Kelly Moore x Spiegeling *new* bags!

Today we have a SUPER exciting announcement. We have teamed up with Kelly Moore to create a camera and laptop bag that can be worn as a bag or a backpack! Our bag features gold hardware and comes in four colors—tan, gold, blush and black.

I personally prefer to wear it as a backpack. I have been taking mine on trips the past few months and it is so comfy and convenient. It’s a bit smaller than a regular camera bag, so I didn’t feel awkward using it as a purse or carryon bag.

Each bag comes with a matching shoulder strap and two canvas backpack straps. You can wear the bag either way, or change it depending on your needs. Our goal with the design of this bag was not only to create a super cute bag that can fit all your stuff, but also one that makes carrying around all your stuff (camera, lenses, laptop, etc.) a little bit easier on your shoulders and back—which is why the bag has options for how you can carry it.

We’ve also had a number of photographer and blogger friends try out the bag, and so far we’ve only heard rave reviews—which makes us so happy! We can’t wait to hear what you think too!  Check out the shop site for a video we created showing off our new bag, all the colors, and its features! We can’t wait to hear what you think and see you with your bag in action. Hooray! xo. Helen + Didier

Credits // Author: Helen Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer and Elise Abigail.
  • I absolutely love this, it’s so beautiful!

  • my cousin would love this! she always carries so much in her purse and has shoulder pains. Also I think I could use such a chic bag too =o)

  • This is genius! I love my purses but honestly a backpack is so much more comfortable for me to wear…and much better on balancing out my shoulders! I can see myself using this a lot this summer.

  • Is the bag available internationally? I have tried to calculate shipment to the UK and am getting a message ‘there are no shipping methods available for your cart or destination’.

  • Love it! Just watched the video… Can’t decide if I want the gold or the tan one! Helen, what audio recording equipment do you use for your videos? xox

  • Oh my gosh the gold! ? Need. Out of curiosity what sort of camera is the one you pack in the video? Thanks!

  • These are beautiful (and the colors!!!). Another collab well-done, ladies.

  • OMG these are so cute!! I love the black one. Great job ladies 🙂

  • I bought a Kelly Moore camera bag five years ago but am LOVING this backpack option!!

  • Beautiful bags i love it!
    The Pink Pineapple
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  • I love this bag! It’s so fashion forward and so much cuter than my camera bag. It’s so lovely that you can wear it in different ways too! xx

  • Lovely! I have been looking for a backpag/shoulder bag with removable straps for grad school! Can you tell me if in addition to the laptop, would a 3″ binder fit in the bag (assuming the camera accessories separator was removed)? If so, could it be zipped? Would a novel or two and a small notebook fit?

    These are all so pretty!

  • I love it! Been shopping around for a new bag and have been drawn to the backpack styles lately.

  • Oh these are gorgeous, I just love how they look as a backpack – love the gold and the black the best I think. One might need to make its way onto my birthday wishlist I think!

  • These are so gorgeous! I really like leather bags. these bags are amazing design.

  • This is insanely cool, I have been searching for two years(!) for a bag like this!!! Any chance it will come in more colors? My dream would be pale mint…=)

  • I have seriously been looking for EXACTLY this for SO long! Something that’s cute and functional and that’s a backpack or cute bag and will fit my laptop. Seriously!!!

  • I love this bag so much! I have been looking for a new black bag that is this versatile for MONTHS. The quality looks incredible!

  • Those bags are beautiful! Love the design. You did an amazing job!

  • Hi there! I am OBSESSED with this bag and convinced that it’s the solution to my ongoing gear/laptop bag fiasco! My only concern is that I have a 15″ Macbook – I saw someone comment on the site that their 15″ laptop fits if they undo the side clasps. Is there any way you can confirm this?

  • I’m looking for the link to purchase the bag. Are they no longer available?

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