A Color Story: The new #FlashesOfDelight +pack is now available!

FoD with textphoto by @TaylorSterling, edited with Cassidy in #FlashesOfDelight

You guys, it’s finally here!!

01-CASSIDY-@ DrCassidyphoto by @DrCassidy, edited with Cassidy in #FlashesOfDelight

We are absolutely thrilled to announce you can now get the new #FlashesOfDelight +pack in the A Color Story app. No exaggeration, Glitter Guide was one of the first partners that came to mind when we were thinking about who we wanted to work with on expanding the look of our filters. As you know, we’ve got plenty of options for that bright pop, which we of course still love. But that means we were still missing the softer, warmer, more muted look that gives you some options for brighter photos, indoor shots, and skin tones.

When Taylor was concepting looks for this +pack, she looked at the filters we had already and then just started thinking about what her dream collection would be. And it couldn’t have been more perfect, as we were in dire need of something that worked well with neutrals and soft pinks.

02-LOLA-@drcassidyphoto by @DrCassidy, edited with Lola in #FlashesOfDelight

While the names of the filters aren’t as literally descriptive as some others in A Color Story, Taylor instead chose to name them after women that inspired her. Absolutely love that!

10-AMÉLIE-@dulcetcreativephoto by @dulcetcreative, edited with Amélie in #FlashesOfDelight

In all our testing, this one quickly became a new go-to +pack for me. I think I’m sort of obsessed with it right now, and we loved working with Taylor and the rest of Glitter Guide to create it! Hope you love it as much as we do. Go download it now in A Color Story. xx. Helen (+ ACS team)

  • I love your app, I use it every time I want to edit pictures! Can’t wait to use these new filters!

  • Looks awesome! If I had a single penny to spare this month I would buy so many of your packs. Genuinely love the app, has all but replaced VSCO as my go-to, esp for sea pictures.

  • I cannot tell you how hyped I was for this launch. As someone who does A LOT of photo editing, especially on my phone, I am ever questing for filters just like these!! Love the way these look especially at the mid-range opacity. Such a perfect set! Great colab! AND THANKS! XX

  • This looks AMAZING!!! and your app is amazing so I’m really exciting by this! x


  • I remember being SO excited hearing about this collaboration and couldn’t wait for the launch date!!! Needless to say, I downloaded it right away today and I’m hooked! All of the filters have such a beautiful, feminine feel to them and I love that Taylor named them after woman whom inspire her – such a nice little touch. They effortlessly make my photos look that much more better so THANK YOU!!!


  • Love!!! I have a question…I’ve purchased every pack of A Color Story, so do I need to purchase this pack to have it or will I get it for “free” because I purchased all the packs in the beginning? Thanks!! 🙂

  • Hi Casey! The original pack that you purchased doesn’t include additional +packs that we release, so it has to be purchased separately for 2.99. 🙂 -Jacki

  • Ok, I am legit dying over these new filters. SO BEAUTIFUL. <3

  • I absolutely LOVE Glitter Guide, so I am downloading these straight away!!

    Lynnsay x


  • Hi Amanda! Not at this time, but we’re hoping to offer this in the future. -Jacki

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