Anniversary Giveaway: A (Cute!) Sewing Machine (CLOSED)

We are continuing our anniversary giveaways celebrating Spiegeling turning 10 years old! Today, one lucky reader is going to win the CUTEST sewing machine of all time—see below!

As I was putting together a little collage of past sewing projects, I was honestly blown away by how many we have in the archives from the past 10 years. I guess we like to sew or something. 🙂 So here is a little taste, but feel free to check our entire sewing archives here.

We are still crushing on Rachel’s Modern Pastel Crib Quilt. I wonder if I ask nicely if she’d make me a queen size? 😉
No room for an ironing board? Make this DIY Magnetic Ironing Mat you can put right over your washer or dryer.
If you want a super simple project to get you started, try making a simple Square Apron (these make a cute DIY gift, too).
We are in love with Mandi’s Hula Hoop Tent tutorial. Too cute!
You can never have enough throw pillows, right? 🙂 Learn to make these Geometric Wool Felt Pillows.
And before summer is over you should totally make a Watermelon Pot Holder—festive and functional.

As you can see, this sewing machine is seriously the cutest machine ever, but what else? Glad you asked because one lucky winner is going to receive this . This is their newest machine and in addition to its pretty appearance, it packs quite the punch! It boasts 310 stitch patterns in total, including 32 utility, 84 decorative, and two full alphabets (you can add your name or initials to stuff!!! Similar to what I did on my denim jacket here.) If you want to learn more, just check out . You can enter below, the giveaway is open to U.S. residents and runs until 8/4. Good luck!

Credits//Author and Photography: Didier Li. Photos edited with .
  • Just bought my first home and so now I have a sewing room!! Just need the sewing machine I left in Australia replaced. This would be perfect!!

  • This machine is sew cute!! (See what I did there?!?!) Already dreaming of all the cute things I can make!!

  • Ah! This is darling. I’m in the market for a new machine as my youngest is starting to sew and wants to use mine all the time. And, well, it’s PINK. So gah. ?

  • My partner is the one who sews in our family, and his current machine has been having issues lately. What a great surprise this would be for him! Thanks for offering another great giveaway and happy anniversary!

  • I’ve been dreaming of owning a sewing machine & this one is so darling!

  • I’ve been researching various sewing machines to make a purchase but can’t afford one at the moment. This is BY FAR the cutest and what a special touch to have your signature on it. Yes, I am a fan of all that you do! lol Cheers!

  • I love this machine! I really would like to learn how to sew, my sister just had a baby boy last week, I would love to make him some cute things! There are classes in my town but you have to have your own machine. I would love to win!

  • I just moved into a new house and had my workspace painted white. This sewing machine would be the perfect addition to my new office space. LOVE the color!

  • I would love to win and start sewing again…long story ugly story why I no longer have on. Oh The Things I Could Make!

  • Woohoo! I’m in the market for my first sewing machine now! What a dreamy one this is!

  • I had a sewing machine a few years ago but gifted it to a struggling mother who wanted one to sew Christmas gifts for her children, I gave it to her since we were moving and needed to purge our home of a few items, but have longed to have one again ever since! Fingers crossed!

  • It’s so cute! Winning this would be amazing! Uts so small it be perfect for our tiny home and I’d still get to make my two girls cute things! 🙂

  • this would be AMAZING. I have a hand-me-down from my mom, but it’s reeeallyyy time for a new machine.

  • Learning how to make colthing for my family this would help me out alot I don’t win I hope it brings some one joy like it would do me .

  • I have a very very verrrry basic sewing machine as I’m new to the world of sewing. It would be neat to expand my knowledge and abilities with all the fun stitches you get with this one! Dreaming of winning this!

  • I am disabled and I love to sew. I started sewing at the age of 7 years and I am now 73. I enjoy sewing different projects and love the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a project. I could really use this special sewing machine and I would put it to good use. I hope to be the winner!

  • oh my gosh! i’m not 100% how you enter to win this (i read the whole post?!) but i am dying to enter! i just purchased my first home and i have a whole room designated to sewing and i have my moms old singer from 1968 but i’m dyingggg for this one! it’s so perfect! your blog/ you girls are the best.

  • OMG this sewing machine is soo pretty! I never do enter on giveaways normaly but this sewing machine would be a dream come true! It’s just amazing!!! I would love to create many many DIY’s with this new machine<3 xoxo

  • Oh! I so love this blush pink sewing machine! I would enjoy winning and using it. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  • I would love to win this sewing machine. I would like to be able to make things with my granddaughter and make great me memories with her.

  • This would be absolutely amazing to win. I sew a lot. My machine only has 1 stitch and is almost 16 years old. I keep having to get it repaired. It didn’t hold up very well at all. A new would be a wonderful gift!
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Oh, the things I could do and the ways I could sew with this lovely machine!! Thanks so much for offering this giveaway – you guys are the BEST!! ?

  • I have the old model sewing machine n is not working. So I love to have this machine

  • Today’s my birthday and this would be my dream come true to win a new Pink! Sewing machine to replace my 30 year old machine!

  • Been a self taught seamstress for several years. Now a grandma I’m looking forward to sewing for my grandkids and for my kids homes . I’d love this to teach how to sew with as mine is tricky cause it’s so worn out

  • I have dying to buy a sewing machine to make things for my first house that my boyfriend and I just bought! Unfortunately a decent one isn’t in the budget quite yet, so it would be amazing to win this!

  • Nice sewing machine, it has all the extras to get my projects done.

  • Congratulation on your anniversary. Looks like a fun machine! Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  • My daughter’s sewing machine broke down and she (nor I) can afford to fix or replace it. She would love this and I would love to win it so I can gift it to her.

    Happy anniversary.

  • Just made an offer on my dream
    House. If it goes through I’ll need to find a source of income. Moving 2500 miles is not easy but this win would make life a little sweeter

  • This would just be the best thing. At 61, I finally have a house that I am able to have a crafting room…the whole upstairs could be a whole crafting floor if I want!
    And a kitchen I’ve been dreaming of as well.
    It is the cutest sewing machine! And pink!

  • This sewing machine is cute and functional, I love it! This would be a great addition to my craft room and help actually check off boxes on my sewing list ?

  • My daughter and I were just talking about how we’d like to design and sew our own clothes. This would come in handy!

  • My sewing machine is in TX, while I live here in CA! I’ve been desperately missing it for 5(!!!!) years!!!! This would be an upgrade! ❤️

  • I tried the Eversewn 25 and it was wonderful. I bet 30 is even better.

  • I would really enjoy having this sweet little sewing machine.

  • Que maquina de coser mas bonita, es una pena que el sorteo sea solo para los EE.UU.

  • How nice to have a newer machine. I sew on a 1948 monarch that was my grandmothers. It’s the one I learned on. Lol

  • Hi I hope I win I lost my mom my job and my home a couple of years ago so I had been homeless for two years I just lost all of my mom old sketches patterns and things vintage fabrics sewing machine everything that inspired me to follow in my moms footsteps at the storage I recent got a place and would love to have that sewing machine to start fresh and to start working on my collection that I have came up with

    Peace joy and blessings

  • Thank you for the opportunity to enter! Would make so many fun things with this!

  • I still love to sew at 79 yrs and my old machine isn’t sewing like it once did. Your machine is my prescription for happy hobbYing.

  • Thank you for a chance of winning this cute sewing machine. It would be great if I could win this beautiful sewing machine for my 14 year old granddaughter. She took a sewing class 2 years ago and using my old machine often.

  • Super Cute, this would be wonderful to have for any one of my sewing ideas not yet started!

  • This sewing machine would be an amazing blessing, many stitches could improve my products. Thank you for the opportunity to enter ?

  • Congratulations on your 10th anniversary. You always have great information on your site. Thank you also for the opportunity to win this beautiful sewing machine. It is the perfect size to fit on my small crafting table.

  • I am just start up a new business from my home. I would love win thin this sewing machine. It would be perfect for using when make my small stitch marker cases and DPN holder. I also like that is has several stitches for perfect quilting on my project bags.

  • Ohhhh goodness! This machine have 310 stitches. It’s also my favorite color PINK! My husband would be so jealous lol?. It would be awesome to own this beautiful machine. Hope and pray this will be mine!

  • Love to give this to my niece to keep the art of sewing alive.

  • I’m dreaming of a sewing machine forever, this one looks super cute! I would enjoy using it and making all the great project from your blog 🙂

  • OH MY goodness!!! I’m in LOVE!!
    Thanks for the giveaway ??!!!

  • I am dumbfounded that I received such a wonderful machine! I am pinching myself! It arrived, and sews BEAUTIFULLY!!!! Thank you so much! It would take a long time to save up to buy a machine like this. AND IT IS PINK (squeals!!). I hope to create wonderful gifts and pay it forward. THANK YOU!!!!

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