5 Tips to Take Better Pet Photos

How to take better pet photosHi! I’m Lindsey from , and I am so excited to share my favorite tips about photographing all those critters in your life! We have quite the furry family at our home, and I love capturing all their cuteness!
Tips for better pet photos!  Tips for better pet photos!Use Natural Light (Whenever Possible!)
I always shoot in natural light when at all possible, and I never use a flash. I do most of my photographing by windows, doorways or outside so I have lots of nice, natural light coming through on my subjects. 
Tips for better pet photos! Tips for better pet photos!    Get On Their Level
When photographing your pets, try getting right on their level. I find that my favorite images of my pets are when I lay down on the floor or ground and get right at eye level with them to take the shot. Or you can move them to your level by allowing them up onto a bed or couch (if that's allowed in your house, of course!).
Tips for better pet photos!
Place Them Somewhere Unexpected
To get some really fun and different kinds of shots, try putting your pet in unique places you normally wouldn’t find them (of course make sure they are always safe and supervised), like in a basket, on the table, in the sink or on a cool chair. Seeing something out of its element often makes for a more unique and interesting image.
How to take better photos of your pets How to take better photos of your petsHow to take better photos of your pets  Shoot Lots of Options
One of the main keys to getting great shots of your pets is taking lots of pictures. When I do a little shoot with our Pearl girl (the pig), I probably shoot about 10-20 pictures to get one great one. Animals are always moving around, so every picture won’t turn out. 
Capturing people with animals is always sweet and creates special images, so don’t forget to photograph your kids or family and friends with your pets. Have your loved one hug or lean into your pet to show more of a connection.
How to take better photos of your pets    How to take better photos of your pets   Try Using Props
I always love to have a little fun with my animal photography every now and then by adding a little hat, crown or other fun prop to make the image a little more interesting or add a pop of color! I had a ball photographing our #chickswithsweets series where I put our baby chicks next to or on top of all kinds of different sweets. When in doubt, always try to think outside the box and just have fun with your images. When I play around and am having lots of fun is always when I get my best pictures!
Above all else—always try to make it fun when photographing your pets. Treats, toys and belly rubs make for happy critters and better pictures! Our Pearl gets lots of belly scratches, cucumbers and carrots (three of her favorite things!) every time I take her picture! I also always try and call it quits while I'm ahead and everyone is still happy and having fun. If your pet just isn’t into being photographed today, take a break and try again later or tomorrow. Remember, you are trying to capture a happy memory of your furry friend!
I hope you enjoyed these fun little tips and have a wonderful time snapping some shots of your furry friends! -Lindsey
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Credits // Author and Photography: Lindsey Bonnice.
  • What a great start to a Friday; not only do I love all of these pictures (a piglet in a crown??) but need to use some of these tips myself! I love the props and animals in places you normally wouldn’t find them…too cute.

    Thank you!
    <3 Haley @

  • Amazing tips! I’m having a hard time to get good pics of my little Madeline. She’s always moving and running and trying to get to me. But you gave me some ideas. And wow, I loved the pictures of your pets with some sweets. It was SO INSPIRING!
    Thanks =)

  • Oh my gosh! The pig in the sink…and the pig kissing the kid. My heart just melted.
    Thanks for these tips! I have three large, rambunctious dogs that I have been wanting to better capture!

    Kristin // The Peculiar Treasure

  • Quitting while you’re ahead is good advice with critters! Yesterday my daughter had a photo shoot involving our horses and a few wedding gowns. Potential disaster! Only one green grass slobber mark later, and no hoof prints on the skirts? Not bad. Our big gelding was near perfection, as I knew he would be, because he just loves to stand still and be admired. The pony gelding was awesome for the first 15 minutes and then got bored. Time to quit. Didn’t even bother with our impatient mare, so knowing what your animal is suited for really helps. Another tip if you’re working with livestock type animals – bug repellant. I hadn’t gotten out the summer supplies yet, and the tiny flies were irritating the horses. They were darn good models considering that. These pretty pictures almost make me want to bring the pony into the house for some shots with quilts and pillows…!

  • um, are you trying to kill me with this blog post?! CUTENESS OVERLOAD! I can’t even handle it right now! I’ve never squealed so much in my life. awesome post, thank you.

  • Hooray Deborah! So glad you liked the post! Thank you so much for the sweet words and I hope this helps you capture some great shots of your critters!! xo Lindsey

  • omg I just died of cuteness…..I love your sweet critters and loved this post. I take a lot of pics of our pets and threre are some great tips here. Question…that little piggy, is it house trained? Or do you have a barn on your property? I think you would love to see some of the cute pics I took of our bunny with props….Here is a link, would love it if you stopped by
    Christine from Little Brags

  • oh my god this is by far the cutest post I have ever seen. DYING for that piglet..!

  • Very sweet! I’ll be using all of these tips to photograph Beijinho, my mini poodle mix!

    Warm Regards,

  • Great tips! I gotta practise some of these with my dog 😀


  • these are the cutest pictures I’ve ever seen! You have the most adorable furry friends. I want pearl, she’s a cutie! Great tips!!

  • ahh these pictures are SO cute! & PEARL?! ohmygosh, i can’t even. she is everything. where can i buy a miniature pig? my obsession with pigs just got bigger, if that was even possible.. anyways, your tips and photography is on point! love your style 🙂

  • I saw this cute account a couple months ago and fell in love. I cannot handle these baby animals and how they interact with the kids is so stinking cute. love seeing some of these photos full size on the computer and not just on my phone screen on . ha. such a cute and fun looking family. 🙂

  • The picture with the little one and the puppy at the window just made me giggle!!! What a great picture and wonderful tips!

  • I AM SQUEALING SO LOUD OH MY GOODNESS! The baby goat! THE BABY GOAT! (They’re my favorite animal… can you tell? Haha!)

    This post just made my entire day. I’m a little stressed with finals, and I just might save this post in my browser to look back through whenever I need a little stress-reducing baby animal giggles!

    xx Katie
    A Quiet Joy

  • That pig is so cute! And those baby chicks, I just wanna hug them! How cute! Cute overload in this post! Wonderful!

  • The one with the goat is so very lovely!!! And great tips, thank you. I will definately try out using props more.

  • Oh the cuteness! And Pearl must be a queen of your heart, so SO sweet!:)

  • Great tips! I always have so much trouble photographing my critters. I will definitely be utilizing these for their next photoshoot.

  • Thank you so much for sharing these tips. I love taking pictures of my kitten, Bagera. Looking forward to trying out these tips.

    Check out my new post.

  • Aw that goat! I don’t have any pets but I accept all photography tips!

    doitfortheirony.com / creative lifestyle blog.
    #MayMakers – Free month long creator workshop!

  • They are so cute! It was hard to read this post I was so stuck on the photos. A pet pig ahh!

  • I already have a cat, but now I want a dog, pig, goat and chick as well lol. And how darling is the sweet little girl in her tutu???

  • Aww love this post! My family have some pretty funny ones of the dog with sunglasses on…

    Lots of Love, Lottie ♥

    Lifestyle blog to make you smile 🙂

  • A pig in a flower crown? My life is made.

    These are some great tips – pet photography is so hard! I love the idea of using props – although I think the day Bruce the terrier lets me put a crown on his head may be a long way away.

  • Great compositions of talent(animal)and inventive props. Just the inspiration that I need to put a positive slant to document the recovery of my half Ragdoll/Persian after he was attacked by a Bandicoot 3 days ago, at least I think it was one of the growing family of Bandicoot s that I have been providing habitat for since the fires here in the Perth Hills,(Australia) a bit over a year ago. Not very thankful of them, but I love them all. Props will be fun in the photo then I use Photoshop.

  • All of these pictures are so cute! Great tips 🙂


  • Hooray Michelle, so glad you enjoyed the post so much!! Makes me so happy to hear! Good luck photographing your own critters!! xo Lindsey

  • Hi Christine, thanks so much! She is pretty much house trained, very similar to a puppy, she goes on a pee pad most of the time when in the house and then we take her in and out several times a day to play and go potty! She of course does have accidents though! I will definitely take a peek at your bunny pics! Always love me some cute critter pics!! xoxo Lindsey

  • This is, hands down, the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. I’m almost crying.

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