Beyond the Basics: Introducing Our Latest Photography e-Course

Beyond the basics photography ecourseWe are beyond excited to share our latest photography e-Course with you guys! It’s called Beyond the Basics, and it’s all about pushing yourself as a photographer to the next level creatively. We’ve had so much fun developing this course over this past year, and we are SO excited to see some of the amazing images we know you all will create as a result.

Beyond the Basics ecourse Beyond the Basics ecourse Beyond the Basics ecourse Beyond the Basics ecourse Beyond the Basics ecourse But really what is this course all about? Good question.

Beyond the Basics is a creative followup course to one of our best selling courses, DSLR Basics. Taught by the same instructors, Janae Hardy, Helen Larson, and Didier Li, this course will take any photographer who is already comfortable setting their camera manually and push them to the next level creatively! With 25 sessions full of challenges, information, and examples, students will be pushed to think outside the box and break through any photography rut they might find themselves in by being exposed to new techniques and encouraged to photograph in many different situations. By the time students complete this course, they will have created many photographs they can be proud enough of to hang in their homes!

Whether you are a professional photographer or passionate hobbyist, this course will help push you to that next level. With that said, we do recommend students have either already taken DSLR Basics or that they feel comfortable setting their ISO, aperture, and shutter speed manually. As long as you feel like you have the basics of setting your DSLR camera down, you will have success with this course.

You can check out the full list of every session on the shop page here.

Beyond still life photography Intentional blur On vacationSunset Have fun with self portraitsFoil pictureJanae HardyAs mentioned, Helen and I ( Didier) wrote a few of the lessons in this course, but the majority were written by Janae Hardy. You all will remember Janae from DSLR Basics, and you can also see her archive of posts she’s contributed to SpG right here. She also shot our second book, Happy Handmade Home. She is a very talented and experienced photographer, but honestly, my favorite thing about her as a teacher is her excitement is absolutely infectious! All of our course lessons get read, edited, and proofed a number of times before we launch any course, and as I was reading through all of Janae’s lessons, I felt absolutely PUMPED UP to go challenge myself as a photographer. I know that anyone who takes this course will feel that same excitement, and that’s really one of the things I love about it the most. 🙂

You can show about who this course is for, what you need, what you get with the course, etc. right here.

Camera gearBeyond the Basics is $50 USD and available NOW. So go check it out, and if you’ve been in a photography rut, do yourself a favor and join today. xo. The SpG team

P.S. If you feel that you need to get a handle on the basics of setting your camera first, you can still join in our DSLR Basics course.

Credits// Author: Didier Li. Photography: Janae Hardy, Helen Larson, and Didier Li.

  • I’m so excited for this! I think I need to practice more will DSRL Basics first, but this class sounds so fun! Your e-courses are my absolute favorite!


  • Okay, I have to ask: When are you going to offer those camera bags again? Please tell me you will and it will be soon!! I’d been eyeing them for a while and thought maybe I would finally make the jump (I got a new job after taking the school year off. yay high school) and they were gone!! D: D: anyway, seeing it in the picture got me all sad again!! Super exciting stuff, though, guys!! 😀 😀

  • Hi Lottie! We are actually coming out with a new design soon. 🙂 -Jacki

  • Hi, bought the class but I don’t see the PDF file of the entire class. Is that not being offered?

  • I totally need to sign up for the Basics Course!

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  • Hi Diana! It will be added to the Downloads section today. 🙂 -Jacki

  • This sounds amazing! I really need to take one of your ecourses!
    xx Caroline

  • What type/ brand of a camera would you recommend for a beginner? I’ve been thinking to invest into a decent one. Thanks!


  • Hi Lena! We recommend starting out with the Canon Rebel. 🙂 -Jacki

  • Is this one of those courses where I “need” Lightroom or Photoshop to get great results?

  • Hi Chris! Nope, we just recommend that you have a DSLR camera to take the course. 🙂 -Jacki

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