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Unique Wedding Guest book idea! I've had a few people ask about my wedding guest book. I absolutely love the tradition of having guests sign a book or object as a keepsake from the day. So many of our friends and family traveled from near and far to spend their day with us, and I will always cherish that! I really wanted to do some kind of guest book that I would want to keep and display in our home after the event was over. I remember in high school I went to a few weddings where the couple had guests sign the matting of a photo of them (usually from their engagement). I loved the idea of finding a way to hang the signatures in your home for years to come. Didier + Trey wedding guest book Didier's guest bookI have a collection of antlers hanging in our living room above our liquor cart. Since I already had a growing collection of antlers and cow skulls I decided to might be fun to have guests sign a cow skull that I got for the event. Originally I was going to buy a longhorn skull (my father-in-law is a MAJOR Texas Longhorns fan, so it seemed appropriate) but I found one I liked at a flea market a few months before so I decided to use that instead. In case you are curious all the antlers and skulls in my collection are from etsy, flea markets and thrift stores. Plus a few faux ones that I painted to fit in. :)  Unique Wedding Guest book idea!Unique guest book ideas I think a few guests thought our guest book was a little… different. And rightly so. πŸ™‚ It's now proudly hanging in our home and I love it! I think we will enjoy it for years to come. Thanks for letting me share. xo. Didier

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  • I love that this is so individual to you and that you will be able to display it for years to come! Lovely.

  • Every now and then I get hopeful and can’t help but check Everyday Didier, just in case you’ve changed your mind and started blogging there again! But I’m glad we still get to see little peeks at your life on SpG πŸ™‚ And what a interesting and clever idea!
    -Amy, xo

  • I think Sparkle Pizza is Hope, Katie’s daughter. You can see her writing in the top photo. What an awesome lady.

  • I LOVE it! I think it is fantastic when people find creative ways to hang signatures! My brother had everyone sign a quilt that he and his wife made together. Amazing.

    P.S. I’m not sure we can still be friends – I’m an Aggie πŸ™‚

  • This is such a cool idea! I love that you found something beyond a book. It’s really cool to see something that reminds you of your wedding every day. Thank you for sharing!


  • That is so unique! My wedding day is a ways off (long engagement) but I’m constantly seeing new cool guest book ideas I’d like. This is by far my favorite.

  • I love the idea of using something totally different as the guest book!


  • It’s nice to be able to display your guest book on the wall instead of tuck it away in a closet! Great idea!


  • Great idea! We had a print of a tree framed and everyone signed on a leaf! It’s now hanging in our living room! Such a fun memory to display! πŸ™‚

  • What a fun and unique way to remember your guests. Displaying it in your home will forever be a conversation piece:)

  • That is a very unique idea! I definetly haven’t seen that before. For my wedding, our guest book was a cookbook. We asked our guests to pick a favorite recipe. Now when we cook, we are reminded of our special day!

  • The idea is really great! I kind of have a soft spot for these things too. πŸ™‚

  • This is such a wonderful idea! It looks amazing nestled in with all your others too! xxx


  • Such a lovely idea Didier, so original. And apaptable too!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • Crazy idea but better than a book you only open every once in a while. This you can look at every day…

  • Love it. And your wall colour too, can I ask what paint you used, sorry to go off topic! Xx

  • Hi Didier,

    apart from the look I actually love most about this “guest book” that it is so simple for the guests! Just add your name and your done. With guest books in the past I often discovered that some of the guests felt really stressed by having to come up with some witty line. The result was that not everyone actually signed the book in the end. I wouldn’t want that at my wedding, so this is a great inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Nadine

  • This really looks lovely, I love that it’s being used as a wall decoration, it’s such a cool and unique idea πŸ™‚

  • Love this idea! My friend’s got married in March and had everyone sign an oversized milk jug (old school style). It was awesome! I love when people get creative for their guest books.

  • I love this idea!

    With some of our wedding vouchers we bought a guest book so that all our friends could record their visit to our new home once we were married. The book is still going strong and the first time anyone comes to visit us, they have to leave us a message πŸ™‚ Its one of my favourite things and I love reading what people have written, especially as the house has been worked on over the last few years πŸ™‚

  • That looks amazing! And I love the way you’ll be able to see it every day too.


  • This is a great idea, honestly. We used like a little treasure chest type box that everyone signed and put all the cards we got inside. I think having yours hanging on the wall is cool, and it could even work hanging by the front door!

  • Oh I LOVE this. Very unique, and very cool. When I get married, I definitely want to do something like this.

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • Ummm… I’m pretty sure Hope signed her name as Sparkle Pizza; did anyone else notice? Love her even more πŸ˜€

    Beautiful and unique guest “book”!

  • Love these Didier! Do have any tips for how to hang a cow skull? I have a few mounted antlers already up in my apartment. But my cow skull has been just sitting against a wall for the last year and my dad is giving me one of his amazing bull skulls next month. I need to get those bad boys up on the wall! πŸ™‚
    – Moorea

  • What a fun and great idea!!!

    I LOVE that color of paint on the wall they’re hanging on-it’s perfect!

  • I wonder if animals were at the top of the food chain, would they display human skulls?

  • This is SO awesome!! Best idea I’ve ever seen for a wedding guest book! πŸ˜€

    Lulu xx

  • I love this idea! Our rehearsal dinner was Texas-themed in honor of the groom. We had guests sign little cards that I can later scrapbook or frame, rather than a book. I love non-traditional wedding ideas for the little things.

  • That is a very interesting idea for a guest book. The only things I’m not crazy about is the black wall. It’s surprising as a color choice when there are so many colors that would really pop

  • That’s an awesome idea! We used a cookbook since we both love to cook. When we are looking for recipes, it’s so fun to read what people wrote on the recipe. Since our wedding was in San Francisco and we live in San Antonio, we took the cookbook to all our events and showers so that people who didn’t go to San Francisco had a chance to sign it.

  • That is a really cool idea. Thanks for sharing. Also, I love all the antlers and skulls on the dark wall–they really stand out.

  • My husband and I did the same thing for our wedding in 2011–but we used the cardboard, 3D printed deer heads for it. Check it out!

  • This such an interesting and unique idea. I love the idea of being able to display it forever instead of tucking it away in a box somewhere.
    xx Abby | ageektragedy.net

  • I love your skull/antler collection. I am obsessed with skulls/bones, and I have a collection of my own started. Can’t wait to buy a house next year (hopefully) to display them in. πŸ™‚

  • That is such a cool idea! I never would have thought of anything like it x


  • I love this idea!!! A great way to display it without just having a book sitting out. πŸ™‚

    x Sara from tinysugarbee.blogspot.com

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