in my life! <3

  • my fave thing is the Zig Zag Cut Out Fringe Top from chicwish! πŸ™‚

  • The Chic Waves wall decal – is so awesome!
    As are the sticky gram magnets!

  • I really like the Samba Electric Blue sunglasses from BonLook. Wonderful giveaway!!

  • The Barkbox! Perfect for my two little guys.

  • I’ve heard such awesome things about barkbox, and as much as we humans online shop, I think my Penny & Miguel deserve a treat in the mail too πŸ™‚

  • My favourite: http://www.chicwish.com/black-cage-chiffon-top.html

  • I would love some new sunglasses! The travelers collection is so cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I’m torn between the Betsy Teal and Georgia Nautical bags from Jo Totes!
    Oooo! But that Moss Hill Button up blouse from Rouche! Perfection.
    Fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  • LOVE this dress from Red Clover!http://www.shopredclover.com/products-page/dresses/inspired-petroglyphs-dress/

  • My favorite item from your sponsors is the StickyGram magnets. I love having physical pictures to hold and bring back memories of the dear moments captured in the pictures!

  • Jo totes:the Abby lilac camera bag
    Ruche: loving the frances pointed toe flats!
    chicwish:full crochet floral black dress with fluted hemline
    Barkbox:don’t have a pet but my friend has quite a few dogs!;)
    bonlook:bonnie and clyde in cinnamon!
    Haley’s Heart: whisper arrow bracelet is so pretty!
    redclover:loving the city dress and zinnia dress!
    Stickygram: those magnet are so fun!
    Walls need love: love the hope-a definition wall decal- would be so amazing for my office!
    olivine: that perfume sounds amazing!

    Such fun giveaways! Fingers crossed:)

  • so many dresses to choose from, but the twisted knot back dress in red would be perfect πŸ™‚

  • I LOVE the chevron wallet from Haley’s Heart. A perfect clutch for my phone and credit card, which is all I need on a good shopping trip:)

  • All of Ruche’s curvy line is amazing, but I especially love the San Leandro Striped Curvy Plus Top. Fingers crossed!

  • Love all the super cute summer dresses at Ruche πŸ™‚

  • The holly lane colour block dress from Ruche is amazing, but I LOVE their round is a tortilla book of shapes. Think this will be going on my Santa list for my boys! X

  • Wow, what an amazing giveaway!

    My favourites:
    http://www.chicwish.com/heart-shape-sequins-embellished-dress-in-black.html (love this dress!)
    and of course: http://www.jototes.com/collections/all/products/betsy-mustard (I’ve wanted one of these forever!)

  • Definitely in need of a camera bag! Would love to get Abby in Mint!

  • Wow! What a great giveaway! The Barkbox looks awesome!

  • I love the initial necklace, so cute!

  • So many cute stores! Here is my long list of favorites:

    The Georgia Nautical Bag – JoTotes

    The Annette Lace Dress in Mint from Ruche

    American Flag Miniskirt from ChicWish

    I love the Russian Doll in Flame from Bonlook

    The Patent Leather Wallet from Haley’s Heart is super cute!

    I absolutely love the California Stripes Dress – Red Clover

    Magnets from StickyGram!

    Those Paisley Perfection wall decals are fantastic!

    Olivine Amongst the Waves

    Really great prize package!

  • I’m sure my pain in the butt dog would love the barkbox though she might not deserve it. I love the lemon Samba glasses from bonlook. There are so many choices from Walls need love. Do I go with polka dots, the world map or how about some comic drama?

  • Everything on each of the sites looks so fantastic that it’s hard to choose just one. But I must say that I love the Gracie Butterscotch bag from Jo Totes and the Abundant Faith Wrap Bracelet from Haley’s Heart.

  • aah I love the “Owls Say Hoo” wall decal from Walls Need Love! It’s so cute!

  • JoTotes-Missy in Mint (my namesake bag:)
    Ruche-Ocean View Tiered blouse
    ChicWish-Birds Collar Studs (Would be SOOO ironic here in Portlandia:)
    Barkbox-Cute puppy box!
    BonLook-Samba Electric
    Haley’s Heart-LOVE LOVE LOVE the Abundant Faith Wrap Bracelet
    RedClover-Chevron Tuxedo Dress
    StickyGram-Magnet, magnet and more magnets!
    Walls Need Love-Waves of Chic Wallpaper
    Olivine – Regalia eau de Parfum

    Whoo, what a giveaway!

  • My favorite thing is the Gracie bag in teal from Jo Totes

  • LOVE the jtotes camera bag, gracie butterscotch!

  • You guys always have the best giveaways!!! Free stickygrams would be amazing!

  • My favorite is the Bonlook glasses. I looked at the Traveler’s collection and I think the Turtle Russian Doll pair is my favorite.

  • I LOVE the dresses at Ruche!! Especially the Taking Chances Embroidered Dress!

  • Every time you do one of these giveaways, I hope to win the Jo Tote! My favorite is Georgia Nautical. Fingers crossed that this is the month!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I love ALL the Adhesive Taxidermy Wall Decals from Walls Need Love. Such an awesome idea!

  • Loving the sunnies from BonLook- my favourites- Samba Sangria!
    They’d be perfect for the Australian summer this year! x

  • My favorite item is the wonderland aqua sunglasses from bonlook! I have a thing for sunglasses.

  • oh wow, what an amazing giveaway!
    I’ve been crushing on the Georgia Nautical bag from Jo Totes for AGES.
    I LOVE the Darling Daschund dress from Ruche (The print! I can’t get over it!)
    The Cat Face Embroidery Ballet Flats from Chicwish! AH! I need those, ASAP!
    I would totally give the Barkbox to my coworker, who has the CUTEST office dog.
    The Russian Doll sunglasses from Bon Look are so perfect!
    LOVE the initial Necklaces from Haley’s Heart (I could send one to my close friend in Japan!)
    Oh, the Ivory Coast dress from Red Clover is GORGEOUS!
    I have been eyeing Stickygrams for a really long time now! It would be so fun to have some memories as magnets!
    I really, really want the Beast’s Beauty Red Rose decal from Walls Need Love! Sooo pretty!
    And Amongst the Waves sounds amazing (coconut? Yes, please!)

    Thank you for hosting such an amazing giveaway!

  • Oh my gosh, there are so many awesome products to choose from. My top two favs are the Missy Mint bag from Jo Totes and the LEARN Word Collage Vinyl Wall Decal from WallsNeedLove.

  • I love the Barkbox! My mini dachshund Jules would love this!

  • I love the Rococo Licorice sunglasses from Bonlook πŸ™‚

  • i love the birch trees wall decal from walls need love! increcible!
    and the cut our floral trim white top from chicwish is great
    and the celeste indie eyelet dress from ruche is perfect!

  • Jo totes has the best bags ever! I don’t think it’s limited to a camera bag because it can look good in any situation. What an awesome idea for a bag.

  • Barkbox is the cutest idea I have ever seen!! I woul love to spoil my beautiful German Shepard/Black Lab mix with those sweet boxes. Love!

  • Love the Missy in Chocolate from Jo Totes!!

  • The Olive Russian Doll Sunnies are spectacular! I just LOVE them! And ANY Jo Tote would make my Nikon so happy. πŸ™‚

  • I would love the stickygram magnets! How fun to be able to keep my photos on the fridge!! Fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

  • I still really love the Georgia Nautical bag… If I don’t win I really should just buy it.

  • I love these stripes!


  • Love Ruche!!!
    This dress is sublime. The yellow might wash me out, but gorgeous none the less!:)

  • This is such an amazing giveaway! Not sure if this is exactly what ya’ll had in mine but I picked one item I loved from EACH sponsor πŸ™‚

    I’m in love with the Abby Lilac camera bag; Chic Wish has the most romantic dresses- I love the Swing White Dress with Lace Top; Bonlook-Bonnie and Clyde in Cinnamon; Hayley’s Heart- Love Bracelet Trio; Olivine- Olivine Eau de Parfum with its super cute bulb atomizer; WallsNeedLove- One Direction wallpaper would be perfect for my apartment; Red Clover’s Dinner Date Top; Ruche’s Gypsum Canyon Indie Necklace; my dog would loove a Barkbox and I already have Instagram pictures in mind for Sticky grams! Even if I don’t win the giveaway I’m glad I saw all these awesome products your sponsors offer!

  • I love everything at Ruche. The Show Jumping Horse Print Dress looks very cool and comfy.

  • Waves of Chic reusable wallpaper from Walls Need Love πŸ™‚
    A Jo Totes camera bag and some sticky grams and Id be a happy dame!

  • I am beyond in love with chicwish, especially the got a date mint lace dress!


  • I love the Birds Print Asymmetrical Waterfall Skirt from Chicwish, and the Back in the Day top from Red Clover, and I could definitely use the sunglasses! I got my current pair free with a copy of Marie Claire, so yeah, they’re not the best quality.

  • I’ve been lusting over a new camera bag so I would have to go the Jo Totes – Georgia Herringbone!

  • These sunglasses from bonlook!

  • I adore the Georgia Neon bag from Jo Totes.

  • I’ve wanted a Jo Totes camera bag for over a year now! Fingers crossed.

  • Oh wow! This was a really hard decision but my favorite items are between the Hit the Spot Dress and the Celebration Polka Dot Dress both at Ruche. The first dress is an absolute dream especially for fall. The polka dot dress is super fun and great for school though. So hard to decide!

  • My favorite is the camera bag, but I’m a perfume junkie so that’s a close second! πŸ™‚ great giveaway!

  • My favorite is the gracie butterscotch bag from jototes. What an amazing bunch of prizes!

  • So much great stuff! I really like the Bali wide leg pants from Red Clover.

  • I couldn’t just choose one favorite from all the websites!! So here are a few:

    Love the Gracie Mint from JoTotes. I’ve been trying to find an adorable bag for my camera, they’re all so bulky!
    The Hollywood Beach Lace Dress from Ruche
    Floral Crochet Shorts in Teal from Chicwish. For some reason, I haven’t been able to find a pair of lace shorts I like, these are so cute!
    The marble top from Red Clover
    Bird Wires Wall Decal from Walls Need Love.

    I love all of the websites and would love to win this!!

  • Definitely my favorite item would have to be the Georgia Nautical camera bag from Jo Totes! Adorable and useful!

  • I love the Betsy Chocolete camera bag from Jo Totes!!! It’s always my choice. So basic and beautiful!

  • As much as I’d love something for myself, my dog Mopsy would really like the Bark Box, so I vote for that! πŸ™‚

  • I would love a subscription to barkbox for my German Shepherd!

  • Wow, I really love the Mesh Peak Collar Skater Dress in Black from ChichWIsh. So cute and classy!

  • Love the antique map wall decals from Walls Need Love! http://www.wallsneedlove.com/antique-maps-wall-decals/#.UfhKzI2cdyU

  • http://www.jototes.com/collections/frontpage/products/georgia-
    Amazing stuff! Thanks for the opportunity to win! πŸ™‚

  • I just got mt first DSLR (Canon Rebel T3i) so a camera bag would be awesome to win!

  • I’ve been dying to nab myself some olivine perfume, and Amongst the waves sounds heavenly!

  • I’ve been trying to decide what to do with my apartments entry/hallway and have been leaning towards wallpaper. The Oh deer from Walls Need Love is so perfect! Though I also liked a few of the more abstract patterns like Color me stylish.
    So hard to choose!

  • The leopard strappy sandals in neon yellow from Chicwish are awesome. Love the color.

  • Aww, that Betsy Teal bag from JoTotes just makes me so happy πŸ™‚
    Of course , so would just about everything on this lisr…

  • I would love the Betsy Jo Tote. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Geez, these are some excellent give-aways; what great sponsors you have. Well, just figured I’d post all my favorites!
    1. Georgia Nautical. This light brown colored leather is one of my recent favorites.
    2. Crosshatch Eco-friendly (baby) Shorts
    3. Heart Cut Out Pleated Dress in Red
    4. I will woo all the pups in the neighborhood!
    5. Samba Sangria
    6. T & for my good friend, V!
    7. Whistle While You Work Necklace
    9. Waves of Chic
    10. Oh la la

  • J-Totes Gracie in Butterscotch and Sticky-grams! I’ve been wanting to do something with my growing collection of iphone photos

  • The French bulldog wearing a sailor shirt above is my favorite!
    What, puppies are not part of this giveaway? Dammit! Okay then, the Gracie greige bag by Jo Totes.

  • Loved lovely lace skirt from amazing Red Clover!!! wish i would get it πŸ™‚ thanks Helen & Didier for sharing

  • Those initial necklaces are super adorable <3

  • I love the Barkbox! I have been wanting to try it out for my pups for a while now!

  • i would really love to stack this arrow bracelet from Haley’s Hart above my wristwatch.


  • I love this dress from Ruche! http://shopruche.com/adobe-park-printed-tunic-dress.html

  • It may seem boring, but the chalkboard calendar decal from Walls Need Love would be pretty useful for starting med school in a few weeks!

  • I’m obsessed with yellow this season! Love this dress from Ruche. http://shopruche.com/eternal-light-embroidered-dress-by-nick-mo.html

  • I would love a Jo Totes Missy Chocolate bag!

  • The BonLook Russian Doll sunglasses in Turtle are lovely!

  • I do like the Kasey Color Blocked Dress from Ruche πŸ™‚

  • Love these Carmine Sunglasseshttp://www.bonlook.com/product/wonderland-carmine and all those camera bags are amazing! What a great giveaway!!

  • I absolutelylove the Betsy bag from Jo Totes!! so much!!

  • My favorite is the Georgia Nautical from Jo Toes! My big ol’ puppy, Baker’s, favorite would have to be the Barkbox! πŸ˜€

  • So much cute stuff, but I’ve got to say that my favorite is the Bonlook Russian doll sunglasses in red. They’re so adorable!

  • I LOVE the bonlook Russian Doll glasses in turtle xx

  • So many stores that I love! I’ve been wanting the Georgia Nautical bag from Jo Totes for a while now, and it’s on my birthday wishlist (fingers crossed). Just from scanning through the items at these stores my Wish List has sky rocketed to include:
    The St. Germain Cropped Pants from Ruche. Perfect for work!
    The Chicwish Off-White Whole Crochet Shift Dress.
    The Rococo Licorice sunnies at Bonlook.
    And I think most of all the Abundant Faith Wrap Bracelet from Haley’s Heart. What an adorable and special bracelet!

  • I’m totally obsessed with the circular wall decals from Walls Need Love, but the Spacey is my favorite!

  • whoaa, so many beautiful things!
    i spent a good chunk of time looking through ruche, and their dresses (and all their items, for that matter!) are adorable. it’s so difficult to choose. i think i might go with the love lane bow dress, though. super cute.

  • I really love the Sunshine Straw Clutch and the Old Town Lace Dress from Red Clover!!

  • I like the West London Colorblocked Dress by Lavand from Ruche!

  • I really liked the Abby Lilac,Georgia Nautical from the jototes!
    And Amongst The Waves Eau de Parfum from Olivine<3