15 Cocktails to Ring in the New Year

Strawberry grapefruit mimosaDo you have big New Year’s Eve plans this year? Whether you’re throwing a party or attending an event, part of the fun is trying some fancy cocktails and enjoying a toast at the end of the night! We’ve put together a list of some of our favorites for you to try. The first one on our list involves champagne, of course! 🙂 We love this strawberry grapefruit mimosa with fresh thyme garnish.

Lemonberry cocktailThis lemonberry martini combines fresh citrus and cranberry juice. Yum..

Whiskey sourIn the mood for a classic cocktail? Try a whiskey sour with homemade sour mix.

Mini margarita flightWant some variety? Make a mini margarita flight. They are pretty cute, don’t you think?

Golden girl cocktailTry something light and refreshing like this grapefruit based golden girl cocktail. And by the way, lining your glass with edible glitter is a must!

Singapore slingChannel summertime vibes with a singapore sling.

Cinnamon girl cocktailYou can’t go wrong with cinnamon spice and sweet orange. Your guests will love the cinnamon girl cocktail.

Easy espresso martiniThis easy espresso martini will ensure that you are bright-eyed and ready for the night.

Blackberry cilantro margaritaTry mixing unique flavors! This blackberry cilantro margarita is amazing.

Winter fruit whiskey smashThis winter fruit whiskey smash is made with delicious homemade persimmon syrup and has a fancy cherry garnish.

A dolled up old fashioned recipeThis dolled-up old fashioned will pair well with your glitzy dress (think Mad Men).

Let's make mocktails!If you don’t drink or have a little one on the way, try one of Helen’s favorite mocktails.

Pomegranate rum punchGoing the punch bowl route? Make this pomegranate rum punch and cut up fresh pineapple slices for garnish.

Guinness bloody maryCombine your love for Bloody Marys and beer with a Guinness Bloody Mary.

Best moscow muleMoscow Mule’s are one of our favorite drinks. And there’s something extra special about drinking out of a copper mug. 🙂 

We hope you have a great New Year’s Eve! -The SpG Team

  • Brilliant as always, ladies! I’ve been meaning to try your whiskey sour recipe for ages. It’s one I’ve never mastered at home 🙂


  • I’m not a cocktail or alcohol kind of girl, but these cocktails sound sooo good!! I really wanna try some!


  • This is such a fabulous roundup!! Thank you!! Now the hard part is picking just a few for my NYE party …

    xx Kathryn

  • I don’t drink alcohol but these look beautiful and delish! Maybe I can make some virgin versions:) -Sarah


  • YUM! I will be trying some of these for New Years Eve. So excited!


  • If you guys are into the ginger beer you should try a Dark & Stormy. The reason behind Goslings making ginger beer is because of the Dark & Stormy. It is the same recipe as a Moscow Mule but replace the vodka with dark spiced rum (preferably goslings). It’s known to be a true sailors drink & it’s my absolute favorite! Disclaimer though I don’t feel like it taste as all like a Moscow Mule because dark rum has such a different taste then vodka. Still delicious though!

  • Love a good house cocktail for a party! The old fashioned sounds classy, and great for a colder night.

  • Ummm… can I just take a second to say how excited this post got me for new year’s festivities?! 🙂

  • Ummm… can I just take a second to say how excited this post got me for new year’s festivities?! 🙂

  • the cinnamon girl is totally my drink! thanks for the round-up – perfect timing! 🙂

  • Awesome! I especially love the bloody mary suggestion. I miss the ceasars that we have in Canada (a smoother bloody mary), so always looking for a way to spice up these bad gals.

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  • These all look so yummy! I’m pretty sure it will just be my fiancé and me ringing in the New Year with the kids, but a cocktail for the two of us still sounds like a nice idea. I’d really like to try the Guinness Bloody Mary.

  • Those cocktails look delicious! I’m spending my new year’s eve at our summerhouse in the countryside, but maybe we could have a cocktail bar there and make our own drinks :DD

  • These are looking so delicious! Sharing on my Facebook Page later today 🙂

  • These cocktails all are incredible! I love them, I sure am going to make the blackberry margaritha at New Years Eve.


  • I always love your cocktail posts- SpG is the first place I go when I need a drinks recipe!
    Your sours mix made my Boxing Day…

  • OH MY GOODNESS at the golden girl cocktail, it looks lush! haha. I like to try and act all sophisticated every now and again with a cocktail in hand pretending i’m something from SATC!

  • Amazing ideas! I’m going to stealing some for my New years eve party 🙂

    I need to try this blackberry margarita.
    And this golden girl cocktail looks so beautiful. If it’s as good as it looks like, it’s going to be a sucess on the party. Now I have to figure out a way to buy these edible glitter.

    P.S. Can’t imagine what you guys are going to do with all these drinks? Lol Just kidding.

    Happy holidays everyone!
    xo Deborah

  • God! thy look so beautiful (I’m sure that they taste great to) how do you do this? Mine are never that pretty… Thanks for great ideas. I think i’ll try to recreate that golden girl one. Perfect for the Wednesday night patry!
    Happy new year!


  • This is perfect for the last day of the year!!!!


  • ooh…i’m going to need an espresso martini so i’m able to stay up until midnight!!


  • Nice cocktails! Very inspirational. I love whiskey sours…there’s one in a hotel bar in Stockholm I always order 🙂

  • The golden girl cocktail! I wish I had seen this sooner and been able to order that edible glitter! This is such a perfect NYE drink!

  • I fell in love with Moscow Mules this past year! I had a great one in vegas at The Red Square. It had bits of fresh ginger in it! Yum!

  • So I know this is not at all what the post is about, but where are all those amazing napkins from?! I couldn’t keep my eyes off them!

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