Blogging / Online Business

Gear + Software –

– our current favorite DSLR camera, great for photography as well as video.

Lenses we love: / /  (If you’re nervous to invest in a lens try renting it first to see if you like it, we rent from ).

Our favorite: / / / (see all our favorite camera gear here).

We use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to edit our DSLR photos, and use to make editing quick and easy.

Apps –

for editing smart phone photos (avail for iOS and Android).

for creating designs or images for IG stories (avail for iOS only).

for quick editing long videos for IG stories.

Blog / Website tools –

Our blog and our shop sites (for e-courses and Oui Fresh) are all WordPress. We’ve heard good things about Shopify too.

Best hosting options for bloggers as well as our recommendations.

Our CPM / banner ads are through if you’re looking for an ad network to join.

Courses + Articles –

We share an ongoing series of Blogging Tips that we add to often.

We also share LOTS of Photography Tips.

We go much more in-depth on subjects like photography, blogging, and small business through our e-course program. .


Scrapbooking + Photo Projects –

We love (and have worked with) Canon printers for years and years, and we currently use the and for larger sized prints.

Other than the photography gear we listed above, we also love the  and Fujifilm X-T2.

We love these simple, colorful

Here’s an archive of our photo projects and tutorials.

Sewing + Weaving –

We’ve used and loved multiple sewing machines: , , and the 

If you’re looking for an embroidery machine we love the 

Love the quality of  and .

Beautiful by our friend Rachel.

Tools –

Our favorite: / / /

See all our wood working projects.

And more must-have crafting tools here.


We’d be thrilled if you checked out our cookbook, (filled with recipes for a balanced, healthy life—vegetarian friendly too).

Everyday Cooking –

In addition to a quality pots and pan set I’d recommend as well as a

Love and use almost every day.

If you can only invest in one “power tool” for your kitchen, get a good blender (we love and also ).

I use my like crazy.

I brew coffee in a almost everyday (here’s how).

A is indeed a fancy tool, but my secret not-so-fancy task I use it for is to grind up multivitamins for morning smoothies.

Baking –

A good and are a great place to start.

I use these for EVERYTHING.

Simple, classic with travel lids (bars, casseroles, etc.)

Creme brûlée or dinner parties tend to call for (I own about 16… which is probably overkill).

Meal Prep –

These are my favorite , these are my

See all our favorite meal prep tools here.