Try This: Painted Christmas Lights

Spray paint light cords gold for a festive look! (click through for more) Sometimes I really don’t mind spending hours on a Christmas DIY. I mean, it’s my favorite time of the year and I love to decorate for it, so a few extra hours of making time is no big deal. However, if every decoration you do is a giant project, well, it will be Valentine’s Day before the projects are even done! I saw a picture of some Christmas lights with a gold cord and thought, “Yes! A fast and easy project. Totally doing that one!” Also, it’s kind of amazing how much better the Christmas lights look with a painted cord—why have I never thought of that before?? Mind blown.

Spray paint light cords gold for a festive look! (click through for more) I just removed the bulbs from the cord and stuck pieces of aluminum foil down into the sockets and painter’s tape on the plug connections to protect those areas from paint while I was painting. Of course, your lights should be unplugged the whole time you do this, so wait until the end to plug them back in!

Spray paint light cords gold for a festive look! (click through for more) Once the sockets were plugged up, I laid out the lights on some cardboard and sprayed them in an even coat on both sides with adequate dry time in between.

Spray paint light cords gold for a festive look! (click through for more) I find that spray paint takes a little longer to dry on rubbery plastic than other surfaces, so make sure it’s fully dry and no longer tacky before pulling out the foil and putting the bulbs back in.

Spray paint light cords gold for a festive look! (click through for more)Spray paint light cords gold for a festive look! (click through for more)You can hang the cords as a garland (alone or with some other garlands), decorate a mantel, place them in a glass jar—whatever you like! The gold color really looks pretty with the warm glow of the light and makes the light string look extra special. And with all that leftover time you have from such a quick DIY, you can make an extra batch of Christmas cookies, right?? xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with Spiegeling actions. 

  • Crazy what a difference that gold makes!! Love how you paired them with the large spheres and small beaded garland, too. Like a fancy necklace for your mantel! 🙂


  • How nice! They look much better now!

  • This is so lovely! I am kind of a lazy when it comes to DIYing my christmas decorations so this one seems perfect for me 😀

  • I thought I was a spray-paint-Queen…. but I never would have thought to do this. 😮 I absolutely love it. I’m into the GOLD now too!! 🙂

  • Great idea for home decor. Golden Christmas lights look more bright and festive!

    Stacy from

  • This is so cute compared to them at the beginning!! I’m now super tempted to do this with mine 🙂 Thanks for the idea!

    Lucy xoxo

  • How incredibly easy! I never liked the dark green cord of Christmas lights, so this is a perfect solution for me!

  • I have never thought of this before. What a great way to revamp those ugly chords. Now they’ll look pretty enough even on their own. Great job guys!

  • I have a spray-painted cord on one of my lamps, and it’s remained tacky over a couple years – a dust and cat hair MAGNET. I’d be curious to find out if the spray painted Xmas lights cord gets sticky over time… I love the look of it, though!

  • may i ask a question, first the gold looks beautiful, what a difference my question is where on earth did you find those glorious old school lights!! i cant find them anywhere. I love the big bulbs ..of course im assuming they are new they could be older but man I miss those lights thanks for any info.

  • Lovely! It looks so much better this way… 😀

  • This is such a great idea and it’s simple, but makes a big, and pretty impact!


  • They are gorgeous! Would also be great to do if you have fairy lights up in your room all year round X

  • these are so cute, i love this idea! would make an amazing present too x

  • Oh that’s so cool! I want to do this for my bedroom!

    X Marlinde

  • Just pinned this! I found it super informative (especially the tip with covering it with foil before spraying).

  • This is such a brilliant idea, am going to do this next year now but a great way to make things look even more beautiful. I hate the green cord that is attached to all the lights and this is just such a simple way to achieve such a pretty look.
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  • I love the garland and mantel. I also love the Christmas tree on the floor in the corner. Where I can I see more of it or where can I purchase one? Love the lighted Christmas sign also, nice job!

  • I have the exact same green lights hanging in my house like that an they look terrible! I’ll have to do this next year. These look so much better!

  • One of the best DIY I’ve ever seen. Really unique idea! Just love this. Gotta try this.

  • I did it! As soon as I saw this, I knew I needed to try it ASAP. It’s after Christmas now but today was ASAP, and it turned out beautifully. I just knew the gold string would look so pretty compared to the green one. Thank you! 🙂

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