My Autumn Bucket List

We started to do these seasonal bucket lists as soon as we came home with Nova and I can’t tell you how much these lists have helped me stay focused on making memories together.

Even when I’m exhausted and not feeling creative, it’s so easy to look over the list and find something new we can do together.

I tend to fill out the list with mainly small, attainable activities we can do together. A lot of it is honestly just a reminder to do things I already want to do and to do a variety of different nostalgic activities.

If you’ve never tried a seasonal bucket list, TRY IT. I was surprised what a big difference it made in our lives. Now we always have something fun to do on a random weekend afternoon or a Tuesday after school.

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XX. Helen

Credits // Author: Helen Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • i’ve ben making these every season for years but haven’t gotten to it yet! currently: reflecting on summer because it was amazing and gratitude does so much for my creativity and well being. More here:

  • I love all those ideas! I’ve been really looking forward to cooler weather.

    Dee ~ Vanilla Papers

  • lookit yr cute bucket list! i just started the seasonal list thing this summer… omg so many thoughts about it, but the main one is, lol, the first thing i’m learning is: THIS ITEM IS TOO BIG. break off a PIECE of it and *that* can be your item. i also rewrite my lists every month so i can correct them for bigness 😂

  • I did this over the summer and will do it again for fall. It’s a great go-to for days when nothing is planned and a reminder to get some events, like that Oktoberfest festival that I’ve been wanting to attend for years, on my calendar.

  • Hi Helen,
    Love this! Your trail mix item – I remember seeing what you put in somewhere (Instagram?!) and thought it was SO fun, but cannot re-find or remember now.
    Help a craving out???
    Thank you!

  • What I like actually at most, that Helen’s bucket lists are focusing on daily life activities. For sure not one type of a list for everyone works but I like this version so much instead of “whole life lists”. Clear, man can have holiday destinations, special program wishes etc. listed, but I personally don’t need a bucket list for that (maybe not enough wishes? or just a too practical personality?). So, I’ll try this seasonal list to plan better museum/zoo visits on days when less crowded with my kid, indoors for rainy days and outdoors for sunnier ones.
    thank you.

  • Such a great list! I love having these special seasonal goals. I just finished my list and can’t wait to get started!


  • I totally signed up for the newsletter! I can’t wait to start my bucket list!

    K A T E L A T E L Y || fashion & lifestyle blog

  • I never get your emails even though I’m signed up 🙁 I don’t see anything in spam or trash either. Strange.

  • Hi, I’m signed up for emails but haven’t received the bucket list. Where can I download?

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