What You Need to Decorate Sugar Cookies

You might have noticed we’re really into sugar cookies around here! We thought it would be fun to share some of our go to supplies with you in case you’re wanting to try out making your own. They’re the perfect addition to parties, or just to make a get together special.

The first thing you’ll need is a recipe! Laura shared her AMAZING vegan sugar cookie recipe, and her vegan royal icing recipe can be found here. After you have your recipe, you can decide what shapes you want to make and really start to have fun with it!

1. You can make sugar cookies with a hand-mixer—I have before and would say it’s one way to get an arm workout … 🙂 … but we love the bright color of this .

2. Sprinkles! There are so many happy options. We love for summer, these , and how cute are ?!

3. When making royal icing, you’ll want a to stir and help pour it into icing bottles.

4. Cookie cutters are so much fun! This is a . Some of our other favorites include this fun and it’s never too early for cute Christmas cookie cutters like ! I love that with you can make multiple cookie shapes by turning the cutters around. There are a lot of great small shops with custom 3D cutters, really the options are endless!

5. Cookie sheets are important—we like to use to help keep cookies bake evenly and these silicon versions are reusable.

6. We recommend starting with . It’s a bit easier to control how intense the colors become because you can add it gradually.

7. are a necessity, but having pretty ones is a bonus!

8. How adorable is this ?

9. can be used to decorate on or just to free up a cookie sheet.

10. These are so helpful for getting started. They’re great for outlining your cookie and adding details.

Happy baking! 🙂 xo Claire & The SpG Team

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