Happy Mail & Messy Box Unboxing: November

November Messy BoxHey, friends! I’m excited to share the November Happy Mail and November Messy Box with you today! There are some really cute pieces in both kits!

Here’s the unboxing video- 


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If you guys have any questions at all about our subscription boxes, let us know in the comments! xx- Helen

  • It says a messy box subscription is $15 a month for a 12 month commitment. Is there a reason the price was lowered? I’ve noticed the Messy Box scrapbook papers went from being double sided to one sided and there isn’t as much in the box as there used to be. I’m assuming this is the reason for the price reduction. However, a lot of us are still paying $20 a month for the same amount of product others can now get for $15? I’m concerned.

  • Everything is amazing! Next month I’m signing up for both ♥ ♥


  • Is the video for the messy box missing products? On the description box there are a few things like a transparency mentioned and there seems to be more cards listed than was shown.

  • Hey Tifani,
    Where are you seeing the $15 price? I am looking at the site and our email that just went out and it still says $20 for the 1 year on Messy Box. I haven’t been told about any price reduction, so it must have been a typo or an error that has maybe been fixed now? Anyway- let me know where you saw it and I’ll look into it.

    I have brought it to the attention of our partners that the Messy Box item count felt a bit light this month and they have promised me that it will be improved in future months. I am so sorry about that. I know you’re going to love the December kit!

    xx! Helen

  • No, it’s not. We’ll bring it to the attention of our partners that they need to update the website. Sorry about that!
    xx- Helen

  • This is my third messy box and I can already notice the difference in how much I am getting. There is barely anything in this kit this month. ?

  • Please know I am doing everything I can to improve the Messy Box for the future.
    xx- Helen

  • So few cards! 🙁
    When I read the description of the box I was happy to see you included more, but in the video you show less, and no transparency!

  • Look forward to receiving this months happy mail – glad to see there is more all occasions card like Thank You, Happy Birthday and Get well, great if we can have more of those.

  • LOVE the plaid in the messy box!!! I’ve been subscribing since the messy box launched and it definitely feels like there have been fewer items and some things are not as good quality as earlier boxes (i.e. the cards are one sided, the 9×12 papers are flimsier). Just my thoughts! I still love all the designs. It would be fun to see new products too, as opposed to the same old stickers (I definitely got almost the exact same lip stickers in a previous box) and washi tape. Like the wood veneer shapes this month, great fresh idea!! I would love to see a writing instrument and a stamp pad in future boxes.

  • I always imagine how you probably get manicure right before this kind of videos Helen. (◕‿-) I like this Messy Box and Happy Mail (suits November) but I REALLY love colorful ones like you guys used to make before. Somehow they suit SpG better, but that’s just me. Love the blog, it’s my daily (soul) food. Love, IVA

  • I wish the Happy Mail came with more timing appropriate cards like one I could send to family that I am not going to spend Thanksgiving with that I could say, “Happy Thanksgiving”. Or Veteran’s Day is this month so I think last month should have included one that could be sent to a veteran. There’s tons and tons of just because cards so I end up needing to go to the store for the specific occasion cards like mother’s day, father’s day, etc. I’m finding Happy Mail is more cute cards just because rather than cards with utility. However, I do love the plaid, neon and Didier’s style. She’s great.

  • can we please get holiday themes!?
    well, maybe not xmas because we all dont celebrate it BUT new years! please tell me that daecembers happy mail will go out with an amazing banger! its the new year!!!! (seeing as how Jan would be too late)

    please, please, please include holidays!!!!!
    i was bummed you guys dropped the ball on halloween.

  • Hey Les!
    I actually didn’t realize this until I was a blogger, but Halloween isn’t an international holiday. We don’t do religious holidays or American holidays because it leaves out a portion of our audience. Sorry you were bummed! We’re doing our best and I hope you still feel like it’s an incredible deal for $15 a month! :))
    xx- Helen

  • I love the plaid and wood veneers in the messy box! It’s not something I would normally grab but I liked being pushed to try new styles. I’m looking forward to seeing how you and others use it for some inspiration. Also, “winter is coming” made me laugh out loud :). I’m not sure if you meant it as a GOT reference but I choose to believe you did. I’d love to see more stamps and new “technique” stuff (like the stencils) in future boxes.

  • I always paint my nails RIGHT before these videos and everyone is like, “UGH- hurry up!” :))

  • Very disappointed that the cards are one sided this month.

    The kit is getting lighter and lighter

  • Agreed, still interested in getting the box but have been feeling like the last few months have been kind of light and quality has gone down a little bit. Some of the cards with words have been off center. I’d be interested in getting new items too. I think the lip stickers and alphas have been in previous boxes? Just some feedback.

  • Hi, While I agree that I would love to see a few more event specific cards in the box, please keep in mind that these subscriptions are going world wide so please don’t put US specific holiday cards in international boxes. In Australia I would have no reason to send a Thanksgiving or veterans day card.

  • Thank you for saying this Helen. Definatley would have no need for a Halloween or Thanksgiving card in Australia. That being said perhaps a blank card with illustrations relating to these holidays could have various uses. A card with ghosts or monsters on it could be a halloween card, but for those that don’t celebrate it could easily be used for a young child’s birthday card. A blank card with illustrations of turkey of a meal spread/dinner table, could be used for Thanksgiving but also Christmas or just a general thank you or dinner party invitation type card? That might be a solution to covering your bases?

  • Just wanted to say that I love your Messy Boxes and all of your scrapbooking posts. I hadn’t even thought about making a scrapbook until seeing the posts on your website and now I’m having a lot of fun with it. Your style is very unique and inspiring. Thanks!

  • This is my last Happy Mail from my gift subscription (until I can get the money to buy myself a new year, being creditcardless and all. I’m thinking of giving it to myself as a Christmas bonus!).

    I’ve loved it! I’ve cheered so many friends up with the encouraging cards, and it’s great not to have to run out because you forgot to buy a card.

    I sent one to my grandma last week, because while I was visiting home she got sick and we couldn’t see each other. I sent the one with the cute sugar sticks (which I’ve gotten her once for Christmas to put in her tea!) with a message when I was going to be home next and that I’d stop by. I got a message from my dad that it made her cry! (In a good way.) And that she’d kept the decorated envelope to show off as well.

  • I love my Happy Mail! Is there any chance you’ll have Christmas cards? Planning to pick some up soon. Thanks!!!

  • We don’t Christmas cards in the kit because 1. most people need a lot more than one or two and 2. Since not everyone celebrates Christmas, or celebrates in different ways. But we do have a boxed card set coming out soon!! 🙂

    xx- Helen

  • Absolutely with Michelle, and I think SpG have been trying really hard to make them for everyone. I’m in Australia also and would find no use for US based holiday cards.

  • I love the november messy box, and am very curious for the december one.
    Unfortunately I will not be able to get them since I’m not able to pay through a master card, just Palpal.

    Is there anyway this could change in the future and Paypal payment is possible?

  • While I agree with some comments about being disappointed. I wanted to add a positive. My family moved across country recently and the “Belong to where you are” print was exactly what I needed to hear and am now framing it. As far as being disappointed I’m confident that you have heard everyone’s concerns and will do your best to remedy it. Thank you for taking the time to hear us. ?

  • been very disappointed in both subs lately. quality isn’t what it was at the beginn and way less product.. not that happy.

  • After seeing this unboxing video, I decided to take the plunge and sign up for happy mail! So excited!!

  • Just received the messy box and I love it. The designs are fantastic – especially the patterned cards. I’d love to see more of the tiny alphas included in future boxes – they’re so useful!

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