25 Ideas to Decorate Your Walls

Colorful kitchen clock DIYWe thought it would be fun to give you some wall decorating ideas to try this week!  If you've been looking for something new to hang on your walls, or you just moved into a new place and are starting from scratch, we hope you find something fun to make from this list. Wanting to brighten up a room? This  is super fun, and it can go anywhere in your house (we actually have it in our office right now.)

Simple painting with song lyricsWe love using our own handwriting to personalize projects! Use your favorite song lyrics (or quote) to make a .

Fast and easy wall hangingTransform a bare wall with this fast and easy .

Modern wall art with paint swatchesPick up some paint swatches from your local hardware store and make some colorful .

Easy kitchen wall art DIYLooking for something fun for your kitchen? Try this .

Vintage copper letters DIYVintage letters and numbers are always a great flea market find. These are easy and inexpensive to make!

So fun! Colored mat gallery wallChoose your favorite prints and colored cardstock to create a .

Make your own quilted modern artWe love this take on  that you can hang up in your living room or use as a headboard.

A bright bedroom update! via SpiegelingUse self-adhesive foam sheets and a circle punch to add a word or design to a .

Create this wooden mosaic wall artThis  has an earthy feel and is simple to make– no power tools required! 

Wall mounted jewelry box displayShow off your jewelry and create a pretty wall hanging at the same time with a .

How to marble with nail polishPrint your favorite photos and learn how to for a cool effect.

Hand stamped clementine walla wall! Helen chose a clementine wall for her kitchen. So cute! 

Make this silver leaf moon phases wall artThis would look so cool on a bedroom wall!

Easy weaving tutorialWe've always wanted to know how to make a weaving! Learn how to make . (See more of Rachel's weaving tutorials and .)

DIY personalized pet artHow cute is this personalized ? We're all about showing off our pets.

Instagram picture heart displayPrint your Instagram photos and arrange them in any shape you want, like this .

6a00d8358081ff69e2017c38999a64970b-800wiDo you have a collection of framed art or photos that you've been wanting to display in your living room? Create a  with these tips from Didier.

Make this fund DIY light-up cafe signLight-up signs are so neat, but they are normally expensive. Make this for less than $25!

DIY flower wallEmbellish a wall with .

White chalkboard wallPaint your walls with  ( and use some fun, bright colored chalk!)

DIY transparency pop artWe love ice cream… anytime of the year! Make this colorful .

Make your own typographic artYou can make to hang in your living room with some word clippings from magazines.

Geometric art headboard panels (click through for tutorial)Looking for something to put above your bed? These  are an awesome alternative to a traditional headboard.

Embellished photo artLast but not least, transform a photo with some . So cute!

Happy decorating! – The SpG Team

  • It’s fun to see so many of your awesome projects brought together in one place! I’ve been a reader for a while, so I recognize most of them, but forgot about some of my favorites like that song lyric painting and pet portrait art. You guys are so creative <3


  • Sorry to be posting here, I am having trouble accessing my classes I’ve purchased. I tried ing you on the shop site but it won’t let me. Please advise what I should do.

    Thanks, Kimberly

  • Really like your creativity! Such an inspiration. Have been your reader for a long while and really do hope that you can come over to my newly developed blog – it’s still in infant stage hence really do hope to get some support!
    It’s thank you so much! 😀

  • Hi Kimberly! So sorry about that! Send us an email at support AT redvelvetart DOT com and we’ll be able to help you with that! -Jacki

  • I love the copper letters and wood mosaic wall. I want to try something like that at my house but I need to figure it out first. We definitely have plans for a gallery wall but lord knows when any of that will happen…
    The Accidental Mama

  • Oh my goodness, I love the last idea. I have some beautiful granddaughters photos that I could use that idea on . . . thank you!

    Susan in San Diego

  • Thank you for a really amazing blog! I read it every day and get so inspired by your DIY tips! 🙂
    Keep it going! 😉
    Love, Marie.

  • Oh these are so great! also, its the first time I see white chalkboard paint! That is so clever and cutie looking!

  • One day I’ll get round to doing some of these great ideas! I love the nail polish marble idea, wood block and artificial flower ones 🙂

  • I have fallen in love with the photo with flowers!!! What a great idea. I have to confess that i have received your book and I’m like a child with a Christmas present 😀 (Your book has arrived to Spain, I love Amazon)

  • The large tapestry wall hanging would be an awesome addition to our bathroom. I have a blank wall above our tub that is lonely and I need to get busy making this. Thanks for the inspo…


  • I love the idea of framing fabric… I’m not a quilter, but I am a sew-er, and I’d love to just patch a bunch of scraps together, maybe embellish it with random buttons and beads and embroidery thread, and frame it!

    <3 dani

  • I’m pinning so many of these! I see them making great gifts – I love the artificial flower, modern art with color swatches, jewelry box on the walls, and the hand stamped wall!

    Warm Regards,

  • Your home inspiration posts make my day. I really like all the wall art and especially the one with the moons on it.

    You guys create really good stuff, seriously 🙂

    xx Cecil

  • I never saw the marble nail polish idea on a photograph before! Thanks for sharing it again! I’ll have to save that post for future use.


  • Beautiful! I’m in the middle of a gallery wall planning party, so your timing couldn’t be better. That final one with the artificial flowers will be FUN!

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  • Hi
    I worshipped all of your concepts. they give the impression of being therefore beautiful and distinctive. I’m taken with all of them. would love to try to some in my living room… I feel they might look superb. By the way, I’m conjointly thinking that wall murals are an excellent plan too. Don’t you think that so? I need one creator painting to be done as a decal.
    Best Regards

  • Wooden interior is always nice because wooden interior looking for great and suitable for our home. Your wall ideas are awesome wooden frame looks beautiful for the wall. Great Ideas. I like it and I am using your ideas for my home wall. Thanks!

  • Adding a wall art decor to your house, office, or your buildings’ interior can create an impact. Art helps in creating a mood that you want for your interior and can help express what you want others to feel as well. Thanks for sharing this idea

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