Easter Egg Tattoo DIY (with Printables!)

I have sooo many fond memories of dyeing and decorating Easter eggs as a kid with my family. It was always so exciting to transform the white eggs into rainbow shades with those little dye tabs and reveal what markings we had made with the wax pencils before submerging them into the colored baths. While I am looking forward to starting that ritual again in a few years with our kids, it’s been a while since I made some Easter eggs for my adult self, and I thought it would be a memorable throwback to get into again this Easter season. Since the egg dyeing is fun, but pretty messy, we worked with our friends at to share a different way to create these Easter eggs! I thought that trying the temporary tattoo egg route this year would be just the right amount of easy and cute, and boy was I right!


– inkjet printer
-1 dozen white eggs (hard boiled)
-cloth napkin or rag

Print your tattoos onto your tattoo paper (follow the instructions to make sure the right side will be the side that gets printed on), and then cover your printed paper with the clear adhesive sheet in the tattoo paper kit. The new is perfect for this project because it handles so well, especially with its rear-loading feature.

Once your tattoos are printed and prepped, grab a small cup or dish of water and a cloth napkin or rag. Cut out your tattoos and trim down the white space on the edges so it’s as close to the tattoo design as possible.

Peel off the clear plastic front on the tattoo and place the tattoo printed side down onto a clean and dry hardboiled egg. Dampen the napkin or rag and place the wet rag onto the back of the tattoo and hold in place for 10-15 seconds, or until you can feel the backing slide off the egg.

That’s basically it! Keep adding your tattoos until all your eggs are decorated! For the “printed pattern” eggs, I would cut out each flower or leaf and attach them one at a time so I could place them where I wanted on the egg, but for the bigger bunny, cactus, and spring phrase, you can do those as one tattoo.

Seriously though, how cute are they!! Although the tattoos are meant for the eggs, I certainly won’t tell if you also put aside one or two of these cuties to put on yourself Easter morning. We would always play the “King Egg” game later in the day on Easter where you both hold an egg and crack the smaller pointed ends together and whoever’s egg didn’t crack was the winner—basically the Easter version of the Thanksgiving wishbone tradition I guess! Love that these are so easy to make and look so sweet as well! Happy decorating! xo. Laura

Credits//Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Graphic Design: . Photos edited with .

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