DIY Mobile Dog Bowl Station

Wanted to share this super simple rolling tray I built for a dog bowl station at our brother’s house. As we were working on the room transformation, we all immediately fell for as we were looking around for something that could work as a coffee cart in their dining room. I wanted to add a dog bowl station that could wheel in and out before the cart, so you can tuck it away when guests are over and not have to worry about tipping over the water bowl (a common issue at our house).

The coffee cart naturally fit as the perfect area to house the dog bowl station. Plus, we used the second shelf on the cart to store their pups food, treats, and toys. I love having everything for a certain task in one place rather than spread out throughout the house (or even garage). I built this little rolling tray to hold three bowls, because I knew Doren and Ruby planned to add another little pup to their household soon. 🙂

This rolling tray was suuuuuuuper simple to build, anyone could do it. Here’s what I used:
-(2) 2×6-2 ft boards
-(4) 2×3-2 ft boards
-(4) small casters
-black paint

First, I measured under the cart to make sure I didn’t build the tray too long (so it could fit underneath).

I actually did this before I went to the store to buy my supplies. I only ended up needing to cut two of the 2×3-2ft boards (for the side pieces, and then the shorter two pieces I used on the bottom for the caster area) and you could easily have this done at a hardware store (I was at Home Depot, which offers this) or you can cut them yourself.

Then, use small nails (or if you prefer you can certainly use screws instead) to assemble the tray. Then I painted the entire tray black and allowed it to fully dry.

Last, you can add the casters to the bottom. Or if you don’t want the tray to roll around, you could simply add felt pads to the bottom.

You could repurpose a wooden serving tray or even a very small drawer if you could find one that fits the size of the cart (or whatever furniture you have) to create a very similar effect. But for me it was easier simply to built this little tray one afternoon. Thanks for letting me share! xo. Didier

Credits // Author: Didier Li. Photography: Janae Hardy and Didier Li. Photos edited with .
  • I came here for photos of doggies modeling the dog bowl tray… where are the doggies?!?

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  • This is so cute! I definitely need to make one for myself. I especially like that it is in a box, so the dogs won’t get water in the floor! That seems to be my most common issue lol. I hope you guys are having a great day.


  • Great idea and love the bowls ! I will definitely try it for my 2 doggies. Maybe with an additional thin anti-slip mat at the bottom of the tray !

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