Sister Style: Ginger and Cayenne

Sister Style   Some weeks are made for jarring us out of our comfort zones, right? At least that's how this past week felt for me (Sarah). For one thing, I'm sitting here writing a Sister Style post. I've never done this before. Uncomfortable zone! Helen and Didier asked me to write this post to share a little different perspective on something you are all pretty familiar with seeing: Sister Style. So here we are.

Sister Style I really love getting to be a part of Sister Style every week. Sometimes we have a plan, and admittedly, sometimes we just drive around and pull over by . Hah! We really try to wait for ideal light (we love the natural look), but ideal light doesn't always happen. So… it was a bright and sunny afternoon. Another uncomfortable zone for anyone who is a photographer! Bright light and harsh shadows? Run and hide! Hide your kids, hide your wife. We set out anyway to grab some juice and shoot at one of our local favorites, Even though the light was nuts, we made it work.

Sister Style  When we ordered our juices we somehow got talked into getting fresh shots of ginger with cayenne. I'm not the type of person who would be excited to try something new, but I have to say… I think we might be addicted to these now! They were incredibly strong but refreshing. I'm really glad we were encouraged to step out and order something seemingly insane. Usually the idea of drinking JUST ginger and cayenne would have probably made me totally shudder.

Sister StyleSister Style    Sister Style     Sister Style      Sister Style       Sister Style        Sister Style         Sister Style          Sister Style           Sister Style            Sister Style             Helen's wearing: Top/Forever 21, Jeans/Urban Outfitters, Shoes/Shoe Mint, Bag/3.1 Phillip Lim. 

Sister Style               Didier's wearing: dress/H&M, belt/Target, shoes c/o  (borrowed from Helen) and sunnies/UO. 

Sister Style                  Sister Style                    Sister Style                     Well, guys, I made it through writing my first Sister Style post. Time to celebrate with a shot of ginger and cayenne? Maybe! xo. Sarah

Credits // Author + Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Eleanor and Petal from the and Magnolia (B&W) from the . 

  • Way to step outside your comfort zone, Sarah! Get it!! πŸ™‚

  • Loves this post! You did a great job Sarah! πŸ™‚ I’ve been wanting to try the juices and Mama Jean’s, I’ll have to try those ginger + cayenne shots too. I’m a *little* obsessed with ginger, haha.

    xoxo Mandy

  • I know everyone has their days but Didier looks not herself here! I hope all is well and you girls all had a good day! SpG has been a mood booster for me for years- thanks for putting your hard work out there for us to enjoy.

  • Totally love your “hide your kids, hide your wife” reference. Made me giggle!

  • WTG Sarah! Awesome post! πŸ˜€ I’m just jealous you get to hang out with these awesome gals all the time!

    Ginger + Cayenne shots… that scares me. Is it straight ginger? whew. Sounds intense!

  • I love the pink belt with that dress, Didier! My fave pic is the one where Didier looks all grumpy and Helen has the hugest grin. Too funny.

    Cayenne and ginger shots? That sounds interesting! I kind of want to try one.

    PS: Nice job Sarah πŸ™‚

  • I always find Helen’s poses to be so cute, even though she’s the older sister! Sister style is definitely my favorite series πŸ˜‰

  • I love that you stepped outside of your comfort zone! That’s where the magic happens. And, in this case, magic came in the form of ginger shots and a collection of adorable photos. (:

  • Helen & Didier – You guys are both so beautiful! I love your style. These posts are so fun! Makes me want to hang out with you guys.

    To be honest I never usually read the whole SIster Style posts.. I just read lines here and there and check out the beautiful photos of Helen and Didier.. But Sarah I read this post fully and loved hearing from you. πŸ™‚ I can totally relate with you about the harsh lighting and wanting to run and hide.. haha! I must say though you are truly talented because these photos are beautifully taken and edited.

  • These photos are too cute!! Way to step out of your comfort zone girl, that’s where the magic happens! Xo

  • I can’t believe I only JUST learned that super bright sunlight is a widely-accepted no no for photographers (I’m new). Actually, I learned so in my Blog Life session this morning (thanks ladies!). I thought I was nuts for hating to take pictures when it was super bright out!

    These outfits are too cute, and the poses are always so fun and natural. Great locations, too! Didier, is your hair lighter? It looks awesome!

    Love your writing style, Sarah! Please write more! πŸ™‚

  • Great work, Sarah!
    “hide yo kids, hide yo wife” – hahaha!! I love Antionne!
    the photos are gorgeous. Love your outfits, girlies! Made me excited for summer shopping πŸ™‚

  • cayenne and ginger sounds so good! it’s nice hearing your perspective, sarah πŸ™‚ these photos are lovely as usual!

  • Didier’s metallic nails are so, so perfect. How’d she do them?

  • the last three photos are so badass. and ginger cayenne shots sound awesome. sarah you’re making me want to move to missouri! xo danielle

  • I think she looks lovely, but I agree she looks a little different of late. Glowing, even. I have my theories, and am waiting for the possibility of exciting announcements. πŸ™‚ Perhaps its just wishful thinking on my part, though . . .

  • This is slightly off topic, but I love that you all are real women with real bodies. And you’re beautiful.

    Thanks for keepin’ it real.

  • Helen’s sunglasses are amazing but there’s no credit. Are they unobtainable? I’m in the market for a new pair and those look perfect!

  • Helen which Jeans are these from Urban Outfitters? Love them, you guys look great!

  • Wow shots of ginger, how intriguing! You girls look beautiful as always. I always struggle with my own outfit shots when it’s a bright sunny day! xxx

  • You girls look like you have so much fun together…love the idea of sister style! hmmmm I might have to try these ginger and cayenne shots.

  • The ginger and cayenne shots sound pretty yummy! I have been loving ginger lately. Have you tried ginger lemonade? Omg it’s delicious!

  • I love the goofing around photos at the end most! You two are adorable!

  • Looks like it was a great afternoon! Neat to get a different perspective on a sister style post. I probably would have questioned those shots as well but it’s so fun to try something new. Cheers to that!

  • I love this feature on the blog! I wish I had such an amazing sister relationship! I just don’t have a sister! lol. You, guys, are inspiring!!!!


  • Wow, nice job photographing in full sun light. I just can’t do it. Mind you I’m still brand new at photography so I’m sticking with shade for a while longer. πŸ™‚ Great job with the post too!

    Love, x

  • Hi Ashley.
    I can’t seem to find the exact color on their site, but they are BDG brand and super high waisted. Looks like they have several similar options.

    xx! Helen

  • Didier is not pregnant. Neither am I.

    It’s not our favorite part of what we do to be asked if we’re pregnant each week. I’m sure you can understand that. πŸ™‚

    Thanks! Helen

  • you both look lovely and happy.. bad day, good day, doesn’t matter. Your response was very kind.

  • Yay sarah! It was a great post! Your writing style is fun and personable as if you were just talking to us! And if course, Helen and Didier are adorbs as always πŸ™‚

  • they are the cutest! i love how you guys always switch it up with new writers. sarah, you are an amazing photographer and it’s awesome to see what goes through your mind behind the scenes of these posts!! you rock, lady!


  • Mm! I love juicing ginger at home, I mix it with in a shot glass with apple cider vinegar for a refreshing boost! I’ll have to try adding cayenne – I bet it’s glorious.

    Great pictures, Sarah, and great write up!


  • Great post as usual…and now i love your writing style too along with all the great photos..

    xo, Hems

  • This Sister Style post is my favorite by far! Both of you look so cute. Love each of these looks so much.

    XO Alison

  • The top 2 juices look like my fav healthy juice, The Champion!

  • Thanks for the reply, Helen. I’ll have to do my own digging to come up with something similar. The shape is great on you!

  • Hello you two lovely space makers:-)

    Lucky you to be sisters and have each other and a lot of succes:-)

    We live the easy way here in Denmark and made this lovely food:

    Enjoy the day.
    Love from Denmark and team Hoffbeck team.

  • your photos are AMAZING Sarah! i have no idea how you made it work with so much light and sun but it’s beautiful <3

  • Number 12 is my fav, Didier looks gorge and all the colours work so nicely against that insane light πŸ™‚ Good job Sarah! xx

  • but I want to know where you got your clothes frommmmmmmmmm!!! In particular Helen’s shoes πŸ™‚

  • To be fair though…you do mention “baby fever” quite a lot.

    Don’t feed the beast, the questions probably wouldn’t be as frequent? Just a notion πŸ™‚

  • You guys are total babes! Those high-waisted jeans are a dream on you Helen. Thumbs up foreva

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