Didier’s Wedding Portraits Part 2

 Didier and trey's wedding portraits www.abeautifulmess.com  Didier and trey's wedding portraits www.abeautifulmess.com         Didier and trey's wedding portraits www.abeautifulmess.com      Didier and trey's wedding portraits www.abeautifulmess.com Didier and trey's wedding portraits www.abeautifulmess.com          Didier and trey's wedding portraits www.abeautifulmess.com    Didier and trey's wedding portraits www.abeautifulmess.com   Didier and trey's wedding portraits www.abeautifulmess.com           Didier and trey's wedding portraits www.abeautifulmess.com    Yes. I rode my bike while wearing my wedding dress. It's beyond a little nuts. But aren't these pictures fun? I really wanted to do some engagement photos on our bikes. But when our portrait session day arrived, we had insane amounts of snow the night before. I was a little bummed. So instead we decided to take a few wedding portraits on our bikes. I am happy to report that I did not rip my dress although I was certainly a bit (read: a lot) more wobbly than usual. 🙂 Worth it. 

In case you are curious my bike is from and Trey's is a fixed gear he built from an older bike. You can read about our outfit details .

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  • You are so brave! And stunning, by the way. Those pictures are so fun and unique. I love your flower crown, by the way. I’ve been working on a DIY for my blog as I am making one for my sisters wedding. It kind of makes me wish I could find a reason to wear a flower crown every day…

  • You go girl! Wedding dresses deserve to be worn for more than just the walk down the aisle, if you ask me. These photos are ridiculously cute. I especially love the second one. What a cute pair you two make!

  • So sweet and romantic with the bikes. Very brave to risk ripping the beautiful skirt of your wedding dress. The result was well worth it, although I’m not sure I would have been so brave! The bikes look stunning too – love the colours 🙂

  • These pictures are so so fun! You look incredible, and like wearing a wedding dress on a bike is the most normal thing ever! xxx


  • So sweet! I love the bike idea 🙂

    Best of luck for both of you!

    Lisa – AT LEAST BLOG

  • Oh my goodness these are so beautiful! So so fun I love them! Congratulations again 🙂

    xo, Juliette Laura


  • If I had it to do all over, I would have jumped in a pool in my dress or had a cake fight or many other things. My dress has hung in my closet for 20 years, ageing just like mine. It would have been fun to really wear it! Instead I was careful.

    You can really see how much you are loved in the way he looks at you. Wonderful!

  • Lovely photos! The bikes were really an awesome idea. Everything looks super magical and romantic. ♥ Your wedding dress is one of the best Didier. I love everything about this post. 🙂

  • These are so sweet. I love that you did wedding portraits on your bikes!

    Ladyface Blog

  • I love these!! You guys look so in love, too. Sarah did a good job of capturing that… Trey hardly looks at the camera in these shots, because he can’t take his eyes off of you! <3 (good work, Sarah!!)

  • really love them. the bikes are amazing bec they are so unexpected and colorful! thanks for sharing these! xx. gigi.

  • Best photo idea ever! You both look so happy and this captures such a unique perspective. Love the idea!!! Congrats on your marriage and thanks for sharing your beautiful wedding.
    PS it is bad ass that you rode a bicycle in your wedding dress. I wish I would have thought of it! 😉

  • Can’t get over all of the pretty things happening with these wedding portraits. <3

  • Worth it! These photos are adorable. It might just be you and Trey of course 😉 The color of your bikes really make it!

  • In every photo, he’s looking at you with love in his eyes. That’s my favorite.

  • These are the best pictures, you are so brave riding a bike in your wedding dress!

  • This is such a cute photo session! How fun to do untraditional wedding portraits! Love your dress, Helen did a great job!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  • These are the best! So cute! Not your typical wedding photos, but who wants those anyways? These are just so much better, and have so much more personality.

    So lovely.

    Alex from

  • i love this idea… those pictures look amazing! i really like how you look at each other *sigh

  • these are so much fun! Such a good looking couple. I got my wedding dress soaked on he beach getting off an outrigger canoe- it was cotton so it came out fine :). Sometimes awesome photos are soooo worth the risk.

  • Didier’s wedding dress is so beautiful! These wedding snaps are so creative and are really pretty 🙂


  • I.want.your.husband!
    He is hot…okay, okay, and you’re alright too. 🙂 Just kidding – you look stunning! The pictures are fantastic. Congrats!

  • Absolutely gorgeous dress! So unique. Such happy pictures. I’m I’m getting married in November and can’t wait to have some fun with the photography. Thanks for sharing!

  • You are so brave to ride a bike in your dress 😀 My favorite photo from my own wedding is us leaving the ceremony on a scooter, with my dress hiked up on my thighs and bouquet in hand… very lady-like, but hey, we were in Key West!

  • These pictures are adorable! I absolutely love the bike idea – and the colors together are amazing!


  • You look so beautiful! And I adore your wedding pictures. The use of bikes is such a cute idea.

  • I love all your wedding photos! The bikes, the outfits, especially your beautiful, beautiful wedding dress, everything’s just so.. cool 🙂 Huge inspiration! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  • I love the pop of color that those yellow flowers add. You are a beautiful bride!

  • You are the most gorgeous bride, Didier!
    I love your color choices.. yellow was mine too!

  • Ahhh so cute/cool! I’m very impressed, I would have been so nervous I would have fallen for sure! Although, I went for a run the morning of my wedding (for nerves!) and I guess I could have fallen or something…. 🙂

  • Love it! You two look so cute together and your dress is simply stunning!

  • Why not ride a bike? It’s cute and it’s very unlikely you’ll ever wear your wedding dress again, so if it gets a wee bit ripped or dirty, it’s all fine!

    My sister had her wedding photos on the beach and was changing into a sari for the reception anyway. I tried to convince her that her final shots should be IN the water, but she was having none of that. oh well…

  • Love this pictures, I specially like the carefree feeling of riding the bikes while being dressed in your wedding clothes, I think it is an excellent idea! 🙂 And of course those amazing bikes don’t hurt either (they coordinate color! can’t be any greater! 😛 )

    Damaris – the cat you, and us

  • Tão linda estas fotos com a bicicleta!! Felicidades para o casal!

  • so gorgeous – congrats! love the way he looks at you – so sweet.

  • Thanks o the public chain guard riding in your dress was a possibility! So adorable.

  • You’re wedding has totally inspired me to let go of everything and simply do what we want to do!! You’re tables were my inspirations except mine will be creamscicle themed/ colors!! Thanks so much for sharing your special day with the world =)

  • Good ol’ Commerical Street is the background for an awesome photo shoot! So unique and fun!

  • So cute! I will marry the 24th of August and the bike is a good idea! I just got a new bike, including basket with flowers so it might make a nice picture!

  • These are fabulous, you both look great on your bikes and look so happy and in love!

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