Helen’s Home in Domino Magazine

Helen Larson for Domino Magazine ©AlyssaRosenheck   I'm really REALLY excited to share that my home is featured in the fall issue of domino magazine. Domino has been my favorite magazine for years, so it was a real honor to share so many of our spaces there! 

The issue just hit stands this past week, and since it's a quarterly magazine, it will be on stands until the beginning of December. 

Here's a few photos of the issue— 

Helen's Home in Domino MagazineHelen's Home in Domino MagazineHelen's Home in Domino MagazineHelen's Home in Domino MagazineWe shot the photos a few months ago. It was honestly one of the biggest projects I have ever done. Jeremy and I even moved our anniversary trip to make time for this. Haha! I prepped 11 rooms for the issue, but not all of them made it into the six-page spread (there are like 300 photos, so they just couldn't fit it all). So over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing a bunch of photos from the shoot here! I got to work with Alyssa Rosenheck, who has quickly become my favorite interiors photographer of all time. She's a gem and so talented! 

Anyway! Here are a few photos that appeared in the domino feature! 

Helen Larson for Domino Magazine ©AlyssaRosenheckHelen Larson for Domino Magazine ©AlyssaRosenheck          Helen Larson for Domino Magazine ©AlyssaRosenheckHelen Larson for Domino Magazine ©AlyssaRosenheckHelen Larson for Domino Magazine ©AlyssaRosenheck      Woohoo!! I will share WAY more pics and also all the sources from all the rooms with you over the next few weeks. (OK, maybe it'll take a month—haha!) Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of our crazy renovations this past year. As we approach one year since our move, I have been reflecting a lot, and I'm just really thankful for all of you! Jeremy and I are both BEYOND excited to share every little detail with you guys!!!! Love you! Helen 

Credits//Author: Helen Larson, Photographer: Alyssa Rosenheck. 

  • Wow – very awesome to have your home featured in Domino!! Congratulations!!! It is one of my favorite magazines also. I don’t comment often, but SpG is one of my favorite blogs – I’m always so inspired by the posts.

  • Such a stunning space! I love all the bright colors. Congrats!


  • Such fantastic spaces and congratulations on the feature!!



  • Your home looks amazing! I’ve loved following the progress. Can’t wait to get my hands on the issue and see more!

  • Congrats!!! This is so amazing, seriously my dream home. So beautiful, I can’t get over it.


  • Hi Rita,
    It’s a photo we found on the internet printed as a blueprint copy. I think I ordered it from photojojo when they started doing blueprint copies. 🙂 It’s Jeremy’s pride & joy.
    xx- Helen

  • I love, love, love that rainbow colored glassware! I am definitely stealing that idea for my display shelves! Congrats on the feature. xoxo

  • Am so looking forward to seeing these pics. Your house is beautiful and a constant inspiration. Congratulations on the shoot!

  • Helen! Big congrats. Your home looks fabulous, as do you.



  • Congrats – what an honor it must be to have the recognition for all of the hard work you have put in to make your house your home!

  • Such a beautiful home, thank you for sharing! I am obsessed with all these colors!

  • It is so amazing to see your dreams coming true. I can’t believe how far you’ve come just since I started reading your blog a few years ago! Your home is absolutely amazing. You guys need to write a book about the power of positive thinking, dreaming and focusing on your goals (think Big Magic) 🙂 xo

  • Love your kitchen! We are renovating ours too and we have the exact same cabinets as you! Where did you get your drawer/cabinet pulls!? Love them! Thank you!! 🙂

  • Wow that’s amazing! Congratulations 🙂 Your home is so lovely 🙂

    Nicole | http://inthelifeofnm.blogspot.ca

  • I love your home! It’s perfect! Looks so personal and inviting, very inspiring. And I love that photo of you, looking good!

  • Such a beautiful home!!! I love the pink pastels in it!!
    xx, Kirsten


  • Es una casa preciosa, yo os invito a España cuando compre mi casa, si me ayudáis con la decoración ;). Muchos besos.

  • Love your house but the best is knowing how much is DIY in it.

    For your European audience, we really wish DOMINO were available across the pond in Europe. When will it be and who can send me a copy? : ) I even asked the publisher who said “No, sorry we don’t ship to Europe”. Shipping is so cheap. Not clear what the issue is! all the best from France!

  • Congratulations! Your home looks really really nice and it’s very colourful. I really like it!


    Renaud | http://xxmuchlove.blogspot.com

  • Interestingly I just bought the issue yesterday, and I haven’t cracked the cover because I am savoring it for a special moment. It is also my favorite along with Taproot – opposite ends of the spectrum, but both amazing.

  • Your home is amazing wow! Inspirational
    Congrats on the feature!


  • Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that! When they post the online article I’ll be sure to post it here and on our social media. It’ll probably have more photos than the magazine anyway! xx- Helen

  • Your house is just so dreamy! That’s the only word for it.
    Congratulations on the feature.

  • Congratulations! You have a beautiful home, and I can’t wait to see it in domino!

  • Absolutely in love with every single thing in your home, congrats Helen!


  • Dreamiest of dream homes…swooning, sighing, etc…Congratulations, you guys! What a beautiful keepsake for your always totally inspiring creative career♥

  • Congrats! Your feature is well deserved. Your home is stunning! We have recently moved to Nashville and also have a diamond in the rough. Wish you could come over and wave your magic decorating wand over it! xx

  • so, so gorgeous! can’t wait to see all the rest – and congratulations! so exciting!

    x anne

  • I have to admit that I am very excited for you! This magazine and their book have been my decorating bible for years, and it’s very cool to see your home in there. I am also looking forward to seeing Jeremy’s studio!

  • O…. It is so beautiful….. Your home looks fabulous….. Did you make most things youself?


  • Hi Jelena!
    I don’t think I’d say “most things” but there is DIY and customized pieces in every single room for sure!!! :)) xx- Helen

  • I’m so happy for you. Although we don’t have the magazine here in Germany I totally know what it feels like. My husband and I are going to start to renovate my parents’ house for ourselves and you are giving me SO much inspiration. I really can’t wait to start! 🙂

  • Hi Helen! I was excited to learn about this site from the article. Would you be willing to share where you managed to find white lids for all those spice jars for open shelf display? Fabulous idea.

  • Where the heck is everyone getting WHITE pots for their plants? I am in the LA area and no one…NO ONE..sells white pots. They have blue, orange, black, pink…ya..pink….but no white!

  • When I saw the Domino pop up on my Kindle I think I squealed out loud. Man I love that mag! Typically I read every issue cover to cover about a dozen times. I do miss buying the actual hard copy (I live overseas so that’s no longer an option for me- boo) but the e-version is just as good. Congrats on your feature!

  • Looks wonderful. What a great space! Could I ask what are the artists / photographers for the wall art (Particularly the sea one which I love but also the explosion)? Many thanks, Maria

  • Hi Helen! I love your style! What are your favorite places to shop in Nashville? I live in Hendersonville and just moved and need to decorate!! Thanks!!! Rebecca

  • Oh my goodness, I love your home, it’s so light and refreshing, I think your hallway is my favourite because of the ‘space’. What a pleasure it was to visit and congratulations on being featured in the magazine. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • ELSIE!!!! Everything looks amazing! It’s so fun to finally see full shots of your gorgeous home! So excited to see more!

  • Helen,

    I always love your home, but OMG those overalls!!!!! Where are they from? 🙂 Would love to know!


  • Hi Helen!
    I loved the feature in Domino so much!
    Your house is incredible!
    I love your vintage glassware collection.
    Can I ask the source of most of your pieces…etsy? Ebay?
    I’d love to start a collection like this.
    Thanks so much and congrats!

  • Hi Melissa!
    I bought almost all of them when I was still living in Missouri at Flea Markets. Since then I have been adding more slowly (mostly from local shops, I feel like for this large of a collection eBay and Etsy are expensive. I tried to keep every piece under $3 or $5 if it was REALLY pretty!) xx- Helen

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