Sister Style: Feeling Refreshed (OuiFreshed!)

Helen Larson Hey, guys! I’m so happy I finally got a chance to snap a few photos in one of my favorite  tops. This season has been crazy and so busy. Whew!

I’m starting to plan out holiday decor. Last year we had just recently moved, and with renovating, we didn’t really decorate. We did a TINY bit, but this year I really want to go all out! I’ve been thinking about themes, colors and what I could DIY. I’m thinking I want to do a really COZY vibe. Lots of texture. And I’ve also been wanting to get back into sewing. I think that pretty much sums up my goals between now and the new year!

Also, I wanted to share with you that this past month I had a breast reduction. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages and finally just did it. You can show about it if you want to, but it’s not something I’m planning to blog about any more than that. Although I decided I’d rather just share and be open with you guys!

Helen LarsonHelen LarsonHelen LarsonHelen LarsonHelen LarsonHelen’s Wearing: Top/, and /Forever21, Hat/ (half off!), Bag/ (They have a bunch of colors, I might get a mustard yellow one too!), Louise Clogs/. 

Take it away, Sister!

 Didier Li Glitter purse Boots and glitter purse Sweatshirts and statement necklacesYep, cozy vibes forever. You’d think I’d have my decorating game down since I’m a BLOGGER. But, nah. I just add stuff every year. Maybe by the time I’m sixty the house will be crazy decorated. These things take time.


Also, side note, if you guys live somewhere where the leaves change colors—go enjoy them soon. Every year I look forward to it, and then it’s gone before you know it!

 Didier Li Autumn leaves  Didier Li Didier’s wearing: Sweater/Oui Fresh test (we try out a lot of shirts and items to find the best stuff for our line), Skirt/, Tights/, Necklace c/o  (), Shoes/, Purse/ASOS ().

What are you all planning for this coming season??? xo. Helen + Didier

Credits//Author: Helen Larson + Didier Li. Photography: Amber Ulmer and Janae Hardy. Photos edited with .

  • Thanks for sharing the link to your blogpost–moved by your honesty, saddened by the thoughtless and cruel comments made by people out there, and glad to hear how happy you are now.

  • Congratulations on the reduction! I know that seems weird to say, but I too, got one this past April. My plastic surgeon removed six pounds of breast tissue and I went from a size 38J to a 36D. BEST life choice I have ever made. I hope you continue to heal well and thrive on all the new tops and dresses you’ll get to wear! <3

  • You both look lovely, as usual! And Didier, I’m jealous of those beautiful fall leaves! Helen, thanks so much for sharing about your process and experience. I’m so glad you’re feeling healthy, happy, and confident, and that you allowed us to share in something very personal, but very relevant to so many of your readers. Even those of us who won’t tackle the exact issue of whether or not to have a breast reduction will, throughout our lives, experience ups and downs in self-esteem and will wrestle with figuring out solutions to very private concerns. Reading about decisions and experiences of other people helpful in so many ways.

  • Read your blog post the other day Helen and it was very moving. I’ve always thought you looked beautiful whatever you wear (you too Didier!) and feel sad people felt the need to make negative comments on something so personal such as appearance. At the end of the day, you do what is best for you and I feel happy that you not only feel better in yourself but also that you feel comfortable enough to share your experience over on TLH. Sending postive vibes!

  • I’m loving these looks, and Helen you’re so brave for sharing your story, not many people understand when some of us bring that topic up, I’m heading over to read your post now. xoxo

  • The photos with the changing leaves are gorgeous! Both outfits are stunning and it’s true, we should enjoy the fall colours while we can, the leaves here are already falling and the trees are becoming bare as time passes.

  • You ladies are lovely and beautiful. Helen, I’m so sorry you have been faced with tremendously unkind comments. That makes NO SENSE to me. But it’s clear that you processed the negativity in a positive way and I’m glad you’re feeling relief. Onward! Autumn hugs from California…

  • Thank you Helen for sharing your story. It is easy to forget that many women struggle with body image issues, and it was extremely inspiring to hear how even beautiful bloggers aren’t always happy with their bodies. I’m glad the surgery went well!

  • Helen! I wish we had connected earlier. I too suffer from back pain and a skewed sense of self because of my larger bust. I hate to make this an advertising post but those problems were the reason I co-founded Trusst Lingerie. I’ve been reading this blog for years and have always admired your honesty and openness in posts. I’ve also always thought you looked fabulous in your sisterstyle posts. I’d love to connect and talk more.
    Size 32G (yikes)

  • I love these Sister Style posts! They are always so fun! And THANK YOU, Helen, for sharing the info about your surgery. It’s always something I’ve considered, but kept in the back of my mind. However, as my back pain gets worse, I think about it more and more. Your post gives me a boost to talk about it with my doctor. I appreciate that you shared something so personal. Take care!

  • First off, you both look adorable! Helen, your bag is SO CUTE. Secondly, I did read your blog post the other day, but since we can’t comment on it, I just wanted to let you know here that I am so happy that you took care of yourself and what is important FOR YOU. And I commend you for being so brave putting it out in the open. If you get any haters, gon’ brush your shoulders off! 😉
    Can’t wait to see how you decorate your house this year!! 😀

  • Helen, your post made me a little bit sad because you are SO beautiful and I hate that people are mean and so critical! I’m happy you are feeling confident and healthy! Congrats!

  • Thanks for sharing Helen 🙂 I’ve been enjoying the changing leaves, and had fun decorating for halloween!

  • You guys look CUTE !
    Helen, I’ve always thought you were so beautiful, so it did surprise and sadden me to read you felt so insecure. You look great no matter what and I’m glad the surgery changed your mind set, as I’ve seen friends get stuck in a vicious circle with plastic surgery… Thank you for sharing this, it was very brave of you.

  • Oh man, this might be my first comment (I’m such a loyal reader, but such a lazy commenter). Anyway, Helen, I just want to give you a hug (and you too, Didier – you’re both awesome!). I skipped over to Helen’s personal blog and it just made me feel so happy for you making a decision that makes you feel happy inside! xoxo

  • Loved both sets but WOW… the pink walls from the first set made the outfit stand out!


  • Just read your story about your breast reduction. I had one when I was your age & it was the best thing I ever did for myself. I always joked that I was born with breasts, but I too walked around slouched over, back & shoulder pain, etc. The one thing that saved me in middle school & high school from more lewd comments was unfortunately another girl with bigger breasts than me. After my surgery I went out & bought a dress I drooled over forever & finally was able to fit in it! So, congratulations & enjoy your new outlook on shopping!

  • Gingham for the win! I’m sorry that such hurtful comments were made. It’s unreal to me how people can just hand out cruelty like that, as if it didn’t matter. I can empathize completely with not feeling comfortable in my own skin, having gone through life with severe acne that left me badly scarred, and breakouts that still flare up though I’m pushing 30. Good for you dear, for taking the plunge. That took guts, I wish you nothing but comfort and ease with your new changes! Darling fall gear you guys!

  • congrats on the reduction, i think it’s so important to be happy with yourself and to never listen to any negative comments- harder done than sad yes, but it’s only ever a reflection of that negative person and not you 🙂 omg yes! i so do need to go out and enjoy the autumn leaves so more, you are so right; they really do go before you can even blink.

  • Please come out with a Christmas hoodie ala Hocus Pocus one. It’s the SOFTEST comfiest hoody ever!

  • Thank you sharing your story about your reduction. It has been something I have considering for a long time but I have been to scared to do anything about (which is crazy, I know). About 5 years ago my doctor tried to talk to me about it(because of my back and shoulder pain) but I got really defensive about it. I think you have given me the courage to go to my doctor and start the conversation.

  • I cried the other day when I read your post on The Larson House about your breast reduction, because I didn’t know that there was someone else out there that felt exactly the way I feel about my body. Outfits are so difficult to make! (especially bathing suits!) I feel like people praise me for having big boobs and a small frame, but it never changes how you actually feel when you look in the mirror. I praise your decision yo have a breast reduction! It’s something I’ve always had deep in the back of my mind since I was 18/17. Reading your post gave me more clarity on whether I choose to have the same procedure done in the future. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • I’m hoping that this doesn’t come out the wrong way, but many, many times I’ve seen photographs of you and wondered if you were pregnant… not because you’ve actually ever looked pregnant, but because even though in my eyes you look freaking amazing and so well put together and cute and fashionable and cool and quirky and unique and beautiful, I often got the feeling that you were trying to hide something and that’s what made me question the baby thing (I know, huuuge run on sentence 🙂
    It must be SO exciting to have a whole new world of fashion possibilities open up for you now that you previously felt unable to wear… you smashed it out of the park as it was so I’m looking forward to seeing how you come into your own as your confidence grows. I NEVER in a million years would have picked you as being self conscious about your body and it was eye opening to read your blog post – IMO it’s the most relatable you’ve ever been and I appreciate you sharing such personal info with us

  • Good for you, Helen!
    Isn’t it crazy how mean comments from childhood stick with you? I had really crooked teeth as a kid and was made fun of a lot. Like, not just by kids, but adults would make teasing comments. How messed up is that? Especially since i was too young for braces. I clamped my lips shut for pictures and went through a phase were i threw away all the pics that showed my crooked teeth. How sad.
    Fortunately, my parents could afford braces and my teeth got straightened. But even after I still didn’t feel 100% awesome. So i whitened and eventually got a couple veneers to correct two undersized teeth. Part of me felt guilty and silly for spending so much money on cosmetic dentistry but you know what, I SMILE NOW. I’d spend that money again and I recommend it to anyone who asks.
    Being happy and comfortable with yourself is worth it. Gold star to you, Helen, for doing what worked for you.

  • Helen– thank you for sharing on your other blog about your surgery and your reasoning behind it. It is pretty crazy/coincidental to me, but I am an hour away from a breast reduction consultation and to read this post before I head out the door is so uplifting and encouraging. I am 5’7″ and wear a G-cup size (I’ve also been told that I need to be a J…ugh.), and today’s consultation will be my 3rd in my life because I have chickened out the 2 previous times. Like you, I am incredibly nervous about the medical/surgery/recovery aspect of the whole thing. However, I am at a point where my constant back pain and self-esteem issues are probably more adverse than any of that could ever be and now I am officially determined to take care of this. You look fantastic and I am so happy that you are happy. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Girls, You are looking just so great!
    Also, just wanted to say that I think it is really brave of you to be so open!

  • I read your blogpost and I think you are so brave for sharing Helen! 🙂 So glad you`re happy! And you always look amazing in pictures, both now and before 😉 You are beautiful and have the most positive glow, you look so kind and happy!

  • Oh I don’t know why anybody would judge you Helen! I’ll be honnest, I never noticed the size of your breats before and I would have to photo compare with the new pictures to notice the difference. It’s probably noticable (especially for you) but the thing is, I’m not the kind of person who notices things like size, height, skin/hair colour…’s all good to me. I mean sure, if someone wears something ill fitting, a thought may cross my mind like “such and such a fit/type of clothing would look better on her” but I don’t like making comments on these thoughts (I was always taught that if I didn’t have anything nice to say, I should say nothing). I must admit I have struggled with a similar issue. I’m 5’3 and although I have very small breats (which I love very much), my issue as always been my large “latino/afro american/insert any typical traditionally curvy type of girl” butt! It is out there. And I could not be more caucasian. I know right now, it is at the peek of it’s popularity but I’m fairly petite so it’s pretty obvious and finding pants that fit is a struggle. Funny enough, the current comment I get on it is if I’ve had a butt augmentation (O_O). Now growing up I was never teased or made fun of for it. What happened though is that from the age of 12 years old, grown men would howler at me in the streets and let’s just say that this is not a good thing for a little girl’s self esteem. When you’re a nice girl and men treat you as a sexual being from a very young age, it plays ticks on your mind and it took me a couple relationships to realise that I would have to work hard to sift through the wrong guys who want me for my physique only to find the right guy who wants all of me (took me 12 years but I’ve found him now :). Anyway, all this to say, Helen, you were not comfortable and you took the steps to do something to feel better about yourself. You made the right decision for you and if anyone judges you for it, it’s probably because they have their own insecurities to deal with. I think it’s important for people to talk about these “taboo” things because that shows us that we all have issues we deal with, the grass is not always greener.

  • You guys are amazing as always, but I super appreciated the courageous and honest post about your surgery! I love The Larson House blog and hope it’s an outlet for you to do some writing for YOU instead of this huge fanbase (though plz dont stop writing this too k thanx). I appreciate your truth and send you lots of love and light!

  • You girls are so cute! Love reading your blog because you are so personable and friendly and make this space fun and easy to read. I read your post on your breast reduction Helen. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m so glad you had a good experience. I know that feeling myself. I had similar experiences as you, with comments and stares and most of all back problems. I had a breast reduction in 2005 and have felt better ever since. I used to go to the chiropractor weekly, but after the breast reduction I haven’t been back since. It sure feels good to fit into smaller tops too! You look great!

  • Thank you Helen, for sharing about your breast reduction. I appreciate your openness and honesty.

    As a woman with a larger breast size, my breasts have often been the center of (unwanted) attention. And don’t even get me started on button down shirts or stripes… Thank you again for sharing your story, you help other large breasted women not feel so alone in their struggle and that is a valuable thing.

    And thank you both for being a beacon of positive body image in the blog-o-sphere.

  • I love the sister style posts! 🙂 Just a heads up Helen, I bought two pairs of shoes from Golden Ponies and they were pretty terrible quality. Your bag looks great, but one of the pairs fell apart after one wear and the other I just wear sparingly. ?

    Thank you for sharing about your surgery. I can’t believe people would be so cruel. You look wonderful! ❤️

  • I totally understand what it’s like to be a tiny, busty gal. I also suffer from back pain and unwanted attention. I hate seeing myself in pictures because, even though I’m small I feel extremely aware of my bust. I’m far too terrified or surgery to have a reduction but I’m glad yours has made such a positive impact on your life.

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