10 Things I Love Sunday

Hello Lovelies! Last week, Todd and I had a little staycation in town while his parents were here to watch Lola. I always love getting to spend a full 24 hours with him to reconnect and finish a few conversations we’ve tried to start a million times. We even had some rooftop pool action in the mix, so that’s a big for us too! Here’s what else I’m loving lately:

1. This .

2. Ordered for our summer cocktails.

3. Love I wore on our breakfast date last weekend.

4. Definitely considering a cold-brew maker for summer iced coffee! is pretty inexpensive with good reviews, so that may be a good one to try.

5. Not usually much of a rattan person but

6. My mom bought my sister and me for our birthdays this year and it’s such a great item to have on hand in the summer for outdoor picnics or get togethers at a park. It’s such a genius design!

7. Oh man, I really want to make soon!

8. So simple, but are one of the best toys you can give a toddler—there’s so many fun things they can do with them, like put them in and out of baskets, scoop them into different bowls, put them into boxes or containers with a hole cut in the top, and they look cute sitting in a glass jar between play sessions. Just make sure they are past the age of putting everything in their mouth, though (same goes !).

9. Love to teach little kids to put their coats on by themselves (and have fun doing it)!

10. I’ve had a lot of fun lately making different homemade popsicles in our few months. I like to make healthier popsicles that are mostly fruit-based with a little sweetener (and some sneaky greens thrown in are always a ), so let me know if you have a popsicle that’s a hit with you and your family!

It feels like summer is already going by so quickly, so I want to find some ways to slow it down a little and make the most of our favorite season. Any other “summer people” out there?? xo. Laura

  • Love the romper you are wearing, it has such a nice summer-holiday vibe! 😉

    xx Lisa –

  • Great list! Have you ordered from SHEIN before? Does it take a long time to arrive?
    I would love some summer popsicle recipes!

  • I just got a cold brew maker on Amazon for $35! It’s an extra 20% off right now, too. The brand is Ovalware, RJ3 model. It works great. I’ve also made cold brew tea and yerba mate with it with great success as well. Easy to clean but you do need a long, skinny brush to get to the bottom. I love it so far!

  • love the way you wear those things
    my problem is i am not confident enough to wear something new

    • Aw, you can do it! Wearing fun clothing is all mental, just be happy that you like it and it doesn’t matter if anyone else does!

      Laura 🙂

  • Cold brew in the summer is my saving grace! I have this one (), basically the same thing. It is slim, holds about 4 glasses of cold brew and is easy to clean. Treat yourself!

  • our daycare has been using the coat flip technique since our son was in the toddler room. they teach all of the kids at that age to help them get dressed more independently for going outside. It is genius and he still does it at age 3!

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