Scrapbook Sunday: September Messy Box

Create unique journaling cards with a sharpie and transparency paper. See how I used some with my Messy Box kit for Scrapbook Sunday over at www.aBeautifulMess.comThis month's Messy Box was full of some of my favorite colors (hello citron and minty green!) and had a fun coffee theme on some of the journaling cards. I didn't have to think too hard about what photos I wanted to include on this page as sleep deprivation is the recurring theme of motherhood…also, cute photos of your toddler stealing your coffee while you're checking your e-mail. I also decided to see what I could do with a sheet of transparency that was in my stash and was really happy with how it turned out!

MessyBoxScrapbookSundayScrapbookSundayMessyBox2If you grew up in the nineties, you knew it was a big no-no to write on the teacher's projector sheets with any old pen in case it ended up being a Sharpie. Those things DO NOT WIPE OFF. In this case, it's a major as you don't have to worry about your writing getting smeared when you slip it into your photo pocket. This is a really fun way to add some journaling or an extra square of pattern to your pocket pages, but it would be easy to add whole sheets as dividers with journaling or a simple hand drawn pattern as well.

TransparencyPaperScrapbookSundayTo make these, I simply cut my transparency into squares that fit the pockets and cleaned off the fingerprints. Then I laid them over a lined sheet of paper to help guide my handwriting on top. 

Transparency2Transparency1TransparencyScrapbookSunday1I added a sticker to the outside of the photo pocket for a little bit of a layered effect. I love the graphic look it adds. It mimics the graphic look of the black number die cuts that came with the kit, too. 

ScrapbookSundayMessyBoxI was sure to add in a list of this season's current obsessions on this fun page and will tuck it into a full page protector when I add it into my album. Have you ever experimented with transparency paper before? Pick up a pack at your local office supply or craft store and see what you come up with! Rachel 

Credits//Author and Photography: Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with Spiegeling actions. 

  • I’m definitely asking for a messy box subscription for Christmas! 🙂 I’m going to college next year, so I think it’d be really fun to start scrapbooking my adventures. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • This looks so cool! I actually have never tried scrapbooking, but now I sure wanna try it!

  • Ah, how cute! I love the blank transparencies… I remember I always liked seeing my teachers write on them in middle/high school – but only because we weren’t allowed to, haha.

  • Really want to try this! Looks so good x

  • do you know when you will get the sleves for the small cards in – been waiting so very long. Can’t work with them until I get them.

  • Hi Natalie! I’m so sorry that those aren’t in stock right now! If you our support team ( they should be able to tell you when they will be back in stock. -Jacki

  • Just curious, when you use transparencies, what do you do on the other side in your album. Leave it blank? Or put something behind it so you can have a photo or something else? Love to see the other side of the page.

  • This looks absolutely amazing! I’m definitely going to have to try something like this although I’m well aware of how bad it’s going to turn out! Time to get me scrapbook out…

  • so cute! this is inspiring me to get some serious scrapbooking done asap!

  • I love this, I have always wanted to make up a scrapbook. I think that might be something I will start doing. Fill it with memories 🙂


  • The colours in this kit are gorgeous! I remember those OHP projected sheets haha, I used to always want to write on them as a kid.

  • so cute! this is inspiring me to get some serious scrapbooking done asap!

  • so cute! this is inspiring me to get some serious scrapbooking done

  • so cute! this is inspiring me to get some serious scrapbooking done

  • Love this fab page! I used this post as inspiration for this card. I loved the repeated writing of the word “coffee”, so I did it with “happy” 🙂

  • so cute! this is inspiring me to get some serious scrapbooking done

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