Casual Friday Vol. 15

Janae!Party party appJacki The best shopping buddingCrazy cat lady mugParty party app  We love apps and smartphones (duh!). So here are some random iPhone photos from around the office these past few weeks. Sometimes we make random Party Party app gifs just for fun, as Trey is constantly testing for our next update. 

Helen Larson
Spiegeling likes to snapchatI think it's safe to say that I should just go ahead and quit my job and become a professional model. I've got the skills. Also, Helen is Snapchat obsessed, and anytime she includes me I usually ruin it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Or, maybe I make it better? I guess it depends how you look at it.

Sarah RhodesJosh RhodesSarah and Josh went on vacation yesterday and today (and this weekend), and we can tell. They make the SpG offices so much more interesting! Love Josh's spray painting get-up here. What a pro. 

Hope your weekend is filled with relaxing and absolutely zero to-do lists (unless they're fun!). xo. Didier + The SpG Team

Credits // Author: Didier Li, Photography: Sarah Rhodes and the SpG staff.

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